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Toxins And Detoxing

What are Toxins
Toxins are a posion that is found in living cells or organisms.  They can be anything foreign or posionous to the body.  Like a bee sting, bacterial infections, dental fillings, lead, The Air We Breathe!! or even tobacco or car fumes.  They are capable of causing disease when they come in contact with the human body.

Where Do Toxins Come From
Those are the four main ways we get toxins.

How We Get Rid Of Toxins
The normal body detoxes itself without you even knowing it.

The detox organs in our body includes the Liver, Skin, Kidneys and Lungs and the Lymphatic system .  These are the main organs that get rid of all the bad things (Toxins)  that enter our bodies.

Speaking of getting rid of toxins in the lymphatic system.  A big mistake that people make is wearing anti-persperants which block a key toxin exit point!

So, when I get rashes on my skin, it is my body trying to detox.  When I cough, it is my body trying to expell Toxins

Little Easy Ways To Help Your Body Detox
Go for walks in the woods (a forrest would be best)  where there is no factories ect.  Beathe deep and this will help resupply your blood and cells with vital oxygen we need.

Drink water that has no toxins, like chlorine added

Minimise you exposure to toxins in the home.
. Use fresh air, open your windows instead of using an air freshner you bought at the store
. Choose curtains and furniture that contain no brominated flame retardant
. Don't use pestisides
Little things can help when it comes to toxins

Other Ways I Help My Body Detox
. Epsom Salts
. Probiotics
. Skin Brushing
. Cleansing
. Drinking Lots Of Fresh Clean Water

Be sure to consult your Doctor before trying anything that I do.

*Disclaimer The products were provided free of charge, for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true. Because, I like their products, I am continuing to use them.


  1. Detoxing is good from time to time!

  2. This is good information...wish I lived near a pine forest! Maybe I can plant my own!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway! Hope your weekend is great!

  3. Thanks for reminding me to breathe deep! I kinda forget that

  4. This all makes sense. I love taking walks in the woods and opening our window to air out our house. We even open our windows in the winter at least once a day for a few minutes. Thanks for the reminders.

  5. I live in the country so I am blessed with fresh air for walks. I open the windows of the house every chance I get. I just love the feeling of fresh air coming into my home. Thanks for this list. It really is easy to cut out some toxins. I find if I stick to a mostly vegetarian diet with loads of water I feel so much better.

  6. Fresh air is my favorite detox! My doors have been wide open for the past two days from 6am-10pm. I LOVE IT! I feel like we survive the Phoenix summers just to make the most of this time of year. :)

  7. We have to get away!

    I love water, so I'm not lacking in that department.

    I'm sure I am in others though.

  8. Great post Terri! You are spot on with everything. I'm glad you mentioned not using antiperspirants. That's why I make my own deodorant.

  9. Love this post. Nice easy ways to help out bodies detox. Thanks!!


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