NEW! Just Walk ~ Walking Off The Pounds & 5 Boosted Miles With Leslie Sansone #Review

I live in Pennsylvania, so when The North Wind Doth Blow, it can get pretty cold. Not only does it get cold, but we also can get a lot of ice and snow.  When it gets icy, I stay indoors.  No way am I going to fall and break a hip.

Leslie Sansone believes, Winter weather shouldn't stop anyone from walking and I totally agree with her.  After all, she is America's #1 Walking expert.

One thing I like about Leslie... is she makes walking fun.  I would actually rather put in a DVD of hers than go out walking, even in nice weather. 

Now, Leslie and Anchor Bay Fitness have 2 NEW Just Walk DVDs that can help you walk off the weight no matter what the weather is outside.

Just Walk ~ Walking OFF the Pounds
This DVD offers three progressively more challenging one mile walks.  There is also a 14 minute Healthy Abs & Back segment with easy to follow moves to shape the waist and strengthen the back.  The three inspiring stories of women who have walked off from 65 to over 100 pounds are sure to motivate anyone to hit the play button again and again.

Just Walk ~ 5 Boosted Miles
You can pack in thousands of steps and a steady stream of motivating tips.  Each of the five one-mile walks gets things into metabolism-boosting, calorie-torching gear with higher impact boosts.  The boosts are things like a gentle jog or turning a side step into a skating move.  These qick intervals of added intensity boost the health and weight loss benefits.  In the bonus segment, Leslie describes how to boost 10 of her popular moves.  Walkers may use them while working out to the DVDs or anytime they are walking.

For 25 years Leslie Sansone has taught people of all ages how to get fit, stay fit and feel better about life.  She has 70 million walk fans and counting.  What started as a few classes in her fitness center, has grown into the #1 walking program in the world, having sold more than 15 million DVDs to date.

Here are some of the moves that Leslie shows for strengthening
the back and core muscles.  
I just got back from NYC and I actually met with Melissa who is PR of Anchor Bay Fitness Entertainment.   I was telling her how I had been just folding clothing right before I left and my back went out.  So, thank you so much Melissa for sending me these DVDs.  The Walking Off The Pounds is perfect for strengthening my back.  So many good moves to do.

About Leslie Sansone
Leslie Sansone is a nationally recognized fitness expert, and creator of the Walk at Hope program.  She believes that our bodies were made to move and we can walk our way to health and wellness.  She contributes her tiem, her expertise, and financial support to health organizations including the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, American Diabetic Association, and MDA.  She served on the Leadership Council for IDEA and holds eight certifications including the prestigious American College of Sports Medicine and Cooper Institute: Group Exercise Leader.  Sansone was chosen to be one of the three keynote speakers for the 2008 American College of Sports Medicine National Fitness and Health Summit.

About Anchor Bay Entertainment
Anchor Bay Entertainment is a leading independent home entertainment company celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2015.  Anchor Bay acquires and releases a wide array of filmed entertainment in the theatrical and home entertainment markets, including STARZ Original series, childrens entertainment, fitness ( Anchor Bay Fitness ), sports and specialty films on Blu-ray and DVD formats.  The company has long term distribution agreements in place for select programing with the Weinstein Company, AMC Networks and RADiUS, among others.   Headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA, Anchor Bay Entertainment is a full service distributor in the North American market.  Anchor Bay Entertainment is a STARZ (NASDAQ: STRZA, STRZB business.

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  1. We get the same sort of weather here in Boston and I don't go outside in the cold and especially not in the snow or ice. I love that these are easy to do right in the comfort of my own living room :-)

  2. Walking is. Y favorite form of exercise. These walking workouts sound interesting.

  3. I live in Canada and I have been walking every day for at least 20 minutes. The cool air is refreshing

  4. I need to walk off all the darn holiday treats I've been munching on this month. This would be great to do in the comfort of my own home!

  5. Staying inside and avoiding the cold and stupid ice sure works for me.

  6. I think she knows what she's talking about because people love her workouts. I'm all for staying inside and doing the walking in a fun way!

  7. That one with the legs straight in the air is a whole lot easier looking that it is in real life. ;) I could stand to do some walking, my favorite pair of pants just got a little bit snug, and boy did I notice. :)

  8. I have to get these DVDs. I walk three to four times a week, but lately, I've been staying home because of the weather.

  9. I’ve always been taught that walking is a great exercise. Now, I have more reasons to believe it.

  10. I invested in a jogging stroller this year so my little guy and I could get more active. I am starting with walking and hoping to up it to jogging soon.

  11. This sounds perfect for me. I have been walking a lot more and this would help motivate me.

  12. This is what I'm going to need for the new year. With all the food I plan on eating I'm going to have to lose more than 5 pounds.

  13. I love walking outside by indoors... no. Guess I need that motivation.

  14. This is so good for the holidays because we always pack on a few pounds when eating with family. I love that this is such a good workout.

  15. I tried to go outside at noon, and I was freezing my butt off. I need to walk in the hallway. It's just getting too cold to be outside.


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