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It Was Time To Get Help With My Ingrown Toenail

I have had an ingrown toenail since I was in my early teens.  For 50 years I have been cutting it out myself.   I think I did a pretty good job of it most of the time.

About a year ago, the side of my toenail started making a deeper curl and was growing in further down on my toe.  It got really hard to cut it out myself.  I did it though... and the whole time I was worried I would get an infection in it.   Lucky for me I didn't. 
I always let the right top of my toenail grow out longer than the rest of the nail so it wouldn't get ingrown.    THIS WASN'T WORKING ANYMORE!!   It just kept growing in deeper down on the toe bed.   HURT Like heck!
So, I tried to cut it out again by myself.   I cut, and I cut and.... I couldn't cut anymore without cutting my toe.   So I stopped and decided to go to a Doctor.

Let me tell you... there are a lot of Podiatrist Doctors in Hermitage.  I had no idea who to choose.  I did read a review on one of them that made me decide NOT to go to him.   I kind of gave up searching.  My Hubs then found   Valley Foot And Ankle Center in Hermitage, Pennsylvania.   We decided to try it.  If we didn't like it we would go somewhere else.

When we walked in Valley Foot And Ankle Center, I had to fill out new patient papers.  I did that and right after was wisked in for my appointment with Dr. Vern M. Chuba DPM.  Perfect... I hate waiting.
When he walked in, he noticed right away that I had been chopping at my toe.  He didn't make me feel like I was an idiot for trying to take care of it myself.  Instead, he right away started working on it.  He was going to just cut away the ingrown nail part, but when he found that this has been growing back for 50 years, he knew it wasn't going away.    I told him he could just rip my nail off.  He told me the nail is healthy and if I wanted, he could just cut away the side that has the problem and leave the rest of my nail.   I was very willing to do this since I could no longer do it myself.  And... I would still have part of my nail.
Right away he set up to get this nail taken care of.  I got 2 shots in my toe to numb the toe so I wouldn't feel a thing.  I didn't even feel the shots, nor did I feel him working on my toe.  I did watch him though.
I got bandaged up and left.   It is the third day after, and I still have had hardly any pain.   A little on the morning after, but no more than when the toenail was ingrown.

Not sure why I didn't do this sooner.  I could have had my foot infected many times the way I dug at it.   Now, thanks to Dr Chuba, I don't have to worry about my toenail ever growing back in.

If you live near Hermitage, Pa and want to go to Valley Foot And Ankle Center, here is the address
Vern M. Chuba DPM
395 N Hermitage Rd Ste 3
Hermitage, PA 16148  

(724) 347-3667

He has a couple of other locations as well

Foot Care Associates Inc

15700 State Route 170 Ste B
East Liverpool, OH 43920
(330) 385-2227

Associates In Family Foot Care

3200 Belmont Ave Ste 1
Youngstown, OH 44505
(330) 393-3338

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