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A-Z Parasite Symptoms

I was going to do these posts during A-Z marathon that is done in April, but 2 people have ask how you know you have parasites.     Here is a list of parasite symptoms, I am just scratching the surface..there are many more symptoms than listed.

Just because you have these symptoms, does not always mean you have parasites.... but.... maybe you do and don't know it.  That was my case.... The doctors had and still have no idea about parasites.   They act like I am from Mars.  

For your own saftey, I am telling you to check with your doctor if you have any of these symptoms.

A  Athletes Foot (Feet)

B  Bed Wetting, Bloody Stools, Burning In Stomach

C  Chronic Constipation, coughing at night

D  Diarrhea ~  Drooling While Asleep, Digestive problems

E   Excessive Early Bowel Movements (very explosive bowel movements very soon after eating)

F  Farting, Fibroids, Fever, Food Sensitivites~ food allergies, food sensitivities, environmental intolerance or over-sensitivity (to smoke, chemicals, perfumes, etc.)

G  Gas & Bloating

H  Hemorrhoids ~ Hypoglycemia ~ Hair loss or thinning

I  Insomnia ~ Irritable Bowel Syndrome ~ Immune Dysfunction
Oftentimes, when you have a parasite living inside of you, it will leech vital nutrients from the body, forcing the immune system to operate with a poor supply of vitamins, minerals, and energy sources. Parasites also stimulate the production of immunoglobulin A, which is a defender against foreign substances. Over time, this over stimulation can exhaust the body’s supply of immunoglobulin A, leaving the body susceptible to attacks from bacteria, yeast, fungus, virus, and other foreign invaders

J  Joint and Muscle Aches
Intestinal parasites can also move and migrate throughout the body. It is not uncommon for them to become encysted in joint fluids or even in the muscles themselves. This causes pain, aching and irritation that are often mistaken for arthritis. Joint and muscle pain can also be caused by the body’s own immune system response to the parasite infection.

K Knowing you have something wrong but the doctor can't find anything.

L   Leaky Gut ~  Lung congestion

M  Mucus in the Stools

N  Nausea, Nervousness
Intestinal parasites release waste products and other toxic substances into the body’s system. In chronic or severe parasitic infections, these toxins may irritate the central nervous system resulting in restlessness, nervousness, and anxiety. These are all common symptoms of parasites in your body.

O  Long-Standing Obesity

P  Prostate Problems, Pain in The Navel

Q  Quit picking your nose.  Parasites can cause you to feel like you have something up your
        nose, so you pick it.

R  Ringing In Ears  ~ Rash or itching around the rectum or vulva

S  Disturbed Sleep – Multiple Awakenings
    Slobbering At Night

T  Teeth Grinding During Sleep` ~ transmandibular jaw syndrome (TMJ)  Twitching in eyes
Teeth Grinding
This symptom of parasite infection can also cause a condition known as bruxism, or the abnormal grinding, clenching, and gnashing of the teeth. This condition occurs most often at night, and it may be linked to the restlessness and anxiety caused in the body by the parasite’s release of waste and other toxins.

U  Unclear Thinking, Urinary Tract Infections, Uncontrollable Hunger Eating More Than Normal BUT Still Feeling Hungry

V  Viral or Bacterial Symptom, vomiting

W  Weeping Eczema


Y Yellowish face

Z   ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz  You don't sleep well!!

For more symptoms, check the Humaworm site

If you have any of the symptoms above.  Please check with your doctor... You could have a medical condition that has nothing to do with parasites.

****This blog is for my own healing, if you read and try something I do... you will be trying it at your own risk. I do some pretty crazy things to heal, some work, some don't. So please, check with your doctor before you do anything I do.


  1. Oh how I hated to see all those symptoms on this post. But I am so glad you wrote them down for us. I am on enough meds to choke a horse and very possibly some are not needed. Now the fun begins with my Drs. Lets see if they are aware of parasites. Thanks Terry.

  2. My son has been experiencing stomach issues such as stomach pains and always has to go to the bathroom after eating, I hope it isnt a parasite or something. They think it may be some type of bacteria in his stomach but they are not sure. Thanks for this interesting list, I had no clue there was so many symptoms due to parasites!

  3. Marj,
    I hear ya!! I also had a lot of the symptoms. Supposedly 80-90% of us have parasites of some sort.

    Don't be surprised if your Doctor acts like you are crazy.

