Red Blood Blister Like Things On My Skin ~ How I Got Rid Of The One On My Leg

I have had red blood blister like things on my skin for YEARS!!   I probably have 10 of them on different places on my body.     I had this post all worked up to tell you how I got rid of it. 

I sent the post that I had written to Ashley at  LL Magnetic Clay Baths ( ) to show her the red blood like blisters on my leg and how I got rid of them.   Do you know she emailed me back right away and told me to stop what I was doing.  

I was using a scrubbie and the LL Magnetic Clay Bath and scrubbing the red blood blisters.  You can see it the pictures below that it worked.... But,  ... Here is what  Ashley told me

One thing that I would avoid, though, would be recommending that the clay be absorbed into open wounds. Although it's not harmful in that sense, the clay is extremely fine and could potentially remain inside the wound... in essence causing it to heal with fine clay granules inside of it - especially if you're scrubbing it directly into the wound. There could be serious repercussions if the person is infection prone.

How many companys do you know that care more about people  than selling their products?

With that being said, check out the pictures below.  
Here is the Red Blood Blister like thing on my leg.  This is before I started.

This is one week of working on the blood blister nightly.   Looks a little worse doesn't it?

This is after about 2 weeks of working on the red blood blister like thing on my leg.
All that is left is a mark.

This is what I used,   and I think had I just kept soaking in the magnetic clay, I would of gotten the same results as scrubbing with it.
LL's Magnetic Clay Detox Bath


  1. Strange on the blisters - wonder what is causing them?

  2. Mmmmm.... what may be causing them?

  3. It sounds like scrubbing would be bad. You could even make a paste, paint it on to sit on the skin for awhile.

    This is so off subject, but how does that mud do with the drain? When I gave Isaak an oatmeal bath for his eczema itching I used a wire mesh drain collector for any particles. Even though the oatmeal was ground up, It still collected. I thought it was probably good that I did this; over it going down into the pipes.

  4. It is nice when you find a company that cares and they are far and few between. This sounds like a great product and since my husband and I are potters we are all for clay :)
    Thanks for you visit.

  5. I wonder if a paste might have been better. Scrubbing sounds pretty harsh. I was wondering about the drain too...

  6. Lisa, and missing moments, I don't know what is causing them for sure. It probably has something to do with the candida and parasites.

    Alissa and Mary, You do have to put a screen over the drain which is provided with the clay bath. That is the only thing I don't like about it. If feels so relaxing to soak in though.

  7. The clay sounds wonderful. It's great that she cared enough to get back with you with more information.

  8. I'm amazed that the company contacted you. I bet I would enjoy a relaxing clay bath. Thanks for the info and for sharing.

  9. You always have such interesting cure it yourself posts. I like that about you. :), Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  10. I have a blood blister, I think on my I will not mess with it. I consider it a late in life beauty mark :)

  11. How interesting! I used to have a tiny one on my shoulder, then it just disappeared. Hmmmmmm.

    You always have the best information!

  12. Are the blisters doing okay now? I found a little blister on my tummy after I read your post. It's just a little red dot but I think it's a blister. I'm going to see if it will go away before I try anything. I don't think I would have even found it if I hadn't read your post. At my age I'm thinking as comment above, an age spot perhaps...

  13. Wow sounds like a great company. I love using clays. So beneficial!!

  14. Terri,
    They are much better. Some of them are gone and some of them look like they are fading. They don't hurt so if they never go away, it will be okay.

  15. Anonymous8:11:00 PM

    I noticed red little dots skin ..and I aasked people wat they could be and numerpus people told me it was from drinking alcohol...then I met a guy and we had unprotected sex andiI noticed he started getting this...I have been tested for everything possible and im negative. So wat this is I can not say but it is contagious. :( .I use protection always now ...and theses dots are only on my arms. They were on my boyfriends head and back. Clueless

    1. I don't know what it could be. Maybe some sort of skin yeast infection. I am clueless too.
      Mine don't seem to be contagious. My Hubs has never gotten them and neither has my Daughter or Grandkids.


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