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Meet The Humaworm Family ~ Green Street Health Carrollton Mississippi

Any of you that have read my blog in depth knows how much I have posted about Humaworm.  I have probably grossed most of you out talking about it.

In August, my Hubs and I decided to take a trip down South to Tunica, Mississippi. After spending 5 days in Tunica, we headed for Biloxi, Mississippi. On the way to Biloxi we stopped off in Carrollton, Misssisssippi to visit Green Street Heath, (Humaworm)

Look at this cute little house the Green Street Clinic calls home. It will be one of the homes in the Carrollton Historic Pilgrimage, October 5 - 7 2012.   Located at 600 Green Street in Carrollton, Mississippi

While we were there, Dr Bailey took time out of her busy schedule to meet with us. 

Meet Dr. Reba Bailey
 Isn't she just the cutest thing?    I thought she would be so much older because she knows so much about herbs.   She is so young!!   Dr. Bailey is also the owner of  Humaworm

Dr Bailey was the first person to come out and tell me I had worms.   I didn't believe her and did the first Humaworm cleanse thinking I was wasting my time.   Little did I know....  Dr Bailey made a believer out of me in the very First Week Of My Parasite Cleanse (Don't click on that link unless you have a strong stomach!!).    I have continued to do a parasite cleanse every 3 months and will do them the rest of my life.  

Now I want you to meet the girls who know what Southern Hospitality is all about.  Of course you have already met Dr. Bailey.
Meet Barbara
Meet Lynn

These two girls help keep The Green Street Clinic running smoothly.

If you are interested in ordering Humaworm or have a question for them, use this email    Dr. Bailey and her stafff will answeer any of your health related questions.   It can be about Parasites, Candida, Bladder problems, Kidneys, Liver, Gallbladder, aches and pains... anything health related.

If you would like to order one of their cleanses fo HERE!

I so enjoyed meeting all three of these girls and putting a face to the name Humaworm.   Thanks so much to Dr. Bailey, Barbara and Lynn for such an enjoyable afternoon.    I may surprise you and come back on our way through to another destination.


  1. It is a cute house! How neat that you got to stop by.

  2. Sherrie C.11:46:00 AM

    Such a cute house but I really shouldn't have clicked the link! Curiosity got the better of me I suppose :) Glad the treatment is working for you.

  3. Thanks Lisa, They are such nice people. I found that the people in the South are much kinder than most in the North. I wonder why that is.

    It's okay to click the link. They are not spam. They are a family owned business that helps people heal.

  4. Oh.... LOL Sherrie,
    You mean the parasite cleanse link. Sorry about that. It is very gross, but 80-90% of the people in the US have parasites and have no idea!! Kind of scary.

  5. Did you get autographs...its like u met ur iwn lurked celebrity. Glad u hot to meet her

  6. I'm glad you got to meet the people behind a treatment that helped you. I think I probably won't click the link though, because I do not have the strongest stomach!
    lajohnson555 at yahoo dot com

  7. Tawna,
    No.. no autographs, maybe next time.

    LOL Laura,
    Good thinking.

  8. That must have felt so great to meet these people who have helped you. I love the house too. Imagine going to work at a place like that.

  9. Inger,
    It was super to meet them. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  10. I'm really glad that she helped you figure that out! She does seem like a nice gal!

  11. I do believe this is such an awesome post. It is nice to see the faces behind the name! I will stop over and check them out! Hope you are having a great weekend.

  12. Hi Liz,
    She really did help me figure it all out. I would still be trying if it weren't for her.

    Grandma Bonnie,
    Thank you! If you have any questions for them, just email.

  13. I am a little nervous to click the link, also. I've seen photos of parasites before and I don't think I can do it again- yikes!

    Wanted to know more about how your health improved after the parasite cleanse. Do you have a post about the results without photos?


  14. Cindy,
    I have not written an update of how I am doing, but I am doing very well and have healed many problems.

    Here is the last post I did on healing my burning tongue and ringing ears. It does have tongue pictures

  15. That seems like such a helpful place. I love that they were able to assist you with your problems.

  16. How cool is that! Love the house.

    Happy Monday!

  17. The home will be perfect for the healing process and helping those that need the help ---it gives an air of 'down home' and friendly and honest. Like family.

  18. Alissa,
    It is a very helpful place.

    It is such a cute little place and it is not newer either but very well kept up.

    Hootin Annie,
    A healing house... I like that!!

  19. How did the Doctor diagnose you as having the Humaworm, is there a test, or does she just go by the symptoms? Thanks

  20. Courtney,
    Dr Bailey went by all my symptom, and she was right.

  21. Anonymous1:32:00 PM

    Green Street Health is owner and manufacturer of Humaworm products touted all over the internet as an effective natural parasite remedy for pets and people. The Humaworm folks seem especially active on Curezone, posting answers to other Curezone users but you can also read about them on Earth Clinic.

    My interaction with Green Street and Humaworm has been negative. The customer service is abysmal. For example: last time I ordered some products from them online I phoned within 12 hours to ask some questions. My goal was to amend my order based on their answers. I asked them to PLEASE phone me before shipping the order.

    Their outgoing message said they're too busy to take the call but your call will be returned "in the order received." I never received a call back. So, the next day, I left another message. Again, no return call. On the third day I wrote to them via e-mail. Still, no response. On the fourth day, I opened a Paypal dispute. They never phoned me back, wrote back OR responded to Paypal. Once they had my money, they were going to keep their tight little grip on it!

    Two weeks later, they finally shipped the order. Still no return phone calls in response to my two messages, no response to my e-mail or the Paypal dispute. The only communication I ever received was from Paypal and only after they'd shipped the item. Paypal had escalated the dispute to a claim at my request because I wanted to amend my freaking order but since Green Street had finally mailed the order (that I wanted to amend/change so, therefore didn't want as it was) they were closing the claim.

    Bottom line: these folks are unresponsive. BEWARE. Zero customer service. Once you pay, you are dead to them as a customer. Don't expect to have your questions answered or expect return calls, e-mails etc. You're on your own. If you wanted to cancel an order after hitting the "complete transaction" button. Forget it. Unlike Amazon or Lucky Vitamin or any other web retailer who will actually amend or cancel a transaction for you, Green Street and HumaWorm won't answer calls or emails, even Paypal disputes.

    p.s. they only parasite cleanse they sell without potentially dangerous wormwood (artemesia absinthium) in it is the children's formula. So, if you're looking to avoid wormwood, try the kids product because when I called them a month before all of this, they said they didn't have any formula w/o the Wormwood but that's actually a lie. Their kids formula doesn't have it.

    1. Why did you being anonymous? If this were me, I wouldn't be afraid of being known, unless you plan to order from them again. I know abut the wormwood and the other wormwood variety that is not suppose to be so toxic. Yet, this is a short term cleanse and is far safer than pharma drugs. That is why they tell inform you that you can't do it more than 30-days. Then you have to wait 90-days to do it again and use the others cleanses which support and help your organs. I called and they returned my calls and were very nice. I was given much info on what to use first and how to use them. I was concerned about customer service as well, but so far they have responded well.

    2. I was under the belief that doing a parasite cleanse with the herbs more often than every 90 days would make the worms immune to the herbs. I actually think that is what Dr Baily said.


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