    Mizz Review... I hope he doesn't have parasites either. Sounds pretty suspicious though. The Doctors have medicine for parasites, if they believe you. Even if tested... the tests are not always true.

  4. Interesting... I think. sandie

  5. Good gracious, I had no idea there were that many symptoms. Thanks so much for posting the list, if I ever experience anything like the symptoms I'm going to have my doctor check for parasites right away.

  6. Well it appears that parasites are responsible for a lot of what ails the vast majority. They should all come read your blog to become aware of it.
    What is recommended for athletes foot? I know someone with a reoccurring problem.

  7. You have just described half the crap I experience - lol! No joke. Hmmmm? Better get checked out. Thanks. Cheers!!

  8. Oh my I think I have about half of those O.o

  9. Anonymous11:03:00 PM

    I just read your list. WOW how many I have. 15 years ago I was tested for a parasite and the samples did not test positive. I ended up weighing 89 lbs and in the hospital throwing up green bile. so then the doctor treated for giaridea very crazy how sick you can get when it goes untreated. so now I am having all the same symptoms and because I do not have diarrhea the doctor did not think that is what it is. amazing I know what I felt like and have already had it. terrible day at the doctors. he acts like I am crazy!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous,
    I know how you feel about the doctors acting like you are crazy.

    My sister took an actual worm in to the Doctor in a jar. They told her they couldn't tell. I think they just have no idea what they are dealing with.

  11. Anonymous3:01:00 AM

    I have had 90 percent of these symptoms for at least fifteen years . I think my doctor thinks I am crazy . I have been to the doctors offices and had test ran a lot but for what ever symptom is going on at the time . I just now started to put it together . The light went on when unfortunately but fortunately . Someone that had been in Our house or around us had a case of lice . My wife and I could not figure it out at first so we googled , yahooed , had the magnifying glass out . So a bad thing was a good thing if you want to call it that .

  12. Anonymous,
    I remember when I was little, the Doctors used to tell our mother to go home and give us a good worming. I think they used castor or cod liver oil back then. There were also worm pills they sold in the drug stores.

    Doctors of today will not even talk to me about worms. They act like I am cuckoo. I am now healed as far as I know. I do a parasite cleanse every 3 months and a liver cleanse once a month sometimes every 2, depending on how things are going.

    My Hubs who has been a nay sayer is just starting to get into my eating habits and is healing things that he has had wrong with him for years.

  13. Neem leaves or leaf extract kills parasites fungal , candida quick with immediate effect, pau darco and caprylic is like useless when comparing the effect at least for me. Good thing is that you dont need to change your diet assuming you eat relatively healthy already, just cut the candy out and eat min 70% chocolate if must.

  14. I tried neem Danny and don't think it works so well

  15. How much did you take then? I.e 6 leaves is not enough you should try at least 30 leaves and you will notice and they should be freah as they are more bitter. But if you did try that much i guess its different for us all. I didnt notice any die off until i took more than 30 during the day , and i had this craving for the bitterness as my body demanded it.

    So out of curiosity how much did you take?

  16. Danny,
    I can't get fresh leaves in the US. I took capsules and right now, I don't remember the dosage.

  17. Well one capsule is around 300 mg or 400 then you need high dosage and it becomes expensive. I buy mine from asian supermarket if your lucky they could have it in us in asian supermarket ask for margosa/ sadao here i pay 1.5 dollars for 100 grams of fresh leaves.

    Otherwise neemaura has 3x strenght tincture which i will be buying now as leaf season is over i was told today ar the asia market so i bought freah neem flower instead. dont know how potent that is though but ive read good reviews from it so far and its not expensive in the states.

  18. Thanks Danny,
    the next time I go to the Strip District in Pittsburgh, I am going to check the asian market there. I am not sure that they carry things like that but it is worth a try.

  19. I found fresh neem leaves shipped from the states google fresh neem leaves in the us. 26 usd for half ibs i think it wa shipping included. I think it was leaf only and not branches as here so if you buy them use them within 10 days to 2 weeks as they go darker in the fridge and then after that stage the go bad as they are from us and shipped fresh maybe extend it by 1 more week , ask them. . And they are best when fresh as they have their bitterness and juice , start with 5 leaves so you dont get any reactions if thats all right you can raise dosage. and hopefully those parasites of yours will be removed. You could chew it and swallow or you can make tea from it , if you do make tea refill water and drink again or after you drink it eat it. Some people feel that the bitterness stays in their mouth but like with all when we get used to it it gets easier. If you drink it prior breakfast your bloodsugar will not raise as high and im feeling satisfied for longer when i do.

