Yeast or Bladder Infection After A Colonoscopy

Last week, I went in for a colonoscopy.  I had been having BMs that were not shaped round and was kind of worried about the shape of my shute.
I called the Doctor in November and had to wait a month before I could even see her.   Finally I had my colonoscopy scheduled for 3 days before Christmas.
This Doctor likes a REALLY clean colon so, she puts all her patients on a Low Fiber, Low Residue Diet 4 days before.  The day before the surgery, you are on a liquid diet only!!
Really, that wasn't so bad.  I flew right through it.  Yes, I was a little hungry, but I have fasted before when doing a cleanse so it wasn't much of a problem for me.
If any of you have gone in for a colonoscopy, you know the mixture they make you drink the night before... UGH!!!
It is Sodium Sulfate, Potassium Sulfate, and Magnesium Sulfate ....   Salt, salt and more salt.   Yes, they do make you drink a lot of water, but still you feel so thirsty after drinking these that you want to drink more.
At 7 PM the day before the colonoscopy, you drink one dose of the mixture, then 2 16 ounce glasses of water within an hour.
At 3 AM the day of the surgery, you do the same thing.

My surgery wasn't scheduled until 11:30 AM on December 22.  I never got in until after 1:30 PM.  So I was without water for well over 10 hours.    I was so dehydrated that they had trouble getting my IV in my arm.   She poked and prodded so much that I thought I was going to have a really bad bruise.

My Colonoscopy turned out GREAT news!!  No problems.  She said she doesn't care what shape my poop comes out as long as it comes out.   The only thing I had was external hemorrhoids and that is from having a baby.

So, I did make it through the colonoscopy in one piece.  3 days later, I felt I was either getting a yeast infection or a bladder/kidney infection.     I started drinking more water.    I did a test with a PH strip and that showed I was very acidic.

I still wasn't certain if it was yeast or urine related, so I started using a cream for yeast infections down below.   Nothing was working!!  I didn't want to go to the doctor because I knew they would put me on antibiotics.  Antibiotics would make everything worse for me.  I then started taking tumeric to help clear up any infection.  I also did a sitz bath.

Then I remember I had some Kolorex Intimate Care Cream.   I put it on and at first it burned.  But then everything settled down and I started feeling better.   The itching felt much better.
The next day, I used the cream again.  By this time, it is feeling pretty good.  Hardly any itch at all.  
I am on the third day of using the Kolorex Intimate Care Cream and feel that whatever was going on down there is gone or to a point that I don't feel it.    I still don't know if it was yeast or urine related.  At this point, I don't care and am happy to feel normal again.
By the way, I am also using this on my hemorrhoids and it is helping.

My urine is still running acidic, so I have to figure out a way to get that balanced out.  Not sure how to do that.  I already eat alkaline and nothing seems to be working.

My sister is also using the Kolorex Intimate Care Cream.  She has Lichen Sclerosis.  When she first used it, she swore to me it made it worse.  Well, I misunderstood.  She was also having some other issues and it didn't make the Lichen Sclerosis worse.  In fact, she is using it daily and swears by it.  She says it makes her intimate area feel moist again.   I guess with the Lichen Sclerosis you have dry patches and sometimes a rash.

Lichen Sclerosis
Is a skin condition that makes the vulva look white, shiny and smooth.  The skin surface becomes so thin that it bleeds, tears and bruises easily.

I had done a post earlier on the Kolorex Candida Care.  I had stopped using it because of the colonoscopy, but will be resuming it shortly.

Right now, there is only one place to buy the Kolorex Intimate Care Cream in the US.

For Men and Women

Kolorex®  Intimate Care is not just for women it is as useful for the intimate areas of men. Use it for the unsightly appearance and discomfort that can occur in the groin, under breasts and between the buttocks when you are suffering candida overgrowth.
The moisturising and nourishing properties of Kolorex®  Intimate Care cream have also been used to good effect on general chafing, rashes and cracked skin.
Kolorex®  Intimate Care cream is free from:
  • synthetic preservatives
  • mineral oils
  • synthetic fragrances
  • parabens
  • animal products


  1. Oh man, what a thing to happen! Glad you had that cream to help you feel better.

  2. Ugg, I've had to drink that garbage before, soooo nasty. Good to know that as long as it comes out, who cares about the shape haha

  3. Urgh what a nightmare with the not drinking for so long, not sure if I could do it and the after, so pleased you found something that worked.

  4. Oh, I'm sorry you had to go through this. My colonoscopy was easy and I took pills instead of drinking that stuff. Glad you're feeling better.

  5. It sounds like it can be helpful in several different ways. I'm really glad it's been making you feel better and that your colonoscopy came out so well!

  6. Thankfully I have not had a bladder infection in awhile. I have not heard of this cream before, sounds helpful.

  7. That does not sound like fun at all! Wow. I haven't had either problem yet. Amber N

  8. I did the liquid stuff for my first one and it was so gross, I almost skipped the colonoscopy. Every one after, I insisted on the pills. You drink a TON of water with them, but it was much easier for me to do that than try to choke down the liquid. Glad all is healthy in there, and you had a cream to help afterwards!

  9. Yikes. that has to be a difficult thing to deal with. At least there is a good remedy

  10. I am glad that you are better after using this. Yea...if to go to doctor they will sure ask to take antibiotic. too much of hat is not good.

    Hae a great new year!

  11. Wow. I couldn't imagine. My oldest had a colonoscopy and afterwards he felt like he was getting a UTI but it turned out to be nothing. I'm so glad everything turned out ok with your colonoscopy! - Jeanine

  12. I think it is great that there are products like this one to bring you relief. Congrats on having healthy results from your colonoscopy.

  13. This sounds so unpleasant. My sister had to get one done last year and they want her to come in again for another one in February (2016). She had to drink yogurt to avoid getting yeast infections

  14. I had no idea that as long as the poop come out, it doesn't matter the shape! So glad everything is good with your colonoscopy. I imagine all the messing around down there did a little bit to your balance. Good thing you had this remedy handy!

  15. I'm glad you're feeling better. And hurrah for the good results on the surgery!

  16. I can understand what you have gone through & how hard it could have been. I am glad that you had the Kolorex Intimate Care Cream at the right time to get some remedy immediately.

  17. Glad the cream is helping. I've had a couple of colonoscopies plus one virtual one. Nothing bad was found... I think the gastro docs make good money off these.

  18. I avoid antibiotics also. They wreak havoc on my body. I am glad you found something to ease your symptoms.

  19. I have to start getting Colonoscopy's soon. My mom and grandpa have polyps. :( At least I read this post to kind of know what to expect. I'm not looking forward to the nasty tasting stuff, but it is what it is. I'll have to check out Kolorex Intimate Care Cream if itching happens to me.

  20. I did not have a pleasant experience when I had mine done. The stuff I had to drink made me extremely ill. And then the next day the drugs they gave me to put me to sleep did not work and I was awake and in pain and fighting them until they drugged me again. I never want another! Glad all checked out well with yours.

  21. I had mine done on the 8th of this month and no problems with anything it went perfectly fine

  22. Had mine done Friday no