Clean The Junk From Your Trunk ~ Potomac Productions Health Line Cleanse Review

Early in January, I mentioned that Potomac Productions Health Line had sent some Joint Health and Omega 3 for my Hubs to try for his knee.   

They also sent me a Cleanse to try.   I have been having some digestive issues lately so the Potomac Productions Health Line Cleanse came at a GREAT time.
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The best thing I like about the Cleanse, is it helps aid your body in absorption of nutrients.  With candida, absorption is a HUGE problem.    Another thing is it helps your body eliminate waste products,  it also releases TOXINS.... another big problem with candida.  Toxins were trying to kill me....  I now do a cleanse almost once a month.  

I decided to start this cleanse for the New Year!!  I am going to cleanse my body of all the toxins and junk I put into it over the past year.

Here are some of the ingredients in it. Psyllium Powder, slippery elm bark, aloe vera leaf, Chlorella and lots more good herbs that I use.

It didn't take long to realize this cleanse was working and working well.   I had GREAT BMs while doing this.   It helps to clean out all the junk in my trunk!!

I know each and every one of you know if you can go..... you don't feel so great.   Well, this sure has helped me in that area.     I don't know how there could be any toxins left in my body...

I am feeling good!!   When I feel good, the whole world looks brighter!

* I was given the supplement above for review. In no way did this affect my review. All opinions are my own


  1. I like your title. Ha All those ingredients agree with me and I should try that cleanse after I finish with Mary Jo. Is this the one you were telling me about? I'm delighted that you are feeling on top of the world.

  2. I've actually been thinking about trying something like this, so I am glad you wrote about it. I do have some junk that I need to purge.....

  3. So, are you on a diet when take these or do you just take them.

  4. Still getting the toxic crap out of me, but all the stuff I'm on seems to be working, as nice big bms hahaha

  5. Manzi,
    I think the one we were talking about was the Candida Cleanse.

    Masshole Mommy
    My life is one big cleanse after another.

  6. Milena,
    I continue to do the alkaline diet and will probably always do it. I have found that is the diet I like.

    getting the toxic crap out is a good thing as is nice big bms

    I find cleansing make me feel so much better.

  7. I have a cleanse planned for the end of the months. Right after we replace our laundry room floor. I just want to do it when I am not so busy.

  8. Happy to hear you are feeling better. I agree, when the toxins are out, and the colon is clear, the body just seems to feel so much better!

  9. Your title made me laugh out loud!!! I've never done a cleanse...and now I feel toxic saying it out loud. :)

    I'm not adverse to trying one though.

    Happy Thursday to ya!

  10. OH hun I'm so glad you got something that helps you! I hear a cleanse is so good to do, I really need to try one.

  11. HA HA I love the title of the post!

  12. I used to work with someone who considered eating just grapefruit for 10 days a "cleanse." Actually, it seemed, it was her way of fitting into her skinny jeans. I like your cleanse better.

  13. I might have to try one of the cleanses in the future.


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