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Mucus Colors And What They Mean

With the cold and flu season coming on, I thought you might be interested in what the colors of the mucus might mean.

White Or ClearClear white mucus can be a sign of good health, although,  if a body produces more than the normal amount of mucus which is white in color, then it can indicate a health problem. A running nose with clear mucus can indicate conditions like an allergy, acid reflux or hay fever. Congested sinus can also lead to white clear mucus discharge. Consuming dairy products can lead to a thick white mucus discharge too.

YellowYellow mucus can be an indication that the person may have contracted a virus which the body is fighting against. This usually occurs during common cold or sinus infection. Dark yellow mucus in the throat occurs when a person has chest infection like pneumonia and bronchitis etc.

GreenGreen mucus color may mean that the person may be suffering from bacterial infection. Green phlegm usually develops in those who are suffering from allergies,  so watch out for other allergy symptoms as well. Green vaginal discharge is an indication of an infection.

RedBrown or blood stained mucus can be an indication of an irritated throat. It can be most common in smokers. Certain foods and alcohol consumption  can also cause the mucus to be red colored. Reddish-pink mucus is also common in asthmatics. Pollution and excessive smoking might also causes the mucus to turn gray


  1. Thanks for the info. I'm fighting off a cold right now that I'm determined not to get.

  2. Interesting - thanks. sandie

  3. I can't tell you how many times my kiddo had some of these displays of mucus. Plus, all the ones I see at the playground. That's why I carry sanitizer and wash our hands all the time, best defense out there.

  4. I had the flu about 2 months ago. One day I blew my nose and my mucus was an ugly gren color. Must have been a bad infection. I'm all better now. But it was scary to see my mucus so green. Cheers!!

  5. thanks for the info

  6. Thanks again. Now I know why the Dr. always wants to know what color the mucus is.

  7. Good to know that even though this cold has been hanging around for a month, I still don't have a sinus infection! Gotta remember to take my echinacea!