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ALIGNMED Posture Shirt 2.0 & ALIGNMe Active Bra

* I happened to win the Alignmed Posture Shirt 2.0.  I was so impressed at how well it worked, that I wanted to do a review to let all my readers know.

Those of you who visit my blog often, know I complain about my back, neck and shoulders from sitting around working on the computer.  Between my age (I will be 64 next month) and the computer, my back is a mess.

I exercise daily for it.  The exercise helps, but the problem is always still there.   I get a burning feeling in my left shoulder blade that gets worse the longer I sit on the computer.  I can rub the spot and feel a knot there.     The burn ends up being a pain that can really hurt.  It also itches sometimes.
I also have a slight curvature of the spine and lower back problems from a Hip Replacement. 

I seen a giveaway through Palooza Radio that had an ALIGNMED shirt along with other prizes.  I wanted to try the ALIGNMED shirt really bad to see if it would work for my aches and pains in my neck, back and shoulders.  So, I kept tweeting the giveaway daily.
Guess What!!!  I won!!!   
I was so happy and couldn't wait to get my ALIGNMED Posture Shirt 2.0.  Plus, they sent me the ALIGN Me Active Bra.

The ALIGNMED Posture Shirt 2.0 (The One And Only Posture Shirt) Is engineered with AlignMed's patented NeuroBand Technology that uses a propietary blend of variable elasticity to activate muscles, increase postural control and provide important biofeedback for muscle retraining 

The Posture Shirt 2.0 comes in a pullover style and the zipper style I have on in the picture. 

If you have and upper extremity condition or you are recovering from an injury or surgery, you should choose the zipper style.

I know there are some days my muscles hurt in my shoulder so bad that I wouldn't be able to pull a snug shirt over my head.

When you first start wearing the Posture 2.0 Shirt, you will experience
. A gentle pulling
That is so true.  When I first put the shirt on, I could feel a slight downward pull on my shoulders.  It didn't hurt, in fact.. it kind of felt like a massaging pull.
 . Thermogenesis / Muscle Heat
This is your muscles activatiing and it feels really nice.
. Pain Relief
In the beginning, I only had relief from the pain while I was wearing the shirt.  After wearing it for a couple of weeks, I had longer periods of relief from the pain.
. Muscle Fatigue
Due to the increased muscle activity from wearing the Posture 2.0 shirt, the muscles in my shoulders did feel a little tired.  Not bad though.
. Correct Body Alignment
I felt when I wore the shirt that I was standing straighter, but then my Hubs told me that  my shoulders looked more squared.  That is good, because at my age, old women get these stooped looking shoulders.  
I am wondering if this shirt can help with my curvature of the spine.  I have had slight scoliosis since I was a kid.
. Improved Performance
When you don't hurt, you feel like doing more things.  
. Faster Recovery Rate
. Increased Mobility

The Benefits of the Posture Shirt 2.0
. Relieve Pain
. Improve Balance
. Increase Range Of Motion
. Improve Flexibility
. Increase Recovery Rate
. Enhance Propioception
Features Of The Posture Shirt 2.0
. NeuroBrand Control Panels
. Vented Power Mesh Panels
. Styles Pullover and Zipper
. Lightweight / Non-Restrictive
. Antibacterial Protection
. Moisture Management

The ALIGN Me Active Bra is engineered with AlignMed's NeuroBand Technology that provides the perfect amount of tension and preventative care for everyday use.

The AlignMe Active interacts with your body to

Support the alignment of the chest, neck, scapula and spine
Activate muscles with built-in controlled tensions
Provide important biofeedback for muscle retraining

How The Alignmed Posture Shirt 2.0 and the AlignMe Active Bra Worked For Me
I mentioned I won the AlignMed Posture Shirt and the Active Bra.  But since they work so well, I want to make sure all my readers know.

By the way, I wore either the AlignMed Poster Shirt 2.0 or the AlignMe Active Bra every single day after I got it.   I would wear it while doing all my housework, exercise, shopping... I just wore it like it was part of me.     Since I had both the bra and the shirt, I could wear one and wash one.      I wore them under my clothing so no one knew I had anything helping with my pain or posture.

When I received the Posture Shirt and the bra, it was bitter cold out so they felt like they came out of a deep freezer.  I couldn't wait to warm them up enough that I could try them out.  My shoulders had really been hurting from playing on the computer and I was ready to see if they would give me some relief.

When I first put the shirt on, I felt the gentle pulling that AlignMed says you will experience.   It didn't feel painful, in fact it kind of felt like I was getting a slight massage.   I told my Hubs right then.... I like this shirt.!!
He told me that when I wear the shirt, my shoulders look more squared.

The first night, and for a few nights after wearing the posture shirt all day, my shoulders felt really tired when I took it off.    They actually almost ached.  The next day, they even kind of felt bruised. 
  I had read where that can happen because the shirt is re-training your muscles.    The achy, bruised feeling at night and during the day only lasted about a week.  Now when I take the shirt or bra off, I don't get that ache.     I am sure my muscles aren't completely retrained, but they are getting stronger.   

I got up out of bed one night to go to the restroom, It was about a week and a half after I had been wearing the Posture Shirt and Bra.  I noticed I was holding my shoulders back.  I wasn't even thinking about it... it just happened.  That is how I knew it was working.

How do the AlignMed Shirt and Bra work while I am on the computer?    At first, I could feel the burn and pain in my shoulder wanting to come.   It would feel like it was almost burning, but never seemed to get to a full burn and pain that goes up my neck and down my shoulder.

