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How To Magnetize Your Own Water For Drinking In Mason Jars

First... I am not sure if this really magnetizes the water or not.  I have no idea how to tell.  I have seen videos on YouTube that they say more bubbles form more in the magnetized water.   I don't think that is true.  I did a test and the water I didn't magnetize had as many bubbles as the magnetized.   So.... who knows.   But for me, this water seems to help.  You can read my post about it here (I Have Been Drinking Magnetized Water) and see how I sit my jars on the Water Magnetizer.

My Husband always helps me when it comes to my health.  I knew he had some really strong magnets that he had gotten years ago.  So I ask him if he could make me something to sit my water on to magnetize it.

This is a very inexpensive way to magnetize your water.  If it works for you.... great.  If not you aren't out a lot of money.

I decided I wanted to magnetize my water in mason jars.  Here is all my Husband did.

He cut a piece of wood that would hold 2 mason jars.   We didn't want them really close together.

He drilled 2 holes in the wood to put the magnets in.

Put the NORTH side up on the magnet.

That's it!!  I now have a Water Magnetizing Station.

Every once in awhile I will turn the jar to make sure it stirs the water up a bit. 

**... Remember, these are VERY strong magnets that we used.   I know old speakers used to have some really strong magnents in them. If you could find some... those would work great.

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