Parasite Cleanse Review ~ This Was The Best Parasite Cleanse I Have Done So Far

A couple of months back, Tawna ask me to do a review of Parasite Solutions from  A-Z  Nutrients ).  Because I had just finished a parasite cleanse, I couldn't do another for 3 months.

3 months are up Tawna, so here is your review.   This was the very best parasite cleanse yet.  Probably because I came at them with 3 different things.    I plan on doing another one in 3 months which will make it the end of January 2012

First off, I have been using Clay Earth for about 2 weeks before starting the Parasite Solutions.  Also, because Wormwood and Black Walnut are hard on my liver.  I decided to use an herb mixture that helps the liver, that I mix up myself.  I will use it  right along with the Parasite Solutions.  I also used some of capsules I had left from another Parasite Cleanse.   I am going to Hit those suckers 3 different ways!!  Oh... I also use psyhilliam Husk some nights to keep things going smoothly.

I decided to start the A-Z Nutrients Parasite Solutions on a Tuesday Evening.   I took it 3 times a day.    I did this for 2 weeks.
I take the Clay Earth once a day on an empty stomach and 1/2 hour later I take the Parasite Solutions right along with the herbs I mixed up for my liver/gallbladder.

One day later (Wednesday), I thought I seen parasite larve.... not sure.     I was also feeling some biting in my intestine, liver, gallbladder area.

Friday, I had my usual evening BM.  When I wiped I found a long skinny worm.  Yuck!!   So I decided to give myself a warm water enema.  (I didn't want to use anything that will wash the herbs out, so I opted for warm water.)

When I let the water out.... all kinds of mangled pieces of round worm came out.  Lots of them!!  Yay for me.    Lucky for you I couldn't reach the camera.  I am pretty sure that taking the Clay Earth is slicing the heck out of these worms and that is why they are all mangled.

Saturday... I was feeling good until I ate 2 personal size bags of potato chips.  I know better than to eat that crap, but was wanting salt and grease.    That evening I passed another worm and some other things... who knows what they were.

Sunday...  Passed a lot of things that were pretty funky looking.

Not much happened until
Wednesday...  Holy Cow, I passed a ton of mangled (they look like round worms) slimy stuff with worms in it.  Plus, I passed some larve.   I use a warm water enema because it gets anything hiding out.

Thursday....  Passed more mangled pieces and more larve (they look like grub worms).  I know it just looks like poop to you, but it is 2 mangled worms there plus  a larve.   Sorry this is so gross.

Friday,..... not much happening again

Saturday.... woke up feeling  like I am catching a cold, but this could be die off.  Plus, I have such a crampy feeling in my... I think lower intestine.  Hopefully I will pass more worms tonight or tomorrow.

I continued what I was doing for the rest of the cleanse.  
Every night, I gave myself a warm water enema and so many mangled worms came out.  Every night!!!  

I got more worms (roundworms) doing the cleanse this way than I have ever gotten.   As I said at the begining of the post.  I will be doing this again in 3 months.

So, by using the Clay Earth , Parasite Solutions and my own herb mixture and more Paraste capsules, I got out a ton of parasites.    I actually think I got into a nest of them and eliminated a lot of them.

As soon as I finish any cleanse.  I right away start taking probiotics to put the good bacteria back into my system.

**** Do Not Do Anything I have done above.  Check with your Doctor before trying anything I try!!

UPDATE:   I am getting so many emails asking what my own Herb mixture was..   I used gentain, pau d arco, ginger, cayenne, plus I had some Humaworm tablets in the freezer that I also took.   I don't suggest any of you do this.... It can be dangerous mixing so many herbs.

*Disclaimer The products were provided free of charge, for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.  


  1. Wow. Where did all the worms come from?

    I got a rare parasite in high school from a trip to Costa Rica. It made me so sick (about 6 months later) and they couldn't figure out what was wrong. Then when they figured out I'd been in another country in a tropical location, they did different parasite tests and figured it out.

  2. Glad they figured it out. When my Daughter was young, she got pneumonia. While she was in the hospital, they did a test on her and discovered Tropical Parasites. She had not been out of the country but they said she probably got it from a cat.

