Get Ready For Valentines Day With Couples Workout Series DVDs With Gina Guddat Plus Her NEW Book

With Valentines Day right around the corner, why not get in shape as well as keep the love alive with this Couples Workout Series For Health And Happiness?

Couples Workouts for Health and Happiness” is a series of three fitness DVDs that will help partners get stronger, healthier and more flexible bodies together. The workouts were designed by fitness expert and couples therapist Gina Guddat, MA, LMHC. Guddat’s experience in both fields echoes what research shows. Couples that have a shared fitness goal boost the quality of their romantic relationship and increase their happiness (Psychology Today, January 10, 2014).  These three complete routines cover cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength in the upper and lower body, and core stability and stretches. Whether a beginner or a seasoned athlete, these workouts have everyone covered. Each routine offers various levels of intensity and difficulty, so couples can continue to challenge each other and stay motivated together. The DVDs are $14.95 each and available on They are also one of the first workout series to be on Apple TV! The three DVDs are:

“Couples Workouts for Health and Happiness: Cardio Sweat”
“Couples Workouts for Health and Happiness: Core & Flexibility” and
“Couples Workouts for Health and Happiness: Strength & Tone Together”

Each DVD stars Gina Guddat and her friend Larry Berg. Hand weights may be used in the strength workout; otherwise no equipment is needed for these workouts. The moves are straightforward, athletic and fun. They are approximately 35-40 minutes in length. Preview them here:

Gina Guddat has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years. She is both a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor who had owned her own personal training studio. She has certifications from the American Council on Exercise & AFAA for Personal Training, Kickboxing, Group Fitness, Children’s Fitness, Senior Fitness and Dance Aerobics. She has also served as a continuing education provider for the

So you don't want to exercise!!  Well then check out Gina's NEW Book "Love Metabolism" to keep your love alive with that special someone.

A Guide to Turning Up the Heat in Your Relationship
The Three Keys to Fully Satisfying

All Your Relationship Needs By Gina Guddat, MS and Ray Anderson, MS
Learn how to satisfy an appetite for lasting love! The new book “Love Metabolism” provides the tools for a satisfying and fulfilling relationship. Written by couples therapists Gina Guddat, MA, LMHC and Ray Anderson, MA, LMHC, it shows the reader how to meet their relationship needs by asking the three love-metabolic questions: HOW OFTEN IS ENOUGH?  HOW LONG IS GOOD? HOW MUCH IS NEEDED? Applying these Three Keys will improve a couple’s sex life, communication, recreational time, finances and family time. In each of these areas some people get their fill quite easily, while others can hardly get enough. That's “Love Metabolism”. It’s often these “love-metabolic mismatches” that create so many problems for couples. The solutions are easier once the conversations have begun. This easy-to-read book provides the road map to a happier partnership. It is available now from for $14.99 in paperback and $5.99 for Kindle and Nook. Preview it here:

Guddat is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist and Couples Counselor with a private practice in Seattle WA where she is known as a relationship expert. She has a Masters and Bachelor Degree in Psychology.  She has appeared on TV and Radio and writes articles for numerous magazines and publications. Guddat has also been in the fitness industry for over 30 years. She is both a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor who has owned her own personal training studio. She has a NEW series of  "Couples Workout" DVDs, and a line of wellness products for teenage girls including: the "Fit Girl" workout DVDs, a cookbook, party planner and the manual "Unwrapped - Real Questions Asked by Real Girls About Sex".

Gina has dedicated much of her time working to stop the travesty of sex trafficking and violence against women and children. She has traveled extensively in Asia, Africa, India and Latin America. She conducts trainings and workshops for political leaders, teachers and staff at shelters, orphanages and rescue centers. She is also a frequent attendee and contributor at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in New York. For more information visit


  1. Chris and I have really been trying to beef up our workouts, so this sounds fun. I want to check this out.

  2. My husband and I have been trying to get back into a better diet and exercise routine. This looks like I would be a great way to get us exercising.

  3. I think working out as a couple is a great idea. It is a wonderful way for both partners to keep each other motivated.

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  9. This looks like a great way to work out. It is always better if you can do it together.

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  11. I haven't worked out with anyone in quite some time. This is a great way to have some fun couples time together though. :)

  12. As soon as our bathroom remodel is finished, Jason and I will be starting up our workouts together again. Nothing keeps you motivated like a partner who has the same fitness goals that you do!

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