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Candida Rash ~ How One Of My Readers Cured Her Candida Rash

I get a lot of people emailing me about candida and parasites.   Sometimes, some of them are kind enough that they share what has worked for them.

One of my readers shared this with me on how she got rid of a candida rash

Something that really helped me with a candida rash is applying ozonated olive oil 3 times a day . After 2 days the rash that nothing else would help went away! I ordered my ozonated olive oil  from Amazon. Keep it refrigerated.
Taking large doses of CoQ10 also has helped me get rid of candida. Read what Hulda Clark says about using it for parasites. It works on both . It has also helped the bad veins in my legs!!

Thanks so much D on sharing this.  I hope it helps one of my readers.   


  1. Good to know there are other ways that work, still yet to find mine

  2. Always options that require less prescription drugs

  3. Hopefully it helps others to


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