  3. Anonymous4:00:00 PM

    Where can I get this product? I'm certain I have parasites and have spent a lot of money on parasite cleanses. Currently using Humaworm is the brand I believe. Any suggestions would be so appreciated. They all say they will help....and I'm just trying to feel better. Thanks for sharing your experiences!


  4. T,
    I emailed the girl who let me try the Parasite Solutions. Just to let you know. I used 3 different things and I think they all worked together to do a kick butt parasite cleanse.

  5. T:
    We ship to the US and Canada. I am in the process of getting a website up and running to order online but it will be about 30 more days until it is finished. I would be happy to assist you through e-mail during this process if you are comfortable. The company is called Healthy Herbal Nutrients and they are located in Orem Utah. You can e-mail me and I can get you all the product info at

    If you are more comfortable waiting the website will be

    I hope to hear from you!

  6. BTW we almost have the website up so for those that want to know where to buy this it will be up within jsut a coupel week at Look for it up by Christmas 2011!!

  7. Website update. We sell our same awesome products, including this cleanse, jsut under a new domain.

    Hubby did the cleanse last month too and had great results!

    Thanks again terry!!

  8. Anonymous8:43:00 PM

    Can you use humaworm and parasite solutions together

  9. Anonymous1:57:00 PM

    I did the Humaworm capsules and saw nothing come out...ugh..maybe this other stuff would be better. If you have done so many parasite cleanses and STILL have this many coming out, where on earth did they come from?? Sometimes it feels like something is poking inside my stomach (or intestines??) I wonder if this is a worm of some sort?? ick...I guess i better try something different and see what happens

  10. I only see things if I do an enema after die off symptoms. Did you have die off? If you did, you probably passed things and didn't see them.

    It can take 2 to 4 years to get rid of parasites. And.... we can get reinfected. So I am going to do a cleanse every 6 months after I see no more coming out.

  11. Anonymous9:00:00 PM

    I really didn't have any die off symptoms...maybe the first couple of days and then i was just fine. My naturalpath said I had parasites and he gave me something to take before hand too and i didn't seem to have any then I don't know what's up with me...
    So after doing all the different ones, which do you think worked the best for you??

  12. For me the Humaworm worked the best, but I also now use a second product. I don't think I probably should be doing two at a time, but I think the worms get immune to the herbs.

    Do you have fillings? Could you have a lot of heavy metals in your body? I did a heavy metal cleanse not long ago and got parasites out then too.

  13. Hi,could you verify....which of the products was the best parasite cleanse? It the beginning of this post you said that Parasite Solutions was by far the best parasite cleanse cleanse you did. But just in the above comment you said Humaworm worked best.....could you again say which one (and why) you preferred. (I do realise though that in this post you stated you used multiple things.)
    Also....when you say clay earth-do you mean DE (Diatomaceous earth)
    I really appreciate your posts! I have some digestive issues I have been trying to tackle for years and on googling parasites I came across your posts. They are so helpful!

    1. MB,
      The Humaworm I think is the best... but using the Parasite Solutions, the humaworm and some other herbs I had laying around plus the clay gave me the best cleanse I had ever had. It was probably to strong is why it worked so well.

      The clay I used was not DE and not sure what it was.

      Happy to hear my posts are helpful... I really debated about putting things like this on my blog because it is so gross. But worms are a fact of life.

      I also do a lot of liver flushing to get rid of gallstones and that helps a lot with digestion.

  14. Thanks for the info.....yes have been reading about the flushes, am going to do them after a parasite cleanse.
    ps....if you ever figure out what clay it was you used(maybe bentonite clay?) would love to know.Thank again :)

  15. Anonymous9:51:00 AM

    Thank you for all of the awesome info you have shared. It would be a lot easier to follow & piece details together if you had DATES (YEARS included) in your posts & comments. Thank you again :).

    1. Maybe it would be easier... but I bet not. Sorry, ... I started this blog for me to just look back on what I have done. Others started reading it and commenting. Now that I am better... I just kind of let my blog sit. Not sure if I even want to keep it going. I don't make any money on it by choice. I do reviews now and again, but that is just to try things and see if they help me.

      To answer your comment.... I like things the way they are.


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