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How I Am Healing The Cracks In My Tongue ~ I Was Trying To Make My Teeth Less Sensitive

Sensitive teeth can be a real bummer.  Lately, my teeth have been extra sensitive.  Even drinking water at room temperature makes my teeth throb.  

I am going to try a product called OralEase  to see if it helps the sensitivity in my teeth.    I couldn't be doing this at a better time,   I have a dentist appointment next week and when they clean my teeth, sometimes they just send me through the roof.
This product is not really for sensitive teeth but more for canker sores that we sometimes get in our mouth.

Here is what the Canfo Company says about OralEase

Oral health is believed to be caused by "heat" in the stomach. A "heated" stomach can cause excessive bacteria growth and lowering immune system efficacy. By removing stomach "heat" and consequently boosting the body's natural immune response, OralEase® promotes gum health and also freshens the breath in the process.
So, I figure if it helps with excessive bacteria growth, it could help with my sensitive teeth.   I thought the bacteria is what caused my teeth to be sensitive.     Even if it doesn't help with the sensitivity, it promotes gum health and I am sure I could use help in that area...... and who doesn't want fresh breath.

After 7 Days Using OralEase
  I have noticed my tongue does not have that feeling like it is going to start to burn again.   I had a Burning Tongue for 8 or more months before I finally got rid of it.  It keeps wanting to come back.

Another thing,  I have all these cracks in my tongue that I think are getting less pronounced. 

This a picture of my tongue before I stared the OralEase

You can see the cracks in my tongue are still there, but they are getting smaller and not as deep.

I am pretty sure my teeth are a little less sensitive.  Hopefully this takes care of it before my dentist appointment.

UPDATE:::  I went to the dentist last week for a cleaning.  The OralEase did help with the sensitivity.   I didn't have a white knuckle grip on the chair like some days when they clean my teeth.

I bet this would also help heal when I accidently bite my tongue.  I hate when I do that because then it gets swollen and I keep biting it.

UPDATE:::  I forgot to mention, to really get and keep those cracks in your tongue healed, you will also need to work on your liver and gallbladder.   Plus you need to get rid of the parasites.   The doctor I went to told me I will never keep the candida away untill I get rid of the parasites.

UPDATE :::  Okay you guys.   This does work as long as you keep taking it.  When I stopped, it all came back.  I want a way to cure it once and for all.


  1. Oh my goodness. Those cracks look painful. I hope they go away completely very soon!

  2. This does look painful with your tongue...My daughter needs this for her sensitive teeth.

  3. I have a sore now on my gums caused by the dentist!

  4. Oh my word - so sad about the cracks in your tongue and thankful you've found a product to help!

  5. I am so glad this is working for you. You write such great posts.

  6. Wow, this looks so effective! Nice blog!!

  7. I have the same problem with my teeth being sensitive. Last night I was eating a popsicle and I got to thinking I dont eat it like the average person. My teeth cannot touch it, I have to suck on it instead of biting it. I might just have to try this stuff out.

  8. Looking good! Maybe I should try this for my canker sores.

  9. It's good that it helped! Your tongue looks painful.

  10. I am glad it helped with the sensitivity. I know the feeling dreading the dentist just over a cleaning. I just might have to try this for myself.

  11. Does the dentist ever give you tips on this problem?

  12. Alissa,
    No, my dentist knows I have candida and doesn't really know a lot about it. He said he would give me an oral medication that would help with thrush, but it might be hard on my liver.... So, I am healing it naturally.

  13. Anonymous1:28:00 PM

    Not too many people know that repeated accidental biting of the tongue is one of the symptoms of thyroid problems or needing to check levels and tweak medication. May be well looking into... some of your other symptoms may be resolved. Let's hope this is some help to you or others.

  14. Thanks anonymous.
    I am going to check this out.

  15. Thamizh selvan Ramalingam3:25:00 PM

    I too have tongue cracks for about 7 months...think its getting matured nowadays ..suggest me some ayurvedic medicine FRIENDS..

  16. Thamizh selvan Ramalingam3:26:00 PM

    I TOO Have the same problem friends ...suggest me any medications...

  17. Thamizh,
    Tea tree oil makes the cracks feel much better, but I still had to work on my digestion.

    1. Anonymous4:00:00 PM

      How did u apply the tea tree oil?

    2. MIne came with a dropper and I just drop it on.

  18. Anonymous11:32:00 PM

    You could possibly have geographic tongue, which can cause fissures like the ones you have. Also, you could have a biotin deficiency .... Do you have dry hair, muscle pain. Look them up and good luck.

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