How I Am Deep Cleaning My Sinuses

NOTE: This blog is for my own healing, if you read and try something I do... you will be trying it at your own risk.  I do some pretty crazy things to heal, some work, some don't.  So please, check with your doctor before you do anything I do.

I have been having ringing in my ears for well over 6 months now.  I never thought I had a sinus problem, but when my nose was a little stuffy, my ears would ring worse and my tongue would burn. The method I am doing will also help to unclog the inner ear or eustachian tube which I thought might be the problem with the ringing in my ears.

While I was doing the Deep Sinus Cleanse, I was also working on my mouth, throat, ears and eyes to clear everything at once.

Little did I know when I started this, that I would be opening up a huge can of worms.  I do mean worms. 4 of them for sure... possibly 6.  Is that disgusting or what?

 Like I said, I didn't think I had a sinus problem so I was really surprised when after a few days, my nose stuffed up so bad that it felt like someone shoved cement up my nose.   It got so bad, that I had my Hubs go out and buy me a sinus steamer.   I could not figure out why I was so stuffed and it wouldn't go away. 

When I started on the Grapefruit Seed Extract, I really stuffed up and when I did the mouth rinse, it burned.  That is when I got a flashlight and decided to look into my throat.   OMG!  CANDIDA WAS IN MY THROAT AND ON MY TONSILS..... EVERYWHERE.   I knew if it was there, it was also in my sinuses, ears and eyes and probably the rest of my body.   So that is why my ears are ringing and my tongue is burning.  Candida / Thrush !!!  I had no idea, although I should have.  When you have systemic candida, you heal it in one place and it pops up in another, until you get it all healed.  This can take many years.

Here are some signs that I had that I think were toxin die off symptoms or possibly just part of getting rid of all the sludge and candida that had built up in my sinuses.
. My sinuses hurt so bad my face hurt
. Headache
. Flu like symptoms
. Sinuses so blocked I couldn't sleep, didn't want to talk... I just wanted to be left alone.
The sinus steamer really worked for the blocked sinuses.  I used it as often as I needed, which was quite a lot.

Here is how I deep clean my sinuses

1.  I needed a netti pot for this.  I sometimes use a saline rinse,   tap water with a little salt in it Or... I used  a barberry root tea that I made from barberry root I bought.  To 2 cups of water I added a heaping Teaspoon of Barberry root.    I then strained it and put it into a jar.  To the jar (cool barberry root tea) I added 1 toe of minced garlic, let it set a few hours and strain again.    I fill the netti pot about 1/2 full with the mixture and add warm water to the netti pot.
I am listing different things I used in my netti pot.  I would use one for 5 days and then switch to something else so my body didn't become immune.  Just to let you know, Grapefruit Seed Extract worked the best for me.  It is supposedly a natural antibiotic that is suppose will kill off yeast and fungus without killing the good bacteria.

2.  This can get really messy really fast so I always have a towel ready to wipe up.

3.  I  Started by pouring the solution into one side of  my nose, when it starts to come out the other side, I used my fingers to plug my nose, like I would do if I was under water.  (I practiced using the Netti Pot before I started this)

4.  I then held my breath and put my tongue backwards in my mouth to try to plug the spot where the water would drain into my throat.  This was a little hard at first but eventually I got the hang of it.

5.  I put the netti pot down, then... I tipped my head up so I was looking at the ceiling and counted to 10.  Still holding my breath.

6.  Now I tipped my head to the right, count to 10 and then to the left, count to 10.   I wold sometimes run out of breath before I counted all this.

7.  Next I leaned forward like I lost something on the floor and was looking for it.  Count to 10... I had to count fast because I need practice holding my breath.

8.  I Put my face over the sink, opened my mouth and the liquid run out my nose.

9.  I now blew my nose, not hard but lightly

10.  Then I popped my ears to relieve any pressure in them, and blew my nose again

I did this 3 to 4 times a day.     Like I said, I got a lot of crap out and it kept changing colors.   My sinuses are feeling so much better now.  I hope they stay this way.   I am thinking I might want to do this once a day just so it doesn't happen again.

