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Is Candida The New Disease Of The Century

Candida is not a well known disease,  "Yet".       When I first found out I had candida, there was no one to talk to about it.   There were hardly any blogs who blogged about it.

Now, I get many emails from people who have candida and have no where to turn.   Doctors are getting smarter, but there are still not many you can go to that know what candida is.  My medical Doctor still thinks I am nuts.   His words to me are " Do You Know How Dangerous It Is To Take Herbs?"    I did not want to be mean,  so I didn't say to him,  DO YOU KNOW HOW DANGEROUS ALL THE PRESCRIPTION DRUGS YOU PRESCRIBE ARE??

Do you know what I think is funny,   I bet my Doctor uses a lot of the herbs I use and doesn't consider them a healing herb.  For instance, garlic, chili powder, cumin, thyme, tumeric .... I could go on and on.  I bet 10 to 1 he uses many of my herbs himself

I don't know about it being a Super Bug, but I do know Doctors who prescribe antibiotics with out having you take Probiotics should be shot.   I have not had an antibiotic in many years and hope I never have to.   If I do end up having to take an antibiotic, I will be using a really good prbiotic to try to stop the candida from invading my body.

Here is a cute picture I found ....   This is just one of the reasons I try very hard NOT to take prescription medications.

So, Tell me what prescription do you take and do you have any side effects from it?


  1. Not much on taking meds, although once in a blue moon I use an inhaler for asthma (maybe 4x a year or so).

  2. i have been skimming you blog for a few minutes, you have some very interesting information here. i was dx with ms almost 9 years ago and take more medication then i will ever admit to. i also have seizures (a symptom of ms) and right now i have 21 kidney stones.

    i receive monthly infusions of tysabri for the ms, which seems to be helping but never took so much as an asprin before the dx.

    i have never heard of candida, but suffer daily with ms symptoms which are very similar!!

  3. Lisa,
    That is so great that you don't take any medications... Good for you!!

    Holy cow! 21 kidney stones. That must be terribly painful.

  4. That shirt made me grin. I am about to go take some tylenol or ibuprofen, but other than that, I'm med free. YAY! You're right. More people use herbs to treat illness than even realize it.

  5. Aren't prescriptions just ground up plants of some sort? Hrmm...

  6. I could never go without my meds! I get bronchitis, horrible sinus infections and migrains, plus back pain, without meds i dont know what I would do! Good for you though!

  7. I pulled out all the allergy meds from myself. They don't seem to do a thing. Mine are off the charts. I have both seasonal and am allergic to anything furry!

  8. My jaw dropped tot he floor when I read what the doctor said about the herbs! Are you freaking kidding me? what a jerk! Get a new doctor!!! I want that shirt!!!

  9. Hi Mary,
    I like that shirt too!! I think all of us have to take pain relievers now and then. I used to take them a lot more than I do now.

    I think prescriptions may have a plant base but they must add other things to them. Not sure what they are.

    Prescriptions can be a good thing. Without some of them, we would be in big trouble. I just prefer to try to do it naturally. When I can't I will take a prescription.

    Good for you!! What are you doing for your allergies now that you are not taking any prescriptions?

    Hi Tawna!!
    I just go to this Doctor for checkups. He has an assistant doctor that does believe in herbs. I just forget to ask for him when I go.
    I like that shirt too

  10. The net helps us learn about things like Candida. I have many side effects from many meds but ok

  11. Wow, that says it all. I saw a similar shirt once.

  12. Great shirt!! I want one :).
    I don't take any prescriptions (anymore), and I feel marvelous! (I have felt incredible ever since I kicked those pills out of my life :).
    Miriam@Mealtess Meals For Meat Eaters

  13. Not a big fan of I don't take any, except the occasional tylenol! (that shirt cracks me up, though!)

    You are wonderful to create such an informative blog!!!

  14. I love the shirt! We try to stay away from prescriptions as much as possible. Aside from my inhaler I don't use meds at all.
    Hope you have a great weekend.


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