Make Your Own Antifungal Ear Drops ~ Ear Drops That Act Against Fungus

I am always on the look out for anti-fungal ear drops.   I use these for ears that itch, swimmers ear, infected ear, fungus in my ear.   If any of you happen to have a good recipe, I would love to add it to this list .

Here are a few recipes I found

White Vinegar 1 Teaspoon
Alcohol   1 Teaspoon

1 Drop of Peppermint oil
20 Drops Olive oil

Clove Of Garlic (Chopped)
2 Tablespoons Rubbing Alcohol

Or you can mix some garlic with olive oil.

Other things you can use are (If you try any of these, be careful, some can burn your skin)  I use these in alcohol by bottle instructions
Tea Tree Oil
Clove Oil
Oil Of Oregano
Lavender Oil
Grapfruit seed Extract

Another thing I do is
Warm a grated onion in the microwave slightly.   Using a dropper, drop some of the juice in your ear.  (this helps me with pain and inflamtion)

When we were kids, my mother used sweet oil.  I haven't tried that lately.

Warmed Olive Oil can prevent wax build up.  I also use coconut oil.

* Do not do anything I do unless you check with you family doctor to see if it is safe.


  1. These might come in handy for me. I get ear infections all the time.

  2. This would be helpful for me during the summer when i do a lot of swimming.

  3. I am so glad you posted this recipe because we seem to get swimmers ear every year! I didn't know we could make our own eardrops. I'm going to definitely try this next time we need it.

  4. Tea tree oil (melaleuca) is a wonderful product.
    I use coconut oil all the time - for cooking, as a hair conditioner. and I put it on my face after shaving. Instead of cooling the skin with after-shave lotiom (alcohol) I put a hot moist towel on my face after shaving and apply a little coconut oil to face. People cannot believe my age, seriously. Olive oil is good too.
    I realize this has nothing to do with ear infections, please excuse me. That tea tree oil is good for my spouse's feet.

  5. Thanks for the recipe! I love the smell of Tee Tree Oil. I am always looking for an excuse to sniff it ;D

  6. WOW! I so needed this just a week ago! Gonna save them for the next round of ear infection! Thanks!!

  7. I may have to try this. I had an ear ache last week and had to go to the doctor.

  8. I so hate getting anything in my ears! My daughter treats hers all the time though.

  9. You know this post will be helpful to me!

  10. My husband fights fungus in the ear and he is a big believer in the garlic drops.

    I love the selection of your drop recipes.

  11. I love your list there are some I have not tried. I will test them out. I tried the garlic and my ears were too sensative they bruned alot. I do use viniger mixed with a little distilled water. That helps with itching. I also used the Grapfruit seed Extract but it made my ears very dry so after applying I use olive oil.

  12. My Dad told me to do this actually! It's a good natural way to deal with ears. I haven't tried it yet, I am scared, but after flying for the 1st time last June I got a major ear infection - fluid got trapped in my ears and they haven't been the same since.

  13. Anonymous11:55:00 PM

    do you put straight vinegar in your ears, or are you diluting this with something?

    1. I used it straight, but as I said. Don't do anything I do because it may not be safe.


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