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Killing Parasites In The Eyes With Castor Oil

I have to say this first.  This blog is what I do for myself.  I use it to keep track of what I am doing so I can come back and check it later.  DON'T TRY ANYTHING I TRY.  CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR TO SEE IF IT IS SAFE FIRST.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to declare a small war on the yeast that is in my body.   I try to never let the yeast get out of hand, but since I have a lot of fillings in my teeth and other things that cause yeast to grow.... I will never be completely free of it.    That is... unless some company has come up with a way to really get rid of yeast.

Anyway I bought some Extra Strength Yeast Fighters.   I started taking them right away.  Usually on the 5th day of taking herbs, I can feel if something is working.  NOTHING.... not even a headache.  But my eyes were really itchy and acting like they were full of slime.   On about the 8th day, I started getting a twitch in my eye.  The last time I had Twitching In My Eye, I pulled out a worm.  Yes... that's right.  A worm.

When the twitching started, I knew I probably had another worm in my eye.  I know... yuck .. right?  Coconut oil didn't seem to be working for me any longer so I decided to try Castor Oil I have used it to kill parasites before, and also have made a Castor Oil Pack with it.  I had never used it in my eyes before.
Years ago, you could only buy castor oil in a bottle.  Today, you can buy it in a capsule that is much easier to use. 

I just cut the tip off the capsule and squeeze it into my eye.  I then try to blink it all over.  Most of it ran out, but some of it got it.

Besides using the castor oil, I made eye drops

Rosemary Thyme Eye Drops
1 teaspoon dried Rosemary
1 teaspoon dried Thyme
1 Cup Distilled Water

These eye drops really helped with the itching in my eyes and seemed to calm down the the twitching.
I don't know how safe these are .... SO DON'T DO THIS AT HOME.  CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR

Day 1....
I used the Rosemary Thyme eye drops during the day to keep the thrashing and twitching of whatever is in my eye from driving me nuts.  They do help.

That night before bed I used the Castor Oil.  Is that stuff ever thick.

Day 2....
The twitching has pretty much slowed down, it is still there but not as bad.   My eyes still feel oily from the castor oil so I am not planning on putting my contacts in today.  They feel full and not only just full of oil.... full of whatever is in there that I am trying to kill.

Day 3.... 
My eyes felt better today than they have in a long time.  They do still have some slime in them, but not like before. 
I put more castor oil in before I went to bed.

Day 4....
Not as much slimy feeling in my eyes.  Although..... I am feeling a slight twitch in my left eye.   I put a couple drops of castor oil in this morning and the twitching stopped.

I have some chores to do and as soon as I am finished with them, I will be putting more castor oil in my eyes.  Until then, I am using the Rosemary Thyme eye drops.

7:30 PM and my eyes feel really good.  I haven't had any twitching at all in a few hours.   I have gotten a lot of gunk out of my eyes today, but no worms.  Maybe it is possibly candida yeast that is causing all the problems.  I just know when I had twitching like this before, I ended up pulling out a worm.   I guess our body can dissolve them once they die... so maybe that is what is happening.  I would be okay with not seeing it.... as long as I am not having the thrashing in my eyes, I am happy.

Day 5....
My eyes feel pretty good.  I do still have that feeling that there is something besides my eyeball in my eye socket.

Day 6....
This is the first time in a long time since my eyes have felt normal.   I am going to continue using the castor oil for a couple of weeks.

Another thing I am doing is the Netti Pot filled with my special mixture.

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