What I Used In My Netti Pot
Grapefruit Seed Extract (This worked the best for clearing the candida /  thrush
Barberry Root Tea And Garlic
Thyme And Water
Peroxice And Water
Garlic And Water
Rosemary And Water
Sage And Water
Vinegar And Water (this worked the best for me but I only did it one day)

I would do the above on a 5 day rotation.

After I Deep cleaned my sinuses, I would do my mouth and throat, then move to my eyes.  I would do my ears last so I could keep my head tilted to one side or the other for a little while.

I also started cutting back on carbs and  taking antifungals by mouth to kill any fungus that might be in my body

If you decide to do this Do It At Your Own Risk It worked for me, but who knows how safe it is. I am not a doctor, I am just someone who is trying to heal themselves because the doctors can't or won't do it on my terms. If I would of gone to the doctor for this, they would of given me antibiotics and then everything I did would be in vain.

Just to let you know.... after doing this for 6 weeks, my ears no longer ring, so.... The Deep Sinus Cleanse worked for me.    I will continue to do the netti pot with salt once a day, plus I will rinse my throat, put someting in my ears and wash my eyes out.

Below Is A ReCap Of Everything I did to stop the ringing in my ears, heal my cracked burning tongue and clear my sinuses.
Cleanse the mouth and throat
Deep Sinus Cleanse
Stop Ringing In Ears
Washing The Eyes
How I Drained My Eustachain Tube To Stop Ringing In Ears

Here are some signs that told me I had Parasites in my sinuses
Signs Of Parasites In Nose (my symptoms)

Itchy nose
Coughing (especially at night when trying to sleep
Nose picking
Headache ( usually in sinus )
gritting teeth
Fever Blister In Nose (Cold Sore In Nose)



  1. I have been doing the saline for years - but I still get a stuffy nose. sandie

  2. Good for you. Are you an herbalist? My daughter once caught thrush of the mouth when she was about 2 months old. Doc gave me so meds, but I can't recall what. Healed her in a couple of days. I had noticed white patches in her mouth. My cousin told me to rub her mouth with a used pamper. I thought that strange, but possibly made sense. I tried. Didn't work. That's when I took her to doc. Cheers!!

  3. I use my neti pot every day because without it I am miserable. I also massage my ears and drain them the way you did about once a week. Every couple of days I will use peroxide in my ears. since doing this I rarely have serious problems with my sinuses and have only had thrush once or twice in the last year and it was always when I was sick with respiratory stuff.
    Did the vinegar rinse burn? I used vinegar in my ear once (the advice of an ENT) and it burned like the devil. I will stick to peroxide and coconut oil for that.
    I have also rinsed with silver and had good results.
    I am glad your tongue and ears are doing so much better.

  4. This is a great post. I have learned a lot. I just started using grapefruit seed extract in my ear for some itching. It actually works great. What type of antifungals are you taking orally?

  5. I'm curious about the oral antifungals also.

  6. Sandie,
    I don't think the saline heals, I just think it helps with the stuffiness. At least it does for me.

    I wish I were an herbalist. I just know what works for me and what doesn't I think each person is different.

    The vinegar didn't burn until I scratched my ear with the syringe. Then it did burn. I don't use it all the time. I switch off and on with other things.

  7. Grandma Bonnie and Marj,

    Here is a link of the Herbs I did while on the candida diet. They are all antifungals

  8. Anonymous10:54:00 AM

    Had blocked sinuses and loss of hearing for 30 years. I took a potent pro-biotic, broke a capsule in warm water and rinsed sinuses and Eustachian tubes with it JUST ONCE and I have been breathing clearly ever since. It took just about 20 mins to work, I used to have the tv blaring at a volume setting of 21, now I listen at volume of 15 - same as my kid. Make sure you get a pro-biotic that is ALIVE. Some of them aren't try several. At first I had a sinus head ache for a week while the probiotics did their job and I dealt with candida die off. Then I rinsed again. This has changed by life. Hope it works for you.

