Kroeger Candida Cleanse Kit

I am sure many of you that frequent Health Stores ,  have seen Kroegers Herbs and Kits on the shelves.    I personnally use Kroeger Herbs.   Like their parasite cleanse.

I personally think this cleanse will work on more than candida,  it has some of the herbs in it that I used to heal my liver and gallbladder so I am already loving this product.   Also, it sounds great for IBS symptoms...

The Candida Kit contains 5 bottles total of  product.   2 bottles of  Candida Formula #1, 2 bottles of Kroeger Formula #2 and one bottle of Shelf Stable probiotic Taurin Dophilus.

Candida #1 and #2 work in conjuction to cleanse candida overgrowth from the system.  Once those bottles are complete ( about a month) then healthy bacteria is reintroduced into the system with the Taurin Dophilus.

The Candida Kit was designed by Master Herbalist Hanna Kroeger

This Product Works On These Area's.  You can also check it out at Kroeger Herbs Candida Kit Page

Strong bitter elements and tannins
Increase digestive secretions and make the digestive tract
inhospitable to candida

Neutralizes acidity
Neutralizing the acidity helps reduce the candida population
and lets the friendly bacteria repopulate

Controls mucus accumulations
Candida can multiply in mucus

Strengthens digestion and elimination
Often compromised by candida

Binds and cleanses toxins from the blood, lymph and kidneys
Candida gives off toxins that can settle in different parts of the body

Tones the liver
The liver helps eliminate toxins from candida

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* I received no monetary comensation for this review. I did recieve the Kroeger Candida Cleanse Kit  pictured, in no way did this affect my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Sounds like it sure helps to do the trick, much out there that can over all of this drug crap, Canadian though at our show haha

  2. Thanks for offering the awesome review and giveaway. If it's good for other digestive issues, I am in!

  3. This is an awesome giveaway. My daughter has been working on candida for a few months now. I will pass this information on to her.

  4. I thought I had rid my body of Candida, but after a bout of Strep Throat and having to take an antibiotic I'm feeling the symptoms all over again. I have been so excited to just find your blog during my trial. They thought I may have MS, but after several different doctors one found that I had severe Candida Overgrowth. Just been reading up the Candida kit and would love if I won!!! If not I'm sure I will order anyway!!!

  5. It's nice that you're sponsoring a giveaway for something near and dear to what you're working through!

  6. This sounds great. I hope it really helps the two winners!

  7. The entry is confusing. If I entered using my email do i still have to check the other boxes? Will they spam me?

  8. good luck to the winners ;-) im not qualified

  9. good luck to everyone!


  10. I am so, so excited that I found your blog! I recently found out about candida and have been doing an anti-candida diet/cleanse for the past few weeks to try to clear up my sinusitis issues. Thank you for all your great info! I followed you on pinterest and facebook! If you want you can look at my experience at

  11. Thanks for all the cool giveaways!

  12. would love to win this for my boys! Fingers crossed! :) Thanks for the chance!

  13. Wow this sounds great, so kind of you!


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