The Bra For Women Who Hate Bras ~ HydroChic Supreme Swim and Sports Bra

I hate wearing a bra, but since I have fibroid tumors.  Lots of them! I have to wear a bra that supports me fully and is comfortable. My right breast has more of the fibroid tumors than my left.   They can be very, very painful, especially painful if you wear the wrong bra.

I have a couple of lumps right where the lower part of the bra lays.   So, I have to find a bra that supports and is comfortable as well.   It may sound easy to you ... but finding a bra that works for me is not an easy job.
Under wire bras are OUT!!  The wire lays right where I have a couple of lumps in my right breast.   Wireless bras provide no support, especially when I am exercising.
Who designs these bras anyway????  Most likely some man who has no idea what a bra should feel like.

How would you like a bra that was designed by women, for women?   Yes Please!!  Well you are in luck.  HydroChic makes a Supreme Swim and Sports Bra that ROCKS!!  So comfortable and it supports me to where my boobs don't bounce when I am exercising.   This bra is so comfortable that I don't want to wear anything else.   It is like not wearing a bra at all... That is how comfortable it is.
It is so lightweight that I wonder how it supports, but it does and it supports me very well.

Have you ever worn a bra and your fat hangs out the bottom under the band?  I have that problem and I think it looks terrible.  The Supreme Swim and Sports Bra with it's modest cut, keeps my fat from showing... at least directly under the bra... it still hangs out at my waist area but that has nothing to do with the bra.  I need to work on that part.
It has a double layer construction, a soft under the bust band, and, if you wear it swimming it is quick drying no see through padding.
They not only make this bra in Missy size but in a Plus Size Classic Cut.

The Supreme Swim and Sports Bra is great to exercise in.  It moves right with me to where I feel like I have no bra on at all.  Perfect for my yoga.

And by the way all clothing made by HydroChic have UPF +50 Sun Protection and is Chlorine Proof.  Just wanted to let you know that you can wear these in the sun to help keep you from getting burned, and when you wear them in a pool with chlorine, you don't have to worry about them fading.

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  1. Anonymous12:11:00 PM

    What a very comfortable looking bra! Love that it is also a swim bra as well as a sport bra.

  2. I think I'm safe there. No man boobs for me, ever lol

  3. This looks like a perfect bra for me. I cant wait to get one to try it out.

  4. That is so classy looking and it also looks so comfortable. Love that it is quick drying and chlorine doesn't bother the color. It looks fantastic on you.

  5. Any piece of clothing that helps disguise the rolls sound like a great option to me. The material looks really comfortable.

  6. That's interesting because I find it very difficult to buy a comfortable bra. I cracked a rib years ago and haven't been the same.

  7. I am not much aware about fibroid tumors & I am sorry to hear how it hurts you when wearing a bra. The HydroChic bras sounds amazing and I am glad it could be helpful for someone like you.

  8. My sister gets fibroid tumors. They are not fun at all.

    The bra does look comfortable.

    1. I have a good friend that has them too. Definitely no fun at all. Hi Terry!

  9. I love that this one was designed by a woman! I agree. I think men sit around and design the others that end up bunching and are so uncomfortable during exercise. Glad that this one is working well for you.

  10. This sounds like a great bra. I've been wearing sports bras for a while because I'm big busted and can't really find one that fits good, plus they are more comfortable anyway.


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