TENDU TONING Where Ballet Meets Fitness ~ With Ballerina & Pro Rachel Speck

I love getting to try the different workout DVDs that come my way from Leslie @411video.  Sometimes, you luck into one that really works for you and helps with some of your health issues.

Now believe me, I will never be a ballerina or be able to do the workouts like Rachel Speck, but this is a DVD that works for me and can help keep me strong.
I love the Attitude Series, but the ABS and the Band Kick Back Series workouts are the ones I focus on most for my lower back.

I have had a hip replacement and am not as young as Rachel, so I have to modify some of the exercise to suit me.  Like the jumping jacks, I can't do those so I do my own rendition of jumping jacks.    I feel even if I am not doing it Rachel's way, at least I am doing it.

Professional Ballerina turned fitness professional, Rachel Speck, has combined her two loves and created "Tendu Toning" DVD (60 minutes, $25, www.speckfitness.com) is a total body workout that fuses traditional ballet techniques and positions and combines them with weights, resistance, and increased repetitions to maximize results in a short amount of time.  Tendu, means to stretch or extend the leg, and in Speck's program, when Tendu meets with toning a heart pumping, calorie burning workout is born.

Arabesque grande-battlements and second position pie' glides are just some of the fun ballet fitness moves viewers will perform with "Tendu Toning"/  A simple ballet step called an attitude, when combined with weights and repetitions, is one form of how the Tendu Toning method works to gain long, lean muscles while releasing the "inner ballerina".  Rachel guides viewers through a total body workout with the help from Daniella, who does the advanced, portion, while Ally demonstrates modifications for beginners.  The DVD is divided into sections, or various series, that include a warm-up of all muscles and body parts as Rachel stresses the importance of proper breathing while raising the heart rate.  A barre or chair are required for the workout along with a small ball and resistance band.  Ankle weights and small hand weights are optional.  First up, after the warm up is the Squat series that works the legs, glutes and hips.  Then, the Attitude series works the glutes, hamstrings and back.  The 2nd Positions series requires a small glide disc.  A paper plate or power towel can be substituted depending on the surface.  The 2nd Position section incorporates squats, leg stretches and arms.  The Band Kick Back series uses the resistance band to work the legs and back, while the Lunge series continues with the glide, and incorporates hand and ankle weights on the barre.  The program continues with floor work for Arms and Abs, and ends with stretches and cool down.

About Rachel Speck
In addition to the DVD and her Speck Fitness personal training company, Rachel hosts teacher certification classes for Tendu Toning.  Rachel, who was born in PA, started dancing ballet at age 3 at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, one of the top 5 ballet schools in the world.  At age 12, The Miami City Ballet offered her a full scholarship to study with the company which she accepted and continued to go every summer until she turned 15 and move to Miami permanently to dache professionally.  At age 20, she retired from dancing, but continued to work out with ballet to stay in shape.  She got her personal training certification as well as group fitness and Pilates certification from The American Sports and Fitness Association.  She worked at Crunch until she started her company bringing the best of both ballet and fitness to create the Tendu Toning method.  Rachel does private ballet lessons.  Rachel currently resides in Miami Beach, FL.  For more information on Rachel Speck, Tendu Toning DVD, along with Speck Fitness clothing, glide balls and resistance bands, go to her website www.speckfitness.com

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  1. Sure sounds like the whole body gets a workout with this one.

  2. I am so at awe at ballerinas and how they can stand on their toes. Just looking at them make my feet hurt! I can't even imagine even doing it with weights. Wow. Just Wow.

  3. This sounds like a fantastic workout. They don't call it a "dancer's body" for nothing. I'll have to look into this one.

  4. I've heard that ballet is great for the body. I need to look into this as I am trying to get more fit.

  5. Sounds like a great work out to try I don't think I'll ever be a ballerina either I'm not very graceful.
    The dvds look like a lot of fun.

  6. This looks like fun. I like the idea of adding ballet to a workout.

  7. Wow what an amazing sounding workout - it really seems to work every part of you. x

  8. My husband also likes to try different types of workouts.
    This one looks like more something I would like though.

  9. This would be a great workout. I love to try different ways to exercise. I will have to check this out.

  10. Ballet is fabulous for working every muscle of the body! I'd probably have to modify a few moves myself, but I think I'd really enjoy this one!

  11. Ballet always looked so graceful to me. This one looks fun.

  12. That sounds like a real workout!

  13. Now this sounds like my kind of workout!!!! I use to dance as a kid!!! This is great

  14. I like trying new fitness DVDs. I am still trying to build up my endurance. This one looks like something I should try out.

  15. Right now I do not live close to a gym so workout videos might be what I need to get back into shape!


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