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The Lacey Roop Craigslist Scam Update

Some of you may remember the post I did on We Were Scammed On Craigslist by Lacey Roop.     
Over the summer, my Hubs was busy contacting everyone he could in Flathead County, Montana trying to get our case heard.  Finally, someone listened when we told them all the facts we had record of.
My Hubs was so mad at Lacey Roop that he dogged her every move.  He kept close records of  what she did to us,  where she, lived, where her parents lived
So for the UPDATE ...  Basically,...  Lacey Roop signed papers saying she scammed us.  She is suppose to pay us back in full.  But... you can't get blood out of a turnip.     In the papers she signed, it says she has  $12,000 in a teachers fund of some sort, so the court assumes she will pay us back.

If she doesn't pay us back by 2015, she will go back to jail, finish out her sentence and still have to pay us.   But still... I just don't believe we will ever see the money.   We haven't seen a penny yet and she is out of jail now.

She has other crimes against her and will have that trial on  either October 15, or Oct 31, 2013.. Not sure which date.  I hope all these people that were scammed by Lacey Roop get their due.  If not, I would like to see her sit in jail.   

I am sure if she doesn't pay us back, my Hubs will be dogging her again.


  1. Good for your husband for actually taking the initiative to track her down and make the effort to get your money back. I think when some people get scammed, they just think their money is gone and never actually do anything about it. I truly hope she pays you back. Even if it's $5 a week, just to show that she's making an effort.....although, I wouldn't hold my breath, either.

  2. Good luck getting the money, it stings when people intentionally take advantage. I'm glad you've found a way to potentially get your money back.

  3. I hate when scammers get away with what they're doing so I hope that she gets her just due. If she doesn't pay back the money then she definitely deserves to sit her behind in jail. Kudos to hubby for dogging her and not letting her get away with it. Best of luck to you both with this person.

  4. I'm pretty impressed with his determination to go after her. I think a lot of people would have written it off as a lesson learned. Your hubs is awesome! I so hope you get some money back.

  5. Ugg, good luck indeed. Those types never usually pay anything back

  6. Hopefully she sits in jail or a long time

  7. Good luck with getting your money back. My father got scammed and he has never seen a penny. At least you caught her and she will have to go to jail.

  8. I am sorry to hear that you still haven't gotten any money back. I hope the situation with get resolved, I think it is a terrible shame that people do that to others. Good luck on this and keep us posted.

  9. At least you know her whereabouts and info. Your hubs sounds a lot more competent than the police force or FBI. Between you two, you could stop much of the world's madness.

    Have a good week.

  10. They are giving her till '15!!! Wow, hmm. I'm sorry you got scammed but I hope this woman pays and doesn't make more trouble. I don't know why people would keep this up when really they could make things better rather than worse!

  11. Good for your hubs! I really hope you see the money, but I probably wouldn't hold my breath. People like that always find a way to dodge the system. But, then again, your husband sounds persistent, she may just pay up to make him shut up lol. Good Luck!

  12. That's horrible! I hope she pays you back.

  13. Sherri L1:40:00 PM

    Good luck to you both! I don't understand why some people spend so much time and energy making money the illegal (and morally wrong)way, when they could be using that same energy to earn the money. I guess they just want a free ride....

  14. What an unbelievable story. You're right you can't get money out of a turnip, unfortunately. I hope she is able to pay you back.

  15. It's May 2016 and as one of the "victims," I've received $300 from Lacey. She scammed $2000 from us for that Key West property that belongs to a doctor in Georgia. There was also a single father who sent her $1500 and flew down there to get the place ready. His kids were flying in the next day. So, without a house and out $1500, this guy had to find another place to stay, last minute, for him and his children. Lacey's emails to me after she was caught were sad and desperate. I have numerous emails. I feel bad for her as well as the people she scammed. She has big problems and needs to stay on her medication. I truly hope her teacher's license is revoked!

    1. Hi Donna,
      We have not received a penny from her.... but just knowing she went to jail was a little bit of sweet revenge. Last I heard she was still in jail and looking to get out soon. Maybe one day we will all get our money back... but I am not holding my breath.
      I do have something that is funny to tell you... but I don't want to say it on here.


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