The longer I wore the shirt, the less I felt like my shoulder was even starting to burn.   By the end of 3 1/2 weeks, I no longer feel like I have a problem.
I don't know how long I will have to wear the shirt and the bra.    I don't care either.  If I have to wear them the rest of my life, then so be it.   They work!
Check Out My Video

The CEO and Founder of AlignMed Bill Schultz started the AlignMed company in desperation to avoid spinal fusion surgery.
Alignmed is a new generation of performance apparel.  We’ve spent ten years merging medical science and clinical research with fabric technology to produce garments that use controlled resistance to stimulate muscle and nerve activity.  It’s a wearable workout that interacts with the user’s natural movement; the end result is better posture for improved performance, injury prevention and reduction in pain. 

Good Housekeeping also put AlignMed through the rigors of their Good Housekeeping Institute, testing their  shirts with a large group in the consumer panel they created. Those members wore the shirts for a couple of months, worked in them, wore them at home, washed them, worked out in them. It all lead to them awarding  AlignMed their highest endorsement in the magazine, their "TRIED. TESTED. TRUSTED." endorsement.

 Read More About The Posture Shirt 2.0 Or the ALIGN Me Active Bra

AlignMed On Facebook

AlignMed On Twitter @alignmed

* I happened to win the Alignmed Posture Shirt 2.0.  I was so impressed at how well it worked, that I wanted to do a review to let all my readers know.


  1. That is awesome that it worked so well for you. My SIL has mild scoliosis, so I bet something like this would be awesome for her.

    1. Me too. I have scoliosis and I think the older I get the worse it gets.

  2. This is really a great product review and video. I really can get a feel for this product and it sounds like something that would benefit me and some of my family members. Thanks!

    1. I wish I would have had it before I started having all the problems.

  3. I had no idea there were items such as these! They sound very helpful for those with back issues!

  4. This sounds like an amazing shirt! I'd get one for Jason, but his issue lies in his lower back. We have spent a fortune on chiropractor this past year, but thankfully that seems to be working. If it goes up to the shoulders, I am definitely getting him this shirt!

    1. I have lower back issues also. This seemed to help with that too. But maybe my upper issues cause my lower issues. Who knows??

  5. I am going to be 65 in September and I agree, my posture just isn't what it used to be. My upper back, neck and my right shoulder really do hurt a lot lately. I am going in to see about this right away!

  6. Wow! I didn't know...I am glad that you have this for yourself and shared this interesting info with me - thank you :)

  7. This sounds like a great product, and I love that it's pretty gentle. I could definitely use it because my posture isn't the best.

  8. OMG I wish I knew this few years ago. My sister was diagnosed with scoliosis and she was suffering a lot

  9. I need to get one of these. I have horrible posture that my husband makes fun of. Plus I have larger boobs.

    I hate being a girl sometimes.

  10. Who knew! This looks like a great shirt. I struggle with being top heavy and posture.

    1. What's that? I don't know top heavy LOL. And, It didn't make any difference, I still had posture problems.

  11. Ok you made me laugh with 'your shoulders hurt from playing on the computer'. Too funny. Great review. I feel like my husband needs this shirt.

  12. It's my middle back that sucks a ton and it's nerve crap, nothing works on it at all. But I guess you never know.

  13. This is something that I could definitely use. I really have a bad back, poor posture. Amber N

  14. Wow! I have major back issues and I wonder if this would help! I have such terrible posture so I bet it would! Thanks so much for sharing, I'm so glad it helped you! I need to look into this!

  15. I think this bra is great because it helps your posture and eases your back. That is so important as we get older.

  16. I definitely could use the posture shirt. Little reminders all day I need urgently! Glad you found such a great brand to help with your pain

  17. This is a a really cool shirt. I need to get one of these as my back and shoulders tend to hurt when I am on the computer for a long time.

  18. Wow, this is fascinating and I think I could really use it.

  19. This sounds like an awesome shirt! I'd like to try one for myself & see if this is viable for therapy use :)

  20. Very interesting! I had not heard of these before.

  21. Wow these sound like neat products. I could benefit from both.

  22. I can't believe a shirt can do all that. What will they think of next. I have terrible posture and I'm going to look into purchasing one of these shirts.

  23. I have never heard of such a thing, Terry. What a very cool find! I'm glad you shared it, I'm uber curious!

  24. Never heard of this! This would be great for a few people I know, myself included. I'm so glad someone came up with it!

  25. Excellent review Terry. I enjoyed watching your video. Glad these products - the shirt and bra and helping with your pain and posture. :)

  26. Great review and video Terry! This is a very cool product!

  27. This is such a brilliant idea! I know so many people with posture issues and back pain that could really benefit from this.

  28. This looks like such a cool product! I need someting like this because I tend to slouch.

  29. Terry, your review is fantastic, as well as the video. I think it is great that there are products like this out there.

  30. By the way, my good friend Linda (yes, we have the same name...LOL!) :) has scoliosis and get a lot of pain so I will tell her about this. She doesn't have a computer but her sister does and lives close to her so I will let her know about this. Thanks!

  31. I love your video reviews. You do such a great job with them!

  32. Cingratulations on your win, Terry. This is certainly a very useful thing to win :)

  33. This is a product that I could really use. I have terrible posture at the computer. I'm slouched over right now typing this comment to you!

  34. Would you recommend the bra and the shirt to alternate or just 2 shirts?

    1. Jill,
      I really like the shirt to wear with sweaters and longer sleeves. The bra works with more summery clothing. They both work great... It just depends on what I am wearing as to which I choose.
      I think if it were me... I would have to have the shirt and the bra.

  35. I missed the part about how you won. You'll have to make sure you share this review with the company. I'm sure they'll appreciate it. It's a good review.


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