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Cataract Surgery ~ Laurel Eye Clinic ~ Brookville, Pennsylvania

Things have been CRAZY around here!!

Yesterday my Hubs went for cataract surgery at The Laurel Eye Clinic, Laurel Laser & Surgery Center, in Brookville, Pennsylvania.

We had to get up at 5:00AM to get to Brookville for his 8:00 appointment.    It is only an hour an a half from where we live, but I like to get up, get my bath, eat my breakfast  yada yada yada!!

So he had the choice of 2 different lens.  The regular and the cadilac version that they called The Crystal Lens.   Of course, he chose the cadilac version that ended up costing us $5,000 extra.  That will be for both eyes.   He has another appointment February 20, 2013 to get the second eye done.

His Doctor is  Louis D. "Skip" Nichamin, MD
He is the medical director of the Laurel Eye Clinic and the Laurel Eye Laser & Surgery Center.  Has an unusually broad surgical experience, including extensive experience performing viteroretinal ophthalmic surgery.

We went to him especially because my Hubs had PRK  ( photorefractive keratectomy ), done on his eyes and not just anyone will do cataract surgery after this kind of operation on the eye.  Dr Nichamin is qualified to do this... so that is why we went to Brookville.

The surgery went great and all is well but today, I had to be the driver to get my Hubs to the eye doctor who will be taking care of his check ups.    We go to Dr Scott Kennedy who has an office in Oil City, Pennsylvania and also an office in Titusville, Pennsylvania. 

Scott has been my eye Doctor off and on for well over 30 years.  We have moved and gone elsewhere.... but I always end up going back to Scott Kennedy even when we have to drive a long distance.  He is the only optomitrist that is able to get my prescription right in my glasses and contacts.

It was snowing and blowing today and I had to drive my Hubs big arsed truck.   I would almost rather take a beating than drive that truck.

Anyway, I got him there and all looks good.

Now we have to do it all again the end of February!!

Laurel Eye Clinic LLP
50 Waterford Pike
Brookville, Pa 15825
(814) 849-8344

Professional Vision Care
Scott Kennedy
9 East First Street
Oil City, Pennsylvania 16301
(814) 677-2066

Just a heads up.  They never did get his vision correct and he isn't very happy about it.!!!


  1. So glad it went well. My grandmother just had cataract surgery done on one of her eyes a few weeks ago. She goes back for the other eye on Monday.

  2. He will be happy with his new eyes. He will see much better and the world will seem brighter. I don't know what that other is. I had the lens surgery 4 or 5 years ago (can't even remember) but I have the complication of the glaucoma.
    Tell him he'll see the numbers better . :)

  3. Damn that is a pretty penny, but at least all went well and now he'll be able to see all nice and bright.

  4. Sometimes a great doctor is worth a long drive. When they're good - they're good and I would do the same thing.

    Glad all is well with the hubby!!

  5. So glad it all went well! I'm sure he's already pleased with his one eye and can't wait for the other one to be done! And good for you getting him there! :) I did the same for my dad a few years ago!

  6. Glad to hear the surgery went well! A good doctor is hard to come by any more, so when you find a good one, the drive is totally worth it!

  7. I have not heard of the two different lenses...I am glad he can get it done...even if you have to drive a big truck!

  8. I have not heard of the two different lenses...I am glad he can get it done...even if you have to drive a big truck!

  9. I'm gonna hope there's no snow the next time you have to go, especially since you hate driving that truck!

  10. It's nice when you have a Dr you can trust!

    As for the truck...I bet it's awesome in the snow!!!!! I love trucks right now. ;)

    Very happy to hear your husband's surgery went well!

  11. Glad the surgery went well. Too bad the weather did not cooperate, but at least it did not stop you.

  12. Glad to hear he can have this done and his sight will improve immeasurably. In Australia we are covered for the cost of this in our public (very good) hospitals. The patient goes into hospital early in the morning,being Nil By Mouth 6 hrs prior. After the operation they remain in hospital that night then have the dressings removed next morning and go home.Everyone raves at the success. I am 68yrs old and haven't had to deal with this yet. Perhaps my turn will eventuate? But I exercise my eye's often to strengthen the eye muscle. This is done by looking at the tip of the nose, then to short distance, long distance, short distance and back to the nose tip.

  13. It's good he went for it. He'll be happier in the long run!

  14. Oh goodness sounds like a busy day!

    Hope when you have to go back it's a nicer day.

  15. My dad needs cataract surgery but he hasm't got it done yet.