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Signs Of Parasites/Toenail Fungus with Pictures ~ How I Am Treating It

At one point,  I thought my toenails looked like they did because I was  low on zinc (that still could be the problem), But why am I low on zinc?   Probably from Parasites and Candida.  I have done 2 parasite cleanses so far.  I have also started taking zinc, magnesium, potassium, folic acid and B Complex.  I am also drinking Kefir and taking my very favorite probiotic.

I have been doing some research and parasites can live in our thyroids, liver, pancreas..... anywhere in our body.  The  parasitic fungal spore can also take root in the area of a fingernail or toenail.     No matter where or what they are, they affect our skin and nails.

Look at the vertical lines, dry flaky patches I can even see some horizontal lines. On thing I am happy about.... they are not green.  So many people have the green toenails and that is also a fungus.


  1. That is a huge improvement. I think Alicia would be my new best friend for all of the awesome products that are helping you right now! That is really great.

    I received the apron yesterday. Thank you! What a fun surprise. I'm sending it to my sister for her birthday.

  2. that is an improvement! I get horizontal lines on mine - but it's from running - my middle toe, which is longer, hits the end of the shoe.

    I don't eat out very often - so no need to take a challenge for me!!

  3. That is a great improvement! I do not get cracked nails, so far

  4. Wow. That is great improvement. I love your challenge. I need to take the same challenge.

  5. wow - what a big difference in your toenail! I think I need to go to Alicia's site and see about her products (have I said that before?)

    I'm also taking a look at the parasite cleanse. My toenails are horrible. Thanks for the info!

  6. That is an amazing improvement!!!

  7. That's cool. My Mother-in-Law mentioned something else that fixes this to. I don't remember what it was. I'll have to ask. I don't have toe nail problems. She was just talking about it.

  8. You are so good at tracking down these awesome products. Those tootsies are looking good my friend!

  9. Wow a huge difference!!!!The green toe nails are icky so glad you did not post pics of the green ones!! LOL This sounds like an awesome product!


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