Parasite Cleanse Number 5 ~ Getting Out Nests Of Parasites (Worms)

If  you are healthy and don't think you have parasites..... Don't Read Any Further

Really I am warning you.... This post gets REALLY GROSS

If you decide to continue reading..... Don't say I didn't warn you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting rid of parasites can be a full time job.  ReallY!  But it is something I need to do to stay healthy so I grin and bear it.

Just let me tell you one thing,  Before I started using the Clay Earth, with a parasite cleanse,  the parasites I passed were whole and formed.  After using the Clay Earth, they are now sliced and diced and formed together into big gobs that I pass.

For the first few days, I eat nothing.  I drink herbal teas, lemon juice with stevia.  I try to get 3 days of eating nothing but usually cave on the third day and start eating.    I do not eat breakfast while doing this parasite cleanse.  I only eat lunch and dinner and make it a light as I can.  Like a salad.   I can't always stick to it, but I try.

I sometimes change the time to suit my needs.  I just try to keep the time spacing the same
6:00AM   I get up and take the Humaworm Plus the Black Walnut, Wormwood mixture.  I then go back to bed and lie down.  I don't have to do this but I am usually still tired.

7:00AM  Now I take 1 Tablespoon of Collodial Silver  20PPM   I usually lay back down again.  I read the collodial silver is good for candida and also it may kill the worm eggs.

8:00AM  Now I take 1 teaspoon of Clay Earth in at least 8 ounces of water or more.  The  Earth seems to slice and dice the worms.  

9:00AM  After taking the Humaworm and black wlnut and wormwood mixture at 6, the Collodial Silver at 7 and the Clay Earth at 8, I need something to make sure I have good Bowel Movements.  I use 1 teaspoon Psyllium Husk in 8 ounces of water.   I let it thicken a little and drink it down.    This will surround the worms a help push them out.  It works well for me.

After doing this, I usually go in and do the netti pot to clear any candida or parasites out of my nose.

11:00AM  If I am eating, this is when I will eat my lunch.

1:00PM  I mix 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper with lemon juice, water and stevia and drink it down

1:30PM  I now do the Humaworm, plus blackwalnut and wormwood

4:30PM  It is time to eat my supper

7:30PM  I again take the Humaworm plus the black walnut and wormwood mixture.

9:00PM or later, I take a probiotic

That is what I do and have been having very good results.   I think I have been getting into nests of worms.  yes... I do mean nests.  There are sometimes 4-6 worms all jammed together all cut up from the Clay Earth.

Day 2....  I gave myself a warm water enema and got out quite a few worms.   Later in the day my stomach was feeling crampy so I did another warm water enema and got out more worms.   I also got out some candida.  Not a lot but some.

 This is one worm.  I think they are ascaris roundworms.  They were probably about 8 inces in length.
So I figure this is about 3 or 4 all clumped together.
I am pretty sure I got into a nest of them.
I think the Clay Earth makes this happen.

I had gotten out a clump of about 6 earlier (I didn't have my camera).  So I got about 10 worms out on day 2.

You can see how torn up they are from the Clay Earth. 

Day 3...  Felt crampy again today so I gave myself another warm water enema.  Got lots of candida out and only 2 worms

Day 4...  Not having much toxin die off which might not be a good thing.  That means not much is dying off.  I only got 1 worm out and some candida today.

Day 5... Not so good when I only get a couple of worms today and no candida.   That means about 15 worms so far this cleanse.   I hope that means I don't have as many as I used to.

Day 6... Wednesday   Not much went on today.  

Day 9....Left early in the morning to go on a Bus trip to Salamanca, NY

Day 10...Sunday ... We were in Salamanca, NY on a bus trip ... Nothing Happening

So I only seen parasites the first about 5 days.  I probably seen about 15 in 5 days.  After that maybe a few more but not sure.

I hope this means that I don't have as many as when I started a year ago.  I am sure the Clay Earth has helped with slicing and dicing the worms, making them unable to breed.

Please do not try this with out checking with your Doctor first!!!

****This blog is for my own healing, if you read and try something I do... you will be trying it at your own risk. I do some pretty crazy things to heal, some work, some don't. So please, check with your doctor before you do anything I do.
* I use the Humaworm because it works...


