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Lady Soma Advanced Candida Cleanse Review

Cleansing has become a huge part of my life.  I tell everyone I know that "My Life Is One Big Cleanse After Another"    Believe me, a good cleanse can make me feel so good.  It is what I do to stay healthy.   

When Lady Soma offered me a candida cleanse, I of course said YES!!   I know their products work, here is a review I did of their Fiber Cleanse With Probiotics Review.

 They have a very good reputation and the herbs in the cleanse are ones that I have tried and are ones that work for me.

The Candida Advanced Cleanse is designed to reduce candida yeast, while also preventing future candida overgrowth. Promotes balanced intestinal bacteria to treat candida symptoms.

The Candida Cleanse is designed to improve immune funtoin by delivering 20 million bioactive probiotics from plant source enzymes to encourage digestive harmony. Recommended for those looking for safe alternatives to manage candida.

If you are not familar with Lady Soma, let me tell you a little bit about them.
Lady Soma never uses suldates, parabens, Mineral Oils, silicone, Synthetic Fragrance or Dyes.  Their ingredients are 100% Natural.

Lady Soma solely focuses on the women’s body.  They created a strict line, to enable women to find the best solutions to their feminine and personal issues, whether it be for her body or skin. The word “soma” comes from the Greek language meaning “body”. Throughout history, the Mediterranean food and culture, rich in fresh fruits, olive oil, vegetables, fish and whole grains, has been known to be the epitome of health. Scientists have known for decades that people who eat these foods have lower rates of heart disease, cancer and other health issues

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* I was provided with a Lady Soma Advanced Candida Cleanse in exchange for this review. In no way did this affect my review.


  1. Eat most of that at my mat, except grains, blah to that. Cleanses works you say, still waiting at my bay haha

  2. Herbs really are overlooked are too much in today's society.

  3. I'm glad you got to work with a company you already know, trust, and like!

  4. Yes, it's good to know you have something that works.

    Take care and have a great weekend.

  5. I'll mimic Rosey! It's nice to find a great product from a company you know and trust!

  6. I love the Mediterraneans way of eating, too. I use olive oil a lot. But, I eat things with sugar too much and white flour. I wish I could wean myself off of those things. You always have such good info here. Thanks!

  7. I've been going GF since my injury and I have to say it's done a world of good! :) Never really heard of "cleansing" though so interesting read. Sounds like a trusted company that really focuses on it's customers needs!

  8. I visited Lady Soma and learned that one of the ingredients the use is psyllium husks! I love putting a bit of that in my smoothis or oatmeal for a healthy fiber boost!

  9. delivers 20 million bioactive probiotics

  10. I've never done a cleanse, but this sounds fascinating! Thanks!

  11. Hi there,

    Yes, it's me, one of your ever growing list of starstruck fans. I do know this is a serious topic. And thus, if I can be of help, I will forward your informational posting to the various social networks.

    A peaceful, positive weekend to you.


  12. I was interested till I saw it contains aloe vera, which makes my ears ring and my skin itch. Oh well.

  13. I have never done a cleanse either. sandie

  14. I am doing a parasite cleanse right now. Next in line is a liver cleanse so I would love to try this after that. Keeping the bacteria in balance sounds ideal!

  15. The Renewal Serum penetrates deep into the dermal layer of the skin to repair damaged skin.

  16. I learned that it contains both caprylic acid and oregano extract because they aid detoxification!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com


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