Palpitations ~ Doesn't Always Have To Be Your Heart

I can remember going to the Doctor about 4 years ago,  both my Hubs and I would go in together.   The Doctor ask my Hubs if he had heart palpatations?  He said No,   I said,  I Do!!    Do you know he ignored me.

I think because my Hubs is over weight and I am slim and trim, he thought Yeah,  Right!!!    About a year later is when I got terribly sick with candida and parasites, I had terrible palpationons.  It felt like my heart was going to hammer right through my chest.

Well, come to find out Palpitations are a classic sign of parasites.     After 2 years of fighting candida and finding out I had parasites,  I still had palpatations.     I have done 3 parasite cleanses and once in awhile,  I still had palpations.

I decided to type in Causes Of Palpitations on a google search and this is what popped up.  Not necessarily in this order, I took this from several sites.

Diet Pills
Heart Valve Disease
Low Oxygen Levels
Street Drugs
Calcium Deficiency

There are probably many more, but this is just what I found quickly.


  1. This is all very interesting. I also have had a doctor tell me that my hiatal hernia was a cause of palpitations. I used to have very strange pains and skipped beats especially at night after going to bed. After a few years, they finally quit bothering me.

  2. I had really bad palpitations last summer (and you know I'm skinny too). I had to wear a heart halter thing for a few days. I think the cause of it was actually a potassium supplement I'd started taking for leg cramps. Once I stopped it they went away. My doctor thought it was from stress.

  3. I have palpitations and have had them for as long as I could remember. I thought it was just normal. I remember telling my mom when I was 22 and she thought it was the stress of my wedding, etc. And then other doctors would just say they were from anxiety. UNTIL 2 years ago when they were so bad I ended up in a heart doctor's office having an IV drug to stop my heart that was racing at 160 beats for almost 10 hours. Finally I learned that I have SVT which is why my heart always races. I'm on a few medications hoping that I won't need the surgery. Amazing how doctors just ignored my questions also! Enjoy your weekend.

  4. I didn't realize that palpitations could come from so many sources...I would add 'being in love' to the list

  5. I do not think I have palpitations or I do not know it...I hope yours gets better

  6. I think stress can cause us a great many things too! sandie

  7. I did not realize there were so many reasons for palpitations either. And to add to Becky Jane's palpitations are great...just wish they stayed!! LOL

  8. Interesting article. I use to have heart palpatations and i still do occasionally even though i am only 28. My nephew is only 17 and has been having them lately. He went to the dr and turns out something is wrong with his heart so he had to get out of weight training and he cant have sex either.

  9. I can't believe the dr. ignored you that was crazy. If you had a heart attack he would have been liable. I should have caffeine palpitations I drink enough of it ha. I'm so glad yours are getting under control with Edible Earth!!

  10. I get them when I am stressed out. They scare me to death.

  11. Its not right that the doctor ignored you. It is all too common for Doctors to brush aside a womans heart complaints. I am glad you seem to have found the cause.

  12. That is interesting. I was just told yesterday by a friend they they were at the doctors for this and the doctor didn't know what was causing it so I'll email her this list.

  13. I hate it when you spend the time and money to visit a doctor and get shoved off. Very interesting post. I think you're awesome!!
    Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  14. That's quite a list of things.

  15. I had no idea there were so many causes of palpitations (I never really looked). Thanks for reaching out and following me, I'm now following you thru Linky and GFC.

  16. Anonymous3:58:00 PM

    Are the palpitations still severe after ridding yourself of candida? Do you still have candida?

    1. Anonymous,
      I don't seem to have palpatitions any longer. I really think it might have been the parasites causing them.