Sometimes You Just Know You Are Going To Have A Bad Day ~24 Hours Of Bad Luck

I decided while we were in Atlantic City, New Jersey that I wanted to visit Seaside, where they film the reality show Jersey Shore.   Don't ask me why because I have no idea.   Yes,  I do watch Jersey Shore and am not sure why I do that either.  Probably out of lack of anything else to watch.  The gang of Jersey Shore is so WILD.  Maybe I have a want to be wild and live it through them..... LOL... NOT!!

So on the day we decided to go to Seaside, we were a little late getting started because we had been in New York City the day before and were really tired.  Before we left our room, I took the Do Not Disturb sign off the door so we would get our room cleaned.

We get to the bus station at about 2 minutes after 11:00 AM (Yes, we took a bus to Seaside)  The attendant told us we missed the bus by 2 minutes and it would be an hour wait.   12:00 is not a bad time to leave.

Since we had an hour wait,  we walked to WhiteHouse to get my Daughter and Granddaughter a sub for lunch.  I of  course brought my own lunch.

At noon, we got on the bus that would take us to Toms River so we could catch the local bus to Seaside.
 Above is the bus station at Toms River.  There we were told we missed the bus by 2 minutes... Yes! again.  2 minutes.   We were told it would be and hour and a half wait.  Okay, no problem. 

We ask the attendant a lot of questions about getting back.  We did not want to get stranded.  He said no way, the local buses at Seaside run to Toms River until 10:30 PM  GREAT!!

During the wait, I wanted something out of my purse, at this point I have no idea what it was.  I reached my hand in my purse and everything in it is sticky.  My bottle of liquid stevia was leaking.  Jeezeeee..... what else can go wrong??  Thanks to my Daughter, we finally get that mess cleaned up.

At 2:30PM the local bus to Seaside comes and we get on it.   What should of been a 10-15 minute ride took about an hour because they stopped at every stop that they could find along the way, plus a few that weren't real stops.

Finally, we are in Seaside and walking up on the Boardwalk!!  KerSplat!!  You probably know whats coming!!  A seagull POOPED ON MY HEAD!!   Really!!  I did not need that to know I was having a bad day!  @xox!!!?+&^%  (Those are cuss words in case you didn't know)

First things first, We find a restroom and clean the poop out of my hair the best we can.  So gross!!   But, I am still not defeated and on we go.

I had to stop at the Shore Store just to see if I could see Snookie, Jwow, Vinnie, or Pauly D.  Mike... I really didn't care one way or the other.   Of course, they weren't there.

Right directly behind the Shore Store, is the house they stay in during shooting.

If you watch Jersey Shore, You know Karma!!

Since we are there, we walk around the boardwalk and look at all the sights,
there really isn't much to see so we decide to eat and get ready to catch the bus back to Atlantic City, by way of Toms River.
   Before we leave, I decide I want to use the ladies room.

As we are walking to the bus stop, we see the bus stop.  I start waving my arms like a lunatic trying to get the bus driver to stop the bus.  Of course he doesn't see us.    This is at about 5:30 PM.   The next bus comes at 6:50 so we sit and wait for it.

6:50 Rolls around and NO BUS!!   The next bus is suppose to be there at 7:30.  7:30PM Comes and goes... NO BUS!!    I am starting to get a little worried so we call the number on the bus stop sign.  It is an automated estimate of when the next bus will be there.   They say 8:10.  At 8:10PM, Still no bus so we call again.  They Say 9:30PM.  Now I am really thinking I might have to knock on Snookies door and ask if we can stay with them.... Hahaha... do you think they would let us?

We see a woman walking and ask her if she happens to know the name of the Seaside taxi service.  She laughs at us... She said the nearest one is in Brick, New Jersey.  So we call there and they tell us they don't have a taxi in our area and they aren't coming.   So we call Toms River, they do have a taxi and it will cost us $25.  They will send them out....

 Just then, a bus pulls up going the wrong direction.  The bus driver asks us where we are going.  We tell him Toms River.  He says he is going to Toms River.... Yay!!!  We pay $6 for all of us, Call the taxi and cancell and get on the bus.

We get to Toms River and Believe it or not.  We missed the bus to Atlantic City by 2 minutes.  It is getting dark and I really don't want to sit at a bus station in the middle of no where that has no one attending it because they all went home.

Lucky for us, we only had to wait about 15-20 minutes when another bus came along to Atlantic City.   It took 2 hours and many stops to get there, but we made it.

