Thrush Makes Me Have Dry Chapped Lips

Everytime my tongue burns, my lips seem to chap really easy.     I think it is because.... when I lick my lips, I get yeast from my tongue on them.   Not sure about that my those are my thoughts.

 The Doctor told me it was a Vitamin B defeciency, and it might be, but I think it has more to do with Candida thrush.  He also told me that the cracks at the sides of my lips are Vitamin B related too.    I believe I am low in Vitamin B and maybe that is what will help cure thrush.

Right now the thrush seems pretty much gone, but off and on while it was healing, my lips would chap everytime my tongue burned and had a white cast to it.   That is why think it is Thrush  or candida related.   I think candida causes chapped dry lips!!

I am trying to eat alkaline.  Not an easy feat while traveling, but I am doing pretty well at it.    I do notice when I get to many carbs that my tongue will start to tingle.  

Right now, I am trying something new and if it works as well as I think it is.  I will be posting about it.   One of the things I am using, you might have in your kitchen cabinet and it isn't garlic, tumeric or cayenne, although those might work for you.   They don't work so well for me but I know people who sweat that garlic helps their candida.       All garlic does for me is make my breath smell bad.... really bad.

One other thing I do for chapped lips is use coconut oil on them,  it seems to soothe them.

So what do you do for thrush?


  1. Whenever I get thrush I swab my mouth out at night with gentian violet. It tasted horrid but it will work over a couple of days. It will turn your whole mouth purple but it helps a lot. The only bad thing about gentian violet is that it also kills the good bacteria so be sure you are keeping up on your probiotics. I have also heard, recently, that coloidal silver is good for candida but I have not researched it. I use silver whenever I am sick and it seems to help some. Good luck.

  2. Stacie,
    I have never tried the gentian violet. I have been trying to stay away from anything that kills the good bacteria.

    I have been using the grapefruit seed extract and that works well. It just really tastes bad.

  3. I've never had thrush. My sister did get it when she had mono. I remember EVERYTHING tasted awful to her. I hate that you get that often!

  4. My dad had thrush once and the dentist gave him something that worked but I don't know what it was.

  5. I can't wait to see what is helping you. My lips have been chapping badly from time to time, even to the point of the skin around my mouth turning red and it looks like I've had an allergic reaction to something. I don't know what causes it, wish I did.

  6. Grace,
    It might of by nystatin that the Dentist gave your dad. My dentist told me he could give me something if I need it. My liver is not in the greatest shape so I am trying to stay away for it.

  7. Cheryl,
    If your tongue has no white coating then maybe your B Vitamins are low.

  8. Alissa,
    My Granddaughter had mono a couple of years ago. She didn't seem to get thrush... I hope she never does.

  9. It seems like killing the "good" causes additional problems.
    I've never had a thrush problem but the B vitamin complex can't hurt, I think.
    Good luck.

  10. Anthony,
    You are right. Killing off the good bacteria isn't good. The bad bacteria grows back faster than the good.

  11. I've never had thrush, but I do have terribly dry skin, and along with that comes terribly chapped lips. BLAH. I find that good ol' Vaseline works best for my chapped lips, though. ;)

  12. Ashley,
    I used to use vaseline and sometimes still do.

  13. I haven't ever had thrush but I wouldn't try garlic if I got it ha. I like garlic but I don't like to smell or kiss like garlic lol! I hope your chapped lips heals!

  14. I hope your mystery cure continues working for you!

  15. I have never had thrush, but I empathize!
    I tagged you in a blog post:

  16. Advice: Stop licking your lips. This maybe hard to do if you are like me and constantly lick your lips (due to oral fixation - LOL!) Also, I heard on The Doctors show (CBS 9am EST) that garlic is very caustic to vaginal yeast infections as some women have used garlic to help cure/alleviate symptoms. YIKES! Garlic is an extremely effective anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungual natural cure for some things just not the vaginal area - if you suffer from vaginal yeast infections, sometimes, like I do. I can see how carbs would irritate skin - especially mucus membranes in or around mouth area - do to the fact that carbs turn into sugar. Cheers Terry!!

  17. P. S. GOOD LUCK!!! Cheers!!

  18. Interesting! My cousin keeps getting thrush infections from asthma inhalors.

  19. I remember my little guy was born with thrush! I had to use q-tips and spread something on his tongue and roof of his mouth but I can't for the life of me remember what it was!

  20. Terry, You have such a good relationship with your body. It seems you can feel what it needs or it must speak to you in a firm voice. It says, "Hey, listen, now." :)

  21. Terri,
    I never had thrush until I got it a year ago. I hope you never ever get it.

    I hope it continues to work. Right now I am sick with die off from the toxins.... so it is working. It just takes awhile.

    I tried to leave a comment on the post you did today and for some reason the comment form wouldn't load.

    I really do try not to lick my lips. It is an automatic thing. Thanks, I need all the luck I can get.

    Mizz Review,
    I wonder if the yeast gets on the inhaler from somewhere or maybe it kills the good bacteria and the bad bacteria grows back faster.

    It might of been Nystatin. That is what they use in hospitals... or so my Doctor told me. Right now he said it is very hard to get or he would perscribe it for me

  22. Manzi,
    thank you so much!! I love the post you did on your blog today. Yes, sometimes getting old SUCKS, but then other times, not so much.

  23. I can't wait to see what you are trying on your thrush. I use (gold colored) mouth wash(antiseptic) to prevent thrush from my steroid inhaler.

  24. Eating a specific diet while traveling is sooooooo hard! Good luck with that.

  25. Grandma Bonnie,
    I am sending to you in an email

    Yes it is hard to travel and stay on a strict diet, but I did pretty well.

  26. Anonymous9:49:00 PM

    I have the same problem! It's a sign the flora of my whole system is out of whack. Sometimes when I get the chapped lips first, I can turn things around by avoiding sugar, flour, caffeine (and of course ALL Gluten!) Sometimes I don't act fast enough. I've had a naturopath prescribe Uva Ursi capsules and morning and night along with probiotic. It usually works after a couple of days. Also, strong salt water/ gargle and rinse before bed.

    1. I took uva ursi one time and I don't think it did anything for me. High doses of vitamin C help me too.