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Mouth And Tongue Self Analysis

I must tell you... if you are having trouble with your toungue, you should go see a doctor and see what he has to tell you.    I went to a doctor, but they had no idea what was wrong.  I posted this so I could check it out when I need  it.  In no way should you use this to self diagnose.

I had to post this Tongue Analysis.  One reason, is....  When I was young and we would complain to my mother that the tip of our tongue had a pimple on it, she would line us all up for an enema.

After looking and reading that the tip of our tongue reflects the rectum and descending colon, I have decided my Mother was one very smart lady

How the places on your tongue relate to the rest of your body

The tip of the tongue is the rectum and the descending colon.

. The peripheral area outside, side areas are  the large intestine.

. The middle of your tonge is the small intestine.

. The back edges of your tongue are the  liver, gallbladder, duodenum, and also pancreas.

. The near back area is the stomach.

. The back region or where it conncect depicts the esophagus.

. The under side of the tongue is the  blood and lymph circulation in each corresponding areas above

Your tongue can be use to evaluate your overall health condidtions by some health professionals.   Is that why Drs.  Ask Us to stick out our tongue.


Dark red tongue... indicates inflammation; lesions, ulcers or the weakness of the related organ.

White tongue can me stagnate blood or fat and mucus deposits.  It can also mean anemia..

Yellow tongue can mean the liver and gallbladder are not working properly.  The tongue turnse yellow because the bile that is secreted in excess.  It can also mean there is an inflamation.

Blueish Purple tongue can mean the blooid is not circulation properly and also a weak digestive system that corresponds to the area of the tongue where the color appears.

The color on the underside of the tongue can also be used to determine the internal condition. In general, the colors and their indications listed above are the same, with the following exceptions:

Blue / Green tongue can be problems with the blood vessels or circulation.

Purple tongue  can might mean a  lymphatic or circulatory system problem. The immune system could be weak..



  1. Who'd a thought sticking your tongue out would tell you all that!
    Thank you for your kind comments about poorly Charlie Hedgehog. They are now endangered in the UK and the rescue centre is doing stirling work, but sadly they see all too many hedgehogs that suffer the same fate. An adult stands a much better chance of survival, but he is only a this years hoglet. All we can do is continue to hope.
    Kindest regards
    Rose H

  2. Oh goodness me, I'm so sorry I should have added welcome to Second hand Rose as a follower :o) Great to have you along!

  3. I don't think as a kid I would've told my mom about tongue pimples if they resulted in an enema! ;-)

  4. Oh my goodness...I just learned a whole lot!

  5. This is so informative. The doctor will ask you to stick out your tongue but I'm not sure they are actually looking for all that you describe. My naturalpath actually does look for many of the indications. I never realized that my tongue could give so much information without actually moving it - LOL! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Terry, What a neat post. You are soooo lucky to have a Mother who gave you enemas. You are getting as knowledgeable as Neil the acupuncturist. I loved the post and all the work you put into it.

    Marilyn is driving from Minneapolis. Check my post. I finally wrote a new one.

  7. Rose, I know... sticking out our tongue can tell us a whole lot. Crazy what our tongue can tell us.

    Lisa, I guess we were kind of not so smart telling our mom we had a pimple on our tongue. The funny thing was, If I didn't tell, my sisters would.

    Ashley, So happy you learned something here.

    Mare, The last time my doctor ask me to stick my tongue out it was brown with stain form eating cloves. He probably though... What the heck is that.

  8. Manzi,
    Just checked out your post.... I love it and thank you so much for linking back to me. You are so sweet.

  9. I laughed when I read what your mother did...only a Mothers love...right? :o)

    This was fun and informative to read. I guess chronically ill folks have a tongue all their own!

  10. Holy Cow. The things I learn from your blog are crazy! I never knew any of this. Who knew you could learn so much about yourself (or someone else!) through your tongue!

  11. Hi Becky,
    Yep... only a Mother!! I for one, never gave my Daughter an enema. I probably should have, but she never seemed to have problems.

    Thanks Miriam, and thanks for stopping by.

    I am so glad you learn something when you come here.

  12. This was a very informative review and something that I had never heard of before. Thanks. : )

  13. Hi Terry, thank you for contacting me again to enqire about Charlie Hedgehog. Sadly he didn't make it, he was just to small and underweight and couldn't fight the poison from the slug pellets despite the sterling work by the rescue centre. Sadly this fairy tale didn't have the happy ending.

  14. This is great information. Wow, I had no idea the tongue could tell you so much.

  15. You share the absolute best information. Every time I come here I learn something new! Now I'm going to the mirror to check out my tongue :)


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