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My Bathroom Storage Problem Solved


I had shown you my bathroom in an earlier post about Needing a bathroom REDO.  Check it out and see what a difference in my bathroom!!   Storage was one of my main issues.   I had my cupboards and drawers packed full.   Plus, in my spare bedroom, I would store all of the things that didn't fit.

Above my toilet, I wanted a plant.  I had my Lucky Bamboo Plant that I had no idea what to do with.  It fits perfectly into one of my baskets.

Straight ahead, you can see we added a shelf.  I have so much perfume that I just had crammed in a drawer.  Now, I have it out where I can use it when I want.

One of the things I did was to put a small shelf on the back of my toilet that holds some of the things I may need daily.
Toilet Paper and perfume.  In the jars at the top are fingernail clippers and other little things that you have no idea what to do with but you might need them on a daily basis.

I like having the toilet paper close.  When I run out, I don't want to have to go anywhere to get it.  I want it right there!

This particular shelf is not going to stay.  I am looking for something else to put there.  I just haven't found it yet.

Before and After
You may remember a post I did on my messy bathroom cabinet.  My Hubs added a shelf to help with storage.
Yes, it does need painted, but it sure helped me with the cleaning supplies and extra toilet paper.

I bet a lot of you have messy drawers.  You open a drawer and things fly everywhere.

My Hubs is building me dividers for my drawers to help me stay organized.
So much easier to find things now.

Here is something I really like.  My Hubs made me a row of hanging baskets to keep anything in them I want.   Isn't this a GREAT idea!!

Hanging on my shower door, I have a huge bag that I store a few things in like my pjs I will be wearing that night.

Inside my tub was a huge mess.  I had shampoo bottles, conditioner, my razor, soap, shower gel, candles ... just anything I thought I might need.

I was at a yard sale and found these cute little flower pots that are tan on the outside and glazed a red on the inside.   I knew there would be something I could use them for.   I only paid 25 cents each so I couldn't go wrong.
I know there is still a lot of things I could do in here to make more storage.. but for right now, this is working out.    I do want to change the shelf I have on the toilet and get something more functional.   I am just not sure what at this point.


  1. Your bathroom looks terrific. I like the colors you have chosen. Looks like you have things organized the way you like them now.

  2. Looks great indeed. Never saw a plant in the tub before haha more room through better storage is always a good thing.

  3. Your bathroom looks so nice & inviting! I love all the pops of red. I need to figure out a better storage system as well :P

  4. It looks so much cozier now too! I love the pop of color from the red accessories!

  5. I have very little storage space in our bathroom. I need some storage solutions like these to help with that problem.

  6. It's more cozy now! One of my favorite colors is red. Extra storage is always nice.

  7. With 6 kids in our house, we could definitely use all the bathroom storage tips we can get. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Wow, it looks so nice and comforting; walking in must amaze your guests!

  9. I love all those new rugs too. What a difference a little sprucing up can make!

  10. hey what a great idea. it looks very nice and clean! Amber n

  11. I love the color. Very festive

  12. The changes did have a big impact. Everything looks great!

  13. I like all of the plants in your bathroom you mist have decent lighting in there. I also really love the plant in the shower its very relaxing looking.


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