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I Have Been Drinking Magnetized Water

I have been drinking Magnetized Water.  I know some say water can't be Magnetized and I really don't care what they say.  I am drinking it anyway... and I am saying it is magnetized.  Right or wrong... I don't care.  If it isn't magnetized, I am still drinking my share of water.

What is drinking magnetized water doing for me.   For one, I feel so much more energy during the day, and I am sleeping better at night.  That alone makes me want to keep drinking it.

Oh yes.... I think my lower back is feeling much stronger.   I do Yoga daily and that does help, but since I started the magnetic water, it just feels stronger.   I haven't even been wearing my back brace.

Why I started drinking magnetic water was for heavy metals in my body.  I have this crazy idea if I drink magnetized water, it will pull heavy metals out and take them out of my body.   I don't know if it is working for that or not.  I don't know how I would ever know that.

Here are some of the claims of drinking magnetized water.   I don't know if they are true or not... I can just say what I think it is doing for me.

Magnetized Water Helps
1. Tastes Sweeter
2.  Reduce Acidity and Helps us to be more alkaline
3.  Promote healing of burns, wounds and fractures
4.  Help with digestion
5.  Regulates heart function and blood glucose
6.  Fevers, sore throats and menopause
7.  Relieving Pain including gout and arthritis
8.  Clear Clogged Arteries
9.  Give energy and revitalize the body
10.  Reduce Cholesterol and Obesity
11.  Stimulate the brain
12.  Decrease White Blood Cells
13.  Control Bacteria
14.  Promote Plant Growth
15.  Premature aging
16.  Kidney ailments including Kidney stones
17.  Detoxify

If this works as well as the claims, we should be giving it to our animals and watering our plants with it. 
I will be trying it on my plants for sure.

Here is a post I did on How To Make Your Own Water Magnetizing Station For Drinking

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