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A little bit about my blog.
My readers consist of those (men and women) some with health problems and not able to get out to shop, as well as working mothers and fathers , stay at home mothers and fathers and also grandparents.

My name is Terry Macri, I write the blog, My Journey With Candida.

I have  10,000 plus twitter followers and 2,830 plus facebook likes.


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If you have a  product you wish me to review or giveaway, please contact me.

Also, if you have an amazon store and need reviewers to review your product / products, we do reviews on amazon.

We will also do reviews on health,  toys, fashion, makeup, kitchen appliances, bathroom, home and garden,  etc.
. I only review full size products
. Reviewed item is mine to keep, I do not send them back
. I will tweet our review to your @twitter and get over 100 retweets.

. If I do a giveaway for you, it is up to you to provide and ship the item to the winner

When we review a product, we will try to go out of our way to show  just how special your product is.   Be sure to check below and see some of our Product Reviews we did for other companies.  We actually use the product before we review it!!

Please feel free to contact me for reviews and giveaways.