Castor Oil Parasite ( Worm ) Cleanse

I have been doing everything I can to make sure I get rid of and keep parasites ( Worms ) away.   I had read somewhere that Coconut, Ground Flax and Castor Oil Will help to kill parasites, so I decided to try it..

Here is what I did.

. When I get up in the morning, I take 1 Tablespoon of ground unsweetened coconut
. 1 hour later I take 1 Tablespoon coconut oil.
.  Two Hours later I take 1 Tablespoon of Castor Oil
.  Around 4:00 PM, I took 1 Tablespoon Ground Flax Seed and if you want 1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds
.  2  Hours later I took 1 Tablespoon Castor Oil
I do an herbal parasite cleanse once every 3 months that I get from Humaworm, but in between I like to do anything and everything I can to kill any parasites that might be lurking in my body.

The night before I started this, I did a black coffee enema and  took 6 Castor Oil Capsules with water before I went to bed.

I will probably only do the Castor oil for 2 or 3 Days

What I ate and drank
Day 1

For breakfast the first day, all I ate was the 1 Tablespoon of ground coconut and 1 Tablespoon Coconut oil.  Three Hours later I did the 1 Tablespoon Castor Oil.

For lunch I ate 1/8 cup Pumpkin Seeds

I had the Ghost Pepper Tea Tonic in the below picture
Chuga Lug Chuga Lug

I drank a hot Lemon and Cayenne drink for my snack.   I think I got it a little to hot using cayenne and my Ghost Pepper Tea Tonic   Whew Baby is it Hot! Hot! Hot!

Does anyone remember the song Chuga lug, Chuga lug by Roger Miller?  Anyway  the song went like this.
Grape wine an amazing joy
Homemade and brought to school
By a friend of mine after class
Me and him and this other darn fool
Decided we'd drink up whats left
Chuga lug so help myself
First time for everything
Brrrrrrr  My ears still ring
Chuga lug Chuga lug
Makes ya wanna holler Hi Dee Ho
Burns your belly don't ya know
Chuga Lug, Chuga Lug

Well,  thats the first thing I thought about when I took the drink of this Lemon Cayenne tea made with my Ghost Peppers.  Burns the whole way down.  Whew!!

1 Tablespoon Ground Flax Seed and 1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds.  3 Hours later 1 Tablespoon Castor oil.
. Around 11:00 AM, I had a BM, I had been feeling all morning like I needed to go so I was glad  to get that out of the way.
.  Felt all day long like I needed to have a BM and couldn't. Finally about 6:00Pm I did have a small one.
.  Gave myself a black coffee enema around 8:00PM

Day 2

1 Tablespoon Unsweetened Coconut Flakes.  One hour later 1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil.  2 Hours Later, I took 1 Tablespoon Castor Oil

Today I am starting Neem.  I try to take it an hour after taking the Castor Oil and an hour before lunch

I ate a small salad made with romaine lettuce and I put pumpkin and chia  seeds along with  Lemon And Olive Oil Dressing on it.

I drank another cup of my Ghost Pepper Tea Tonic

1 Tablespoon Ground Flax Seed and 1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds. 3 Hours later 1 Tablespoon Castor oil.
This time I ate a salad also

Day 3
On day 3, I started eating my normal Alkaline Diet but I also kept doing the Castor Oil and coconut like I metioned above.

I continued the castor oil for a full week and then stopped.

I wasn't checking very well but I did see one round worm so this does get rid of parasites for me.  Next time I may do a juice cleanse right along with the castor oil to see what happens.

What I Drank During This Cleanse
The first day, During the day, I drank water, tea and lemon water. I had found some fasting tea that had a lot of different herbs in it and I drank that at least once a day.


  1. Are you sure you have parasites? That is a lot of stuff to take.

  2. The chug-a-lug song makes me giggle. ;)

  3. Sandie,
    100% sure I have parasites. Not many any longer and doing things like this is why.

    I loved that song growing up. My Dad would put it on the record player and we would all dance and sing.

  4. Lemon water is what I've been drinking a lot.

  5. Anonymous1:03:00 AM

    Omg I've been battling with candida in the intestines since 2005. Now recently I was told that I also have h pylori I'm really stress, but trying to be calm also positive, I've been thru so much if I start talking about everything that went thru I start crying, my doctor want to presc antibiotics for the pylori I'm scare.Because stomach is so acidic my diestion is poor :( Now also when I poop is dark green dry with tons of white seeds very smelly, still constantly farting smells horrible after using fiber thru Herbalife!! Please my body is out of control an my preassure off the roof when I don't suffer from it Help please :(

  6. The seeds you see sound like tape worm. Go to the top of my blog where you see contact. Click on that. Scroll down until you see Dr Baileys email at Humaworm. Email them and tell them exactly what you told me. She is the one that helped get me on track.

  7. Wow, sounds interesting.

  8. Weird that you were able to take that much castor oil without any diarrhea. It should cause loose stools within a few hours of taking it. Maybe the cayenne dried things up, preventing the diarrhea?

    1. Kelly, It takes a bomb going off in me to give me diarrhea. I can still do a lot of castor oil.