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Cod Liver Oil And Parasite Control

When I was younger, I remember my Mother making us take Cod Liver Oil.   YUCK!!  I hated Cod Liver Oil.  If one of us said we had a pimple on our tongue, out would come the Cod Liver Oil, Or sometimes she would give all of us an enema.   My sisters and I laugh about it now, but we thought she was being horrible to us then.  

You think we wouldn't of told her when we had a pimple on our tounge or we couldn't have a BM.  But no..... one of us would always tell.  And when one got a dose, we all got a dose.

A couple of weeks ago, I was surfing the web and found out that years ago, they used Cod Liver Oil for parasite control in people. Maybe my Mother was smarter than I gave her credit for.  I can even remember our Doctor.   Dr. Butters.   He would tell her to go home and give us a dose of castor oil quite often. 

Today, I don't have to take a yucky spoonful of the Cod Liver Oil,  I can take a capsule from Homeopathic And Natural Health Paradise
 ( ) ,  that has no taste.   I really like that I don't have to taste the terrible fishy taste.

I have been taking Homepathic And Natural Health Paradise Cod Liver Oil for a few days now and have already  had  much better bowel movements.   Usually, I have to sit and relax before I can go.... Now, I just sit and go and am done in no time.
Not only that, but if you have read my blog long, you know I have back problems.  The chiropractor told me he thought I had arthritis in my back and neck.   I read that taking cod liver oil can help with arthrits.  Hey!  I am game for anything.  I will let you know if it works.

Cod Liver Oil is loaded with vitamins A and D and Omega 3 Fatty Acids, so that is great for me.  I am low on all those things.

There are a lot of other health benefits taking Cod Liver Oil,  You can  check this link Cod Liver Oil at Homepathic And Natural Health Paradise for  the health benefits of taking Cod Liver Oil.

****This blog is for my own healing, if you read and try something I do... you will be trying it at your own risk. I do some pretty crazy things to heal, some work, some don't. So please, check with your doctor before you do anything I do.

*Disclaimer Homepathic And Natural Health Paradise,  provided me  free of charge a bottle of Cod Liver Oil, for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true. Because, I like their products, I am continuing to use them.


  1. I never knew it could be good for arthritis.

  2. I'm in and out of the bathroom in less than a minute so I'm not to the cod liver oil point, but I'm going to remember this.

    Kinda funny that you all got dosed for one person's issues as children!

  3. Let me know how it helps with the arthritis. I have bad arthritis from the extensive back surgery I've had. I guess it's from that. It could just be pain from all of the nerve damage.

  4. I hope it helps with the arthritis. I've got to get me some. I am always stiff and in pain every morning. I would take anything natural that might help.

  5. I read a book years ago called Good Health and Common Sense and he talked about taking cod liver oil for arthritis - he was a man before his time.


  6. I've never taken cod liver oil but I have heard it tasted horrible. It is always nice to find bad tasting stuff in pill form though.


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