    If you get severe die off lower the dosage and if nothing is happening raise it. But dont get more pills they are just to weak and dried for that part. Neem extract from leaves should also be fine and wont go bad as quick.
    Good luck.

  20. Thanks so much Danny. Right now I am doing the Humaworm Parasite cleanse but want to do anything and everything I can do to keep those worms away.

    Have you ever tried Castor Oil. It works too. I do that in between the Humaworm.

  21. No didnt try that but have looked at wild Oregano but as neem worked so good im on that now, it is known blood purifier so that keeps the candida away from the bloodstream i guess.
    I might combine them. Sometimes when i have scalpproblem i mix some drops of neem oil in a small shampoo bottle.

    Ive used tea tree for my scalp but did not even work for me.

    Ive used molkosan from a vogel the old recipe did wonders cleared up scalp in 1 day but they changed it. So now i use neem in shampoo as neem first smells pleasanrt but then it smells bad but one drop of tee trea or some other oil will mask it.

  22. Do the worms get immune to neem? I know most herbs they do. That is why I keep rotating things.

  23. That is outside my knowledge might be possible.
    Lets say immunesystem is weak then when you stop neem of course it would come back as the fungal is in our intestine normally.

    I think that stacking is always best combining for better effect and then lower dosage is also needed. But from what ive read it works on multiresistent bacterias and virus. If neem immobilize sperm in very short time as well as lices i guess its potent enough.

    Get some leaves and try for your self i think you have most knowledge as you fought for so long then you will know, i think you will be amazed i saw some on google that said candida didnt go away until i found neem, bit we are all different so cant say for sure , but i think you will be amazed.

    Also i think that multimineral and maybe minerals is needed when doing cleanse so our body can work optimally. Or course of high quality so it does not need to convert in our body and put more pressure than already is.

  24. Thanks Danny,
    I am in the middle of a month long parasite cleanse right now. Then I will be doing a liver cleanse. After I am finished, I will be looking for neem leaves.

  25. Try to change the supplements/herb every 10 days. Then the fungus won't build up an immunity to any one herb. Grape seed extract, Pau d'arco, olive leaf extract, oil of oregano, neem, probably other anti fungals you can use. I guess three different ones would work. Good luck to us all. Oh, and don't put much faith in doctors helping you out here. It's not that the don't care, or are stupefied in you condition, it's that they are not trained to treat this thing.

  26. Thanks Brian, I do change often but I still think the parasites get immune to the herbs.

  27. The parasites may get used to these supplements, but over time, 1 month to5years, they'll give up. I know this road will be long but I've got them on the run. My skin has gotten so much smoother and mor normal. My teeth have gotten so much whiter and stronger, oil pulling with coconut oil. I just like finding all these alternatives to going to see a doctor. I spent 15 years visiting those people and only got sedatives, except one time when he gave me something for thrush. It worked but I had no idea that I needed an overhaul. I had to figure this out after 5 years of just quitting, giving up hope. Recently I've had to change my whole attitude about herbs and supplements. They rock, and if you don't think so, try some oil of oregano. That'll get you straight.

  28. Hllo my journey hope everything is working out for you.

    I would like to recommend extra virgin coconutoil and start with 1 tsp and then go for 1 tbsp.

    Also you can make oil pulling to a daily regime.

    Also maybe propolis would work. As it protects the hive agains mold and fungus. They have tincture and raw which can be grinded.

    Well the coconut you should make a daily routine. Its great.

  29. Thanks Danny!! I have done the bee propolis before, not sure that it worked though.

  30. Hello there.
    Something you should try is colostrum, even some fungus like turkey tail. Im going to order that after colostrum.

    In same spirit as eat fat lose fat, eat fungus lose fungus. Might work.

    1. Danny,
      I am well now... but anything is worth a try.

  31. Anonymous6:25:00 PM

    I've got most of these symptoms and more that arnt on this list but other lists spitting up blood I feel unwell after waking up from a 9 hour sleep dieriah anxiety itchy all the time all over mostly itchy at night time which is a sighn of parasites I'm mostly worried about the spitting up blood part I've read that at that point its considered servere case

    1. Oh wow! I would be worried about spitting up blood also. You might need to go to the Doctor and get that checked out. Tell them you suspect parasites, .... hopefully they listen to you.


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