Finally we get into our room and can't wait to get into the shower.  Would you believe they never cleaned our room!!!!   Oh My Gosh!!  Will this run of bad luck never end.  I wanted to wash the bird poop out of my hair!!

So, okay.  My Hubs had put 2 towels into the closet and that is what we used.  We are so tired that we go right to bed as soon as we get cleaned up.

The next day, we get ready to leave the room and our door won't lock right and our keys won't work.   4 different keys did not work.  

To make this part short, I got the key situation taken care of and all is good.  

Whew!!!  What a Day!!  So glad it is over.  None of this would have happened, had we not been 2 minutes late for the first bus.

So, have any of you had a run of bad luck?


  1. I do believe that when a bird poops on your head it is considered good luck! Imagine what shenanigans could have happened had it NOT pooped on your head! LOL

  2. hahaha... Lisa, that is so funny. My Daughter said the same thing when it happened.

  3. Oh my gosh! That made me tired just reading it. Yep, that was surely one bad day, but I'm glad you got back to the hotel safely.

  4. Bad luck and vacations go hand in hand for us but they usually make the vacation a lot more memorable. We have had fuel pumps die, transmissions be replaced, a tire fall clear off the truck on a narrow canyon road, etc etc. While vacationing with family we have had to drop gas tanks in the middle of the desert and my brother rolled his car, and walked away. We never know what to expect when we travel.

  5. Thanks Shirley!!

    It sounds like you have worse vacations that my one day. Usually, we don't have these problems. I don't know what I would do if it happened often. Probably Scream or maybe cry like a little baby.

  6. Dear Terry,

    Omitting your anguish at the time, that is ONE great story. That 2-minute bad luck just followed you all day like a little puppy dog.

    A sticky purse and bird poop in the hair would send most women over the edge but you kept your cool. You are my "hero."

    Here's to your next day-trip. May it go in perfect harmony.

  7. Manzi!!!
    How are you doing?? So happy to see you. I am heading over now to check your blog.

  8. Wow what a difference two minutes will make. I am sorry you had to go through all this but I was always told if a bird poops on your head it was good luck.That was after a bird pooped on my head going to school. Not true is it? :)
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your time.

  9. Buttons,
    No, I don't think it is true that if a bird poops on your head it is good luck.

    I think some Mom said that to her child when a bird pooped on their head to get them to quit crying.

  10. Oh man, would I ever have been grumpy over a day like that.

    We had a bad luck weekend. Our power went out w/ the big storm Friday night, and of course it was 102* yesterday and no a/c not to mention no water (since we're on a well). It was not a fun day (or night) but luckily our power came back on this morning at 10:30. Feeling very thankful, because a lot of folks still don't have power right now, and they had estimated it might be next Saturday before we got it back.

  11. I can not believe how long that string of bad luck incidents was! That was just CRAZY! But completely hilarious!

  12. Well better the head then the tongue. I had a girl friend that was verbally battling with one of our friends when we were about 12. She ended her battle by sticking out her tongue and a bird pooped on it.
    It was so bizarre and needless to say it looked like the bird decided it was her that was wrong. I'd like to go to Cape May sometime.

  13. Hi Terry! So sorry to hear you had a bad day!!! At least every day from now on will be great in comparison! I am sorry I have not written in awhile. In short, not much has changed, still working on healing.... But at least I am on summer break now from work, which is good. :) I still read your blog though and comment when I can. Well that's it for now, talk to you later!! Love, Mary

  14. Well at least you saw where Snooki lives during filming. Enjoy your day!

  15. Lisa,
    Sounds like you had a worse day than I did. At least I had water and electric.

    I am laughing now and we did laugh then out of lack of nothing else to do. If I didn't laugh, I might of cried.

    EWWWEEEE that is really gross. I guess I do feel lucky now. How funny that a bird pooped right as she stuck out her tongue. Guess someone was trying to tell her to shut her mouth.

    So happy you stopped by. I hope your healing is going well. It takes forever but eventually we wake up one day and know we are going to heal.

    Hope you have a great summer vacation. Love, Terry

  16. Hi Lois,
    Yes, I did get to see where Snookie lives, or did live. She is now pregnant and I heard she is renting a place near by.

  17. LOL! I have bad luck daily. I am also super accident prone.

    Katie Wurn

  18. Oh my gosh, what a day! All that and bird poop, too! It's good you can laugh about it! So glad you finally got back to your room safe and sound even if it hadn't been cleaned. You'll not forget this outing any time soon!

