Tightness In Neck Muscles, Feeling Like My Glands Are Swelling ~ Tongue Tightness and Burning

Do any of you get a feeling in your tongue that feels like it is tightening up?   My neck muscles also get really tight.   It feel like something to do with stress but it's not.  I am not stressed at all.  I know it is my digestion and candida is  causing it.     

When I am having thrush issues in my mouth, it is not just in my mouth, it is a systemic problem that involves the whole body.  

Here is what was happening to me.   I would get a burn in my tongue, the back of the tongue not only burns but gets really tight and feels like my tongue is being pulled down the back of my throat.  

My neck muscles also get tight and it feels like my glands are swelling.   It moves up into my ears and my ears feel tight.

It makes me feel like I am all stressed, but like I said, it is my digestion and candida.   I hate that feeling.

I had been getting it quite often but when I started taking the Immunophen Pine Cone Extract,    it has lessened the tongue burning some.  It is still there though.

I know I have mentioned the ringing in my ears.  That is still there too, but some days, since I started taking the Immunophen Pine Cone Extract ... it goes away for a whole day.  

I plan on continuing to take the Immunophen Pine Cone Extract because I am making some headway, it is just going to take time.

What I really like about the Immunophen is ....  it only kills the bad bacteria and leaves my good intact,  also,  the candida won't become immune to it.     That means as soon as it takes the candida completely away, I can use it for maintenance control.
Update::  Just want to let you know.  I figured out when I eat too many carbs... that is what makes my tongue burn.  Especially when I eat the bad carbs.

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  1. Terry, That tongue tightness and burning sounds like a horrible. I've never experienced that but I'm sure I do have some candida. My dear, get yourself in shape for your trip.
    Have a bright New Year.

  2. That must be the worst feeling in the world to feel your neck tightening up like that. You poor thing.

    I have ringing in my ears, too, and it drives me NUTS when it happens.

  3. I'm so glad you've found something that is helping!

  4. I do hope that's helping. I'd hate having that problem.

  5. Oh dear :( I hope that it works and maintenance is all you need to do!

    Happy New Year My dear!

  6. I do need to check this out. I had to spend Christmas Eve in the hospital battling the flu effects on my asthma. They pumped me full of antibiotics. Now I have a bad case of thrush. I am having a hard time getting it under control.
    Any way I am wishing you a great New Year.

  7. Wow, that must be a scary and horrible feeling! I would probably freak out if my neck started tightening up like that. I do hope this works for you so you don't have to go through that again!

    Stopping in today to wish you a very Happy New Year! So glad we just met, and I am looking forward to getting to know you better in 2013 :)

  8. I think I have experienced some of those symptoms before.... Usually goes away with more water and sleep.

  9. For the relief of ear ringing alone, it would be worth it!

  10. Interesting! I looked at their site and the product has antiviral properties However, I don't understand how it can leave good bacteria alone. As you know, many medications kill off the good bacteria and this is a big problem for me.

  11. Linda,
    That is also a big problem for me. I sent them an email and this is the answer I got in return.

    Laboratory studies show that Immunophen Only kills the bad bacteria.

  12. Hi - wondering how your symptoms are now as I have the same and they are driving me mad. I've lived with Candida for over 15 years but not had these symptoms before - are yours any better?

    1. Lynda, I think I finally figured it out. At least for me. I find if I eat too many carbs, my tongue burns. If I eat vegetables... especially organic, I don't have a problem.
      When I eat carbs, I try to make sure it is things like a very small sweet, red or gold potato. Sometimes a little brown rice. Not much of any carb though.

      I also eat some fruit. I find organic bananas don't make my tongue burn, but the other ones do.

      I can stay at a point where I have no tongue burning at all. But I have to eat wisely to do it. If I cheat... my tongue burns.

      I also do a lot of cleansing... so that might have something to do with it.

  13. Anonymous4:04:00 PM

    I stumbled upon this site looking up my own problems. I'm a guy and for about a year I've dealt with what you described. I've never been prone to stress or panic attacks so I'm tired of hearing docs tell me that this is what I probably have. My tongue feels swollen and tight and the sides of my neck getting tight and feel like they are swollen. Not sure if I have Candida as I've had no problems "south of the Mason Dixon line" so to speak. My problems have been focused on my tongue/neck with occasional joint pain in my ankles and legs. Doc put me on prednisone for a bit. Helped the pain in the joints but the tongue tingling never seems to stop.

    1. The only thing that really helps me is really cutting down on my carbs. When I do eat carbs, I make sure I don't do gluten. I also do NO SUGAR. If I eat the wrong thing, my symptoms start again.

      I eat a lot of vegetables and that helps too.


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