    1. I don't have loss of hearing YET!! My sinuses don't seem to be blocked.

      Glad to hear the probiotics worked for you. I take them daily when I am not doing a cleanse. Right now I am on a cleanse. Tomorrow, I will be finished with it.

      Thanks for the tip!

    2. Anonymous8:05:00 PM

      Anonymous, How did you rinse your eustachian tubes?

  9. Pretty sure I have parasites in my sinus cavity. Was wondering about your herb to water ratio, and how you mixed them up,etc. Your web site has been the best i have seen so far on this. May God richly bless you for sharing!!

    1. Tamera,
      I don't remember the ratio I used. I do know you need to follow the instructions on the Grapefruit seed extract bottle or you can really burn you sinus cavity.

      I never really measure anything..... I'm sorry, ... I just start throwing things together.

  10. Anonymous10:44:00 PM

    I have struggled with parasites in the eyes and eustachian tubes for a couple of years and was ready to give up hope. I've been rinsing my sinuses with a NeilMed sinus rinse with the saline packet, a dropper full of artemisia and a smidge of coll. silver. It wasn't until I did your sinus rinse calisthenics that it went toward the eustachian tubes and really peaved the little suckers. They fled to the back of my throat and I got the bright idea of gargling with a 2oz glass of water and 1/4 tsp of DE. (I swallow the DE afterwards as it is beneficial and a waste to spit out!) That and the coconut oil in the eyes has given me hope again. Thanks for sharing!!!!!
    FYI Diatomacious Earth is dangerous if inhaled into the lungs so spit it out if you don't have the ability to swallow without the risk of inhaling it.

    1. Thanks Anonymous,
      I have never heard of artemisia.... going to check it out.

    2. I have been using DE in my neti pot and you would not believe the balled strings of white worms that are coming out. I can actually feel a scolex in one nostril and I am wondering if anyone knows what will get them out ? If they remain, the parasite regrows. In my eyes and ears too. I take DE internally too and I have seen at least 5 different looking parasites in my stools. This is an epidemic in the US in which medical doctors are Ill prepared for. I am taking a Chinese raw herb tea as well. Wormwood.

    3. I used to drink the DE, but it seemed it wasn't doing anything for me so I gave it all to my sister. I have no idea how to get the scolex out of your nostril.

  11. Hi, This is awesome info! Can you please tell me how did the worms come out of your sinuses, what were you doing at the exact time? Did they literally come out of your nasal passages - were they dead or alive? Was this after taking the antifungals and doing your full protocol?
    Thank you so much, With Gratitude

    1. Stuart, At the time I was using the netti pot, but can't remember what I was putting in it. One of the things I have listed above... just not sure which one.

  12. Anonymous11:30:00 PM

    I have heard it's actually the parasites that cause the candida/fungus and then they mutually support each other. Are you putting more efforts toward attacking the parasites?

    1. This blog post was done a few years ago and I am doing very well now. As a matter of fact.... I do a parasite cleanse about every 6 months wether I need it or not.
      I think you are very correct about the parasites causing candida.

  13. Do you think snoring is a side effect of candida? No one can explain my sudden snoring problem.

    1. Hi Cathy,
      Snoring could very well be a side effect of candida. Candida can grow in your sinus cavity. A Dr I went to seen the candida up my nose.... so I bet it could make you snore since it can stuff you up.

  14. Have your ears stopped ringing or are they better? I used your methods and they were lifesavers. Thanks for being you.

    1. My ears stopped for quite awhile after this. Then they started again. I have found the more carbs I eat, the more my ears ring. I can stop them by lowering my carbs. Stange but it works for me.