  19. The bird poop was definitely the climax! You had me rollin' in the isles with that one! What an adventure to never be least I hope! It's amazing how just 2 minutes can affect the entire day.

  20. What an unbelievable day! So glad you were able to finally make it home ... and then to an uncleaned room! All you can do is laugh I suppose!

  21. Terrible day! I have had a few but I don't believe any day I have had has come close to your day. I hope you have a great week.

  22. Hi Kat,
    So glad you could stop by. I normally don't have bad luck but this day took the cake.

    You are so right, I don't know if I will ever forget this outing. LOL... It was funny though.

    Becky Jane,
    2 minutes can make all the difference in the world... or so I have seen.

    We did a lot of laughing... I suppose it kept us from getting really upset.

    That day was probably one of the worst that I can remember. Usually if you have one bad thing happen, that is the end of it... but this just never stopped.

  23. This would make a great short story film! Submit it Terry,it is a classic bad day! Sorry you had to deal with it and glad you made it back to your room!

  24. Oh my! That is not a good day! The bird pooping was kind of funny. Looking back at it, you can all laugh about it someday.

    On our trip losing the train ride tickets had to be the worst of luck. Another night Isaak had to go potty on the subway. He fell asleep. Travis carried him to the bus stop. It was late 9 pm. Late for kids to be out. Isaak peed on him (in his sleep). No bus. I run to McDonalds to have Isaak pee. The bus came while we were there. We just decided to walk at 9:30 PM in Chicago with 2 kids. UGGG! Luckily it was a good neighborhood!

  25. Wow that is some bad luck...2 minutes and poop in your hair! I hope it got better

  26. Tawna,
    It sure was a classic bad day to me anyway.

    I bet your Hubs was not happy he got peed on. LOL... I am not sure which is worse. Pee or bird poop

    LOL.... thats it in a nutshell 2 minutes and poop

  27. I"m sorry you had your day of bad luck -- but it was a very amusing story. I blame Snookie. :)

  28. Oh my! I'm sure that if I've ever had such a day before, I've locked it away to never be remembered! I had to laugh at the bird poop though. That happened to my brother once when he was walking to work one day.

  29. Wow what a day! I've had days like that before. My step daughter would be so envious of you. She loves Jersey Shore but me....not so much, lol. : )

  30. lol that show is the pitts. I bet you wished you never would of gone.

  31. Holy Crap! I don't mean to laugh, really, but you tell such a damn good story I can't help myself. You poor baby. Well, here's my poop story. On break from school and hanging out in the courtyard - as a matter-of-fact right in front of church steps, a gang of unruly 8th graders (doing what 8th graders shouldn't be doing but do anyways) a bird pooped right on my head. If I had been truly cognizant of what had happened, I would have been demoralized. But due to my condition, it didn't bother me in the least. Besides I heard bird poop on the head brings good luck!? Cheers!!

  32. Nancy,
    LOL. I blame Snookie too!!

    What I Did Today,
    Your little fiasco was as bad as mine.

    LOL... I still have no idea why I watch them

    Party From The Heart
    They are wild aren't they.

    I needed to be in your condition and I wouldn't of thought about the bird poop in my hair all day long.

  33. That was one BAD day. Hope you never have another like it.

  34. Those sea gulls are nasty. I try to steer clear of them every time I go to the beach.
    Sorry about your bad day.

  35. Hahahaha, can't believe all this happened just so you could go to Seaside.

  36. LMBO my son watches that show and I can't stand it haha. As for the seagull been there done that many times, when we lived in FL and went to the beach. Wow on the bus you had a bad day for sure, but it will make a great story for many years to come ;0) I have had some bad luck too maybe it's just in the air for now. I hope it goes away like now! Hoep you had a great 4th of July! HUGS!

  37. I cant believe a seagull actually pooped on your head. I would have wanted to visit seaside too! I am a Jersey Shore fan too. I just recently saw Snookie today on Wendy Williams!

  38. Oh my gosh, I feel sorry for you even though it's over and behind you lol. Now I'm scared to go on vacation :). I have the worst luck ever. Seriously.

  39. Woot I think I'm all caught I I don't ever want to get this behind again. Thanks so much for understanding and still visiting my site! You're so sweet HUGS!

  40. Heheheeh! Birds will be birds and you gotta look out for the crap that flies out of the sky.

  41. not fun day but you could have always had a worst day then what you had.


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