  1. Wow, sounds like the edible earth is working!

  2. You are very persistent and I know you will be well and healed soon.

  3. This is gross, lol, but very informative. : )

  4. kiwiolive8:24:00 PM

    I have these same worms! No one can identify them, i took two test that I put lots of these guys in that came out negative for parasites. Another doctor told me everyone has worms and sent me home. I have lots and lots. I will do anything for some help, Im afraid my doggies will have them too. Please please tell me you have identified them. What kind of worms are they for god sakes?

    1. Anonymous4:33:00 PM

      Rope parasite I believe

  5. kiwiolive,
    They are ascaris roundworms. Usually they come out as one but with this cleanse I did, they came out in a nest.

    Your dog probably does have them and they aren't easy to get rid of.

    I am doing a parasite cleanse again right now. I do one every 3 months and I know I have knocked them down quite a lot.

  6. What is the parasite herb mixture that you mentioned? Also did you buy the black walnut and wormwood seperately?

  7. Mad Marketing Blogger,
    Email me. It is at the top. click contact me then click on Email

  8. Anonymous4:08:00 AM

    How do you know your getting rid of candida?

  9. Anonymous,
    I knew I was getting rid of candida because I started feeling better.

    Sometimes, you will see slime in your BMs, sometimes white looking like cotton balls.

  10. OMG, I am on Day 5 of HumaWorm Cleanse and I've seen about 10 of these worms already in my BM's. I also tried to figure out what these were but couldnt; now I know!

    I decided to go on HumaWorm and Huma Colon Cleanse at the same time. I am seriously bloated for past 4 days. Have you done their Colon Cleanse? It seems like the psyllium husk in it is causing all this bloating.

    I never expected anything to come out of me but decided this is my last straw to fight candida and my protruding belly.

    Your blog really inspired me and gave me hope. I am a health coach and I exercise and eat as healthy as I can but I am still plagued by this protruding belly. I never suspected parasites to be the cause.

  11. Justyna,
    So happy my blog has helped you.... and the Humaworm too!!

  12. Anonymous10:29:00 PM

    you kick so much *ss... you're blog is a great resource, guide, signpost, i don't know what else to say... bless you!

  13. Anonymous11:08:00 PM

    me again... i used your pix to identify some things inside me. it's such a relief to know that someone else is experiencing this, that we are connected, that it's real, that it's worthwhile, that this is important. and that you share it with others. and that you've opened up so many other doors and let me learn from you. thank you! blessings

    1. I have tried to get my Dr. to look at this so he sees what I had coming out of me.... He turned his back on me and acted like I was a crazy person.

      Thank goodness the worms are finally gone!!

  14. Anonymous2:57:00 PM

    Hello, I have done hydrotherapy and really helped me, now I am juicing and is really helping a lot! Why we have this type of worms? Can we get rid of these forever?

    1. Every living warm blooded creature can get worms, we pick them up in our food, from others, off of things like shopping carts, door knobs etc. I find that doing a parasite cleanse every 6 months helps to keep them from getting out of control.

  15. Anonymous7:16:00 PM

    Hi; google rope worms - i think that's what they are! appreciate your work so much~

    1. These looked more like roundworm than the rope worm. What ever they are, ... I don't have them any longer.

  16. Anonymous7:28:00 AM


    Thanks for posting this.

    I have exactly the same things in my stools post enemas, unfortunately they are not worms of any kind (I wish they were as worms are very easily treated). Sadly, and it wont come as any surprise given the title of your blog you (and I) have very well established candida in its systemic fungal form. It has clearly been growing progressively for many years to reach that stage.

    Did you ever have antibiotics for extended period (the most obvious example is acne treatment)?

    We will have a very difficult and long battle to get this under control if ever as it really is advanced and requires a long, concerted and disciplined effort with change of diet anti fungals and the exclusion of lots of what we take for granted in western diets. It has taken years to get to that stage and it will take some time to turn the situation around unfortunately. I don't know if you post on curezone but i recently joined (englishguy) you will see the pics I have of mine.

    1. Anonymous,
      Worms and candida go hand in hand. I used to post on curezone but so many people started fighting with each other that I just don't feel a need to join in any longer,.