Lady Soma Detox Premium Body Cleansing Program Formulated For Women

I was sent a Lady Soma Detox Cleanse for review purposes.  No other form of compensation took place.

Detox Cleansing has become such a huge part of my healthy lifestyle that I don't think I would know how to act if I didn't cleanse.    I can tell you for a fact that detox cleansing is what helps keep me healthy.

My body knows when it needs a good cleanse.  I start feeling sluggish and just not as perky as I want to be and then it is time to do a detox cleanse.

Lady Soma sent me their Detox cleanse to try and see how it works for me.   Since this detox is designed with women in mind, it targets all the areas that I need cleanses.  For instance, The Lady Soma Detox aids in kidney, colon and heart health.

As we get older our colon just isn't what it used to be and many of us become constipated.   Cleansing and detoxing keeps me regular.  Like I said, when I start to feel sluggish, I know it is time for a cleanse.

My kidneys are also something I try to keep as free of toxins as possible.  I find when I do a cleanse that targets the kidneys, it helps me prevent kidney and bladder infections.    I can tell you, I haven't had a bladder infection in many years... of course, I feel the detox cleansing is helping me with that issue.

I don't have an issue with my heart, but maybe that is because I do regular detox cleansing.   Since I have never had heart problems, I can't really speak on that issue.

Let me tell you my thoughts about the Lady Soma Detox that is formulated for Women.
It is a Premium Body Cleansing Program ( 7 Days )  ..  Yes only SEVEN DAYS!!  Not long for a detox cleanse that works!  I didn't change my diet either.

Prepackaged packets (7 day supply).  This makes it very easy!!  Believe me, when doing a detox, easy is something I like.

GENTLE!!  That is a MUST since I did this cleanse when we went on our trip to Atlantic City and then went from there to New York City, I needed something gentle that wouldn't cause cramping and bathroom issues.

When I travel, I tend to not eat the way I should and my body functions get all out of wack.  Then I am very uncomfortable.
The Lady Soma Detox Cleanse kept me right on track.  I had no bloating, gas or stomach issues.  My colon worked well the whole time we were gone.  That is huge!!!

No Preservatives             
No Sugar                   I don't do any of these, so this detox is perfect for me.
No Starch

Supports Healthy Weight Loss  Although I am not trying to lose weight, I know there are many of you that are.

If you are like me, you always want to read the ingredients before you try anything.  So, here they are for you.  Notice the Black Walnut... That is great for the colon and parasites.  At least for me that is great, it is like a colon cleanse and a parasite cleanse all rolled into one.

Since I keep my body clean by detoxing, I don't see a lot of anything coming out the back door, but... This really helped with my digestion while traveling.   I know I got into some sugar at one of the restaurants we visited, but since I was detoxing... I didn't have a problem.

When I am finished with a cleanse, I should say A Cleanse That Does It's Job and Works!!  Anyway, when I am done with a good detoxing, I always feel so light, almost like I could float.
Detox Cleansing makes me feel healthy.

Thank you Lady Soma for sending me the Lady Soma Detox to review on my blog!!

The Lady Soma Detox is an advanced cleanse designed for women that is easy to follow and gentle on the system.  The benefits of the detox program include getting rid of excess waste buildup, reducing bloating, and support in weight loss.  The propietary formula triggers detox using natural plant ingredients.

If you are looking for a GENTLE Cleanse that works and only takes one week (7 Days), check out the 
Lady Soma Detox Cleanse

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  1. Those two words 'cleanse' and 'detox' scare me! You answered my concern though regarding the 'bathroom issues'.

  2. This sounds really good,to be honest i have never tried any detox products maybe i should at some point.Thank you for sharing this review.

  3. Chris just did a detox and he was not happy with it at all. I am going to tell him about this one.

  4. sounds like the perfect product to have to take care of ourselves.
    you hit it on the head for me: gentle!

  5. What an interesting product. I would like to do a detox!

  6. That looks very nice. It is smart to have it specially for women.

  7. I think it is great that this detox is specifically geared towards women because we have different health needs than men do.

  8. That does sound like a great cleanse! Women are so different from men. I know I live with 3 boys - including my husband. I grew up in a house with mostly girls. We need different things.

  9. I have never tried a detox. This has sparked my interest. Amber N

  10. This sounds like something I could do. I really need to do a detox once in a while to help with bloating.

  11. This is interesting. I'm very curious about these.

  12. I've never tried a detox. While it does sound like a scary word, a cleanse sounds just up my alley. I'll have to look into this a little more.

  13. i don't know if i could muster up enough to do a detox, but i admire people who do!

  14. Easy on you and it works, and only 7 days, damn, has everything all rolled into one. Would be way easier than the 30 day ones.

  15. I will be doing a detox soon, but all juices. I hope I see it through and not give up. This looks like a great product

  16. I like that it's gentle. Being on a trip, I'm sure you made the right choice. ;) Thanks for the product intro, Terry!

  17. I can't imagine doing a cleanse that wasn't easy on the system like this. It sounds like it's the way to go!

  18. This stuff is right up my alley. I love to hear about detox stuff like this thanks

  19. This sounds like a great product! Thanks for the introduction!

  20. Well, your results sound impressive. I eat relatively healthy at home, but we are going on vacation. Perhaps this would be a good time to try this gentle cleanse. (Maybe I won't gain 5 lbs. by the end of vacation!)

  21. I have personally never detoxed but I've been hearing that it does work wonders for your body to do it every once in a while. After reading all your detox reviews which would you recommend for me to use that is easy to use and won't cause too many ill effects. I hate getting headaches. :)

  22. Only 7 days? Now this sounds like a detox that I could definitely do!

  23. I don't think I've heard of this one. I would definitely try it out though, I need a detox!

  24. Detoxing is definitely beneficial for the overall health. I'm excited that you found one that works!

  25. i think we need some of this coz female and male body build up is different. we sure need to detox from time to time

  26. The gentle part is relieving! And the fact that it doesn't have added sugar. Definitely something I'd like to try. Thanks for the information :)


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