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Thyme For All Its Health Benefits

I love Thyme.  I started a small plant 2 years ago and now it is taking over.  I have to keep pulling plants out and throwing them away.    It does make a great ground cover though.

Thyme is one of my favorite herbs.  These health benefits may or may not be true.  For me thyme is something I won't live without.

1.  Thyme fights my sore throats.  You know, they use it in the old brown Listerine. 
     They used to advertise that Listerine helped sore throats but I think they were
     made to stop claiming that.   I use thyme for my throat.

2.  Thyme is another herb I use to help clear thrush.

3.  It may fight cancer.   I don't know if it does or doesn't... but I will try anything to
     try and keep cancer away.

4.  Thyme kills fungus for me.  That is why I use it to clear thrush... among other things.

5.  I was just reading where Thyme can help with Shingles.  I will be keeping this
     in the back of my mind in case I need it.

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