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How To Make Your Own Quiet Humidifier

I do have the money to buy my own humidifier, I just can't find one that is quiet enough for my bedroom.    Any of you have that problem?

For some reason, this year, the air seems dryer than normal and I am looking like a dried out old prune.  Old being the key word.

Last year, we went and bought a humidifier.  It was suppose to be very quiet.   Let me tell you... they do not know what quiet is.   I wear ear plugs because my Hubs snores like Fred Flintstone.    Do you know I could hear the racket the Humidifier made even with ear plugs.     So we took that back and tried another.... it was worse than the first one.    So, needless to say, I didn't have a humidifier in my bedroom.

This year, I went out and bought another Humidifier

I found this one.... made by Vicks. It is not super quiet but doesn't sound like a jet taking off in our bedroom.
This has no filters and all I do is fill it up every day and clean it compleltely once a week.

This was quiet enough that my Hubs could live with it and I could not hear it with my ear plugs in. So everything is good, Right? Wrong..... Look below what it has done to my dresser.

I thought the room was getting dusty really fast, but thought maybe our filter in the basement needed cleaning. Hubs changed the furnace filter and still more dust.

This is probably a week of not dusting, of course, I do run the humidifier every evening and don't turn it off until morning.

My Hubs never closes his closet or his drawers. I bet his clothing is covered in this too.

I am not sure what it is, but it almost has a greasy feel to it. You can see where I ran my hands over it. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing.

So needless to say, this is the end of this humidifier too.

I had to be breathing all this dust in every night.  That can't be good!

UPDATE:: I did send Vicks an email and here is the response I received..... I really am not happy about the response. When you put your name on something, you should stand behind it.

Thanks for contacting P&G, Terry.

We appreciate your taking the time to write to us. Although "Vicks" appears on the product packaging, the product is manufactured by another company, Kaz, Incorporated. For questions and comments please contact them at:

Kaz, Incorporated
1 Vapor Trail
Hudson, NY 12534
1-800-477-0457 8 AM-9 PM EST

I hope this helps.

P&G Team

So I contactec Kaz. They were sorry and ask if the dust on the dresser wiped off. I told them yes and I have not heard a thing from them since.

They did tell me I had to use distilled water..... I go through over a gallon a day.... This humidifier is proving to be a very expensive purchase and I will never make this mistake again. Also, I will never by a Vicks product because I feel they do not stand behind the products they sell. If your name is on something..... fix the problem!!!!!

How To Make Your Own Quiet Humidifier
(This works okay, not great, but it is better than nothing)
Get a large container, fill it with water and put a bottle filled with water in it (you need to fill it so it is heavy enough to stand up without tipping)

Wet a towel and place it over the bottle.  This work s as a wick.   Now all you have to do is fill the container with water every time it needs it.
Oh... Put it near a register and you might need more than one in a room.


  1. This is really good. If this works then bye bye humidifier for me too, I am saving electricity cost hehe this is way too awesome! Thanks!

  2. The one in the twins room is really quiet, but it looks like a frog, so I'm not sure you're going for that...LOL!

  3. I have Sjogren's so MUST use a humidifier. I have a cool mist one from Walgreen's (store brand) by my bed and it doesn't make any noise.

  4. I have got to try this. My nose is so dry at night that it feels like I am getting a cold sore.

  5. At the moment I do not own a humidifier but this would be great in the mean time. I hope to work with Crane on a review next year. Another awesome idea, thanks so much!

  6. LOL You are just to clever for your own good.

  7. Hey now that is one great idea. We have one on our furnace but if it gets dry in one of the rooms I am going to do this. Thanks. sandie

  8. You are SO creative!!!

  9. What a cool trick. We have a humidifier for Little Bit's room but none for ours. I'm just to cheap to spend money on Hubs and I ;D

  10. I like this idea, now if I can just figure out how to keep the cat from knocking it over!

  11. SO perfect! You won a giveaway on my blog. I couldn't get my computer to pull up your email address. Will you email your shipping information to Thanks!!

  12. Great idea....a humidifier is a must at our house!

  13. What a clever idea, I don't know of a quiet humidifier but my skin has been dryer than normal too. I thought it may have something to do with my meds for my back, I recently had a bad spell and just finished taking a dose pack. But really I think it was before that that my skin started feeling dry and it's been flaky. I'm coating on the moisturizer but that don't seem to be working. I wonder if a humidifier would help me?

  14. We have a furnace one. I did use a Craine one for Mica when he was 2 or so. It wasn't quite, but it didn't seem to be loud either.

  15. I think you found a humidifier?

    ps...I saw that you do not have the word verification which is what I thought you meant with Moderating...but we all have to moderate or junk we get

  16. So I don't get it. Is the lid on the the bottler? I want to try this!

  17. Great Idea!! We use a humidifier around here quite a bit...but I hate how loud it is!! :P

  18. See, I have the opposite problem. I can't sleep when it is too quiet! I turn on a floor fan, even through the winter, just to create the background noise. Good luck with your search. I always kept vaporizers in my kid's rooms when they were younger and I never thought they were that loud. Apparently, they were! ha ha

  19. That is a great and simple idea. My humidifier just stopped working about a week ago. I really do need to get another one. I will try this until I find a good one on sale.

  20. Anonymous3:02:00 PM

    Thanks for the pictures of the dust. Ultrasonic humidifiers do that. It's the chemicals and whatnot in the water supply. I'm using one that boils the water. That doesn't create dust.

  21. Anonymous,
    I think I will get a heating humidifier next