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How I Do A Vitamin C Flush

Fall is nearing, so I decided to do a Vitamin C Flush to help with weak immunity and any potential digestive / colon problems.  I read a lot about it before deciding to do it.  I think it may just be what my body needs to help me fight off colds and flu that I know are coming my way.  This is a good way for me to load up on my C so maybe I will be able to fight off all the germs that will be circulating soon.

What is a Vitamin C Flush?   It is where you take in as much vitamin C as your body can tolerate.  Once it reaches the point where you can no longer absorb any more Vitamin C, your body will act like you gave yourself an enema.   Yep!!  I will have the runs.  As soon as I reach that point, the Vitamin C Flush is done.  And yes, I can eat normally during the flush.  But... I need to start this the first thing in the morning before I eat breakfast.

How I am doing the Vitamin C Flush.
. As I said, I will begin the first thing in the morning before I have anything to eat.
. Every hour I will take 1,000mg of Vitamin C mixed in juice or plain water.  I will also be drinking lots of water to keep myself hydrated.
. I will be keeping track of how much Vitamin C I will need to get to the point of a loose stool.
. Once I have a loose stool, the flush is over.  Now I need to reduce the amount of C I am taking slowly, by about 25% less each day until I am only taking 1,000mg a day.  I guess you can get rebound scurvy if you megadose and then stop.

How often can I do a Vitamin C Flush?
I am not totally sure how often I can or should do this flush.  I read where a woman did it once a week for 6 months and then twice a month for a year. Since we can't overdose on C, I guess I will do it at least once a month, maybe twice a month in the winter.

So here goes!  I decided to keep track of how this Vitamin C Flush went.  By the way, I used Vitamin C Powder (Absorbic Acid)  Some people use the buffered Vitamin C, but I didn't.

8 AM ... I decided to take 2,250mg instead of the 1,000 as soon as I got up
9 AM ... 2,250mg
10 AM ... 2,250mg
Right after the 10 AM dose, I started getting some pain in my gallbladder area.  Not bad, but it was there.  I also had a cramping feeling in my lower abdomen.
11 AM ... 2,250mg
It is important to keep drinking water during this cleanse.  I had to force myself to drink anything.  I also had a cup of herbal tea.

Started feeling like I might have to go to the bathroom soon.

12 PM ... 2,250mg
1 PM ...2, 250mg
WoW!  I thought I would be finished by this time.  My C must be really low.

Right after I took my 1 PM dose, I ate my lunch.  I had fried zucchini seeds.  Love those things.  I am making zucchini bread for my Hubs and Chocolate Zucchini Bread for my Daughter.  When I grate the zucchini, I don't use the seeds, so I fry them up and eat them.  So good!!

2 PM ... 4,500mg
I have had enough of this messing around.  I am getting nowhere with the smaller dose, so I upped it.
3 PM ... 4,500mg
4 PM ... 6,750mg
5 PM ... 6,750mg
Right before I took my 5 PM dose, I went to the bathroom.  It was by no means loose, so I am going to continue and up the dose even more.  I had no idea I was this low on my C.
6 PM ... 9,000mg
I am so bloated feeling that I could almost burst.
Had another BM... it was loose, but not watery like I am waiting for.
7 PM ... 9,000mg
I might be at this all night. UGH!
8 PM ... 9,000mg
Lots of gas, so I am going to lower my next dose.
9 PM ... 4,500mg
Finally about 9:15 PM I had loose stools. It took me 67,500mg of the Vitamin C to reach that point.

So it has been 2 days since this flush.  I honestly can't say if it did me any good or not.   I did find out my C was really low.  I can't believe it took me 67,500mg before I got to the point of loose stools.

Would I do this again?  Probably if I was coming down with a cold or flu, then Yes, I would do it.  Otherwise, probably not.

Hopefully this worked so that my C is high enough now to keep all those germs from making me sick.   I will post later and let you know if I get any colds or flu this winter.  Meanwhile, I have upped my daily dose of the Vitamin C.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I had plans to do one because I heard how well the flush makes you feel. If I am not going to feel much different than when I started, I don't think I am going to bother.

    1. I hear you Nance. I thought I would feel something doing this Vitamin C cleanse. But one good thing came out of it. I found out I am very low on the C.
      I will do this cleanse again if I feel a cold or flu coming on.


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