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Is Microwave Cooking Posioning Us?

I have been hearing for years that microwave cooking is hazardous to our health.  Still, I continued to use the microwave.

Lately, my microwave is nothing but a decoration
About a month ago, my Hubs and I went to a seminar on Microwave Cooking and how bad it is for our health.    I kind of believed it, but not enough to stop using it.    All I use it for is reheating anyway... that can't hurt me, Can It?
Here is a list of some of the side effects of eating microwaved foods
1. decreased food value
2. creates dangerous substances that should not be eaten by humans

Eating Microwaved foods Can cause
brain damage
Altered hormone production
Tumors ~ Cancer
Weakened immune system
Memory Loss
Decreased intelligence

I have heard all these things about how bad the microwave is... so I decided to do a test.

 The man that ran the seminar, told us to buy two plants.  Water one with microwaved, cooled water and the other with regular tap water.

I have three pots with weeds growing in them.   I will water each with different water.
1.  With Boiled  Tap Water
2.  With Microwaved Water
3.  With water from the tap

Below are the pictures before I started this experiment.

1.  Boiled Tap Water

2.  Microwaved Water

3.  Water From The Tap

I watered each plant the same amount of water at the same time of day.

About 10-15 days later, I took pictures of the plants to see what was happening

1. Boiled Tap Water  
I am surprised these grew at all since they are in clay dirt.  I had no idea these were petunias, Bonus!!

2.  Microwave Water
The leaves on one of the plants are starting to turn brown and the plant that was in front of it is totally gone.

3.  Water From The Tap
I think this one did the best of all

I know weeds are hard to kill but something is killing the one plant.   It may not be the microwave, but that is the only pot where one plant completely disappeared and one is turning brown.

This test has been inconclusive at best, but It makes me glad I no longer use the microwave.

If any of you have done a similar test, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


  1. So that's why I'm not that smart! It all makes sense now! ;) All kidding aside, I've always wondered just what the microwave was doing to us. I have yet to give it up because it is such a convenience, but I have cut back a great deal. Thanks for this post...I might just have to see what I can do about not using it, period! I have my toaster oven, which is much better when it comes to reheating food anyway!

  2. Lisa,
    I miss using it because it is so convenient, but I am not breaking over. My Hubs has not touched it either.... since we went to the seminar.

  3. i think you made a wise decision. i stopped using my microwave for anything food related about a year ago. now i only use it for disinfecting sponges and for heating water for my sinus rinse bottle. i know that when i eat at restaraunts some of the food may be nuked but that's not something i do all that often anyway. personally i never cared for cooked or re-heated food from the nuker anyway it was just easier, but i figure our food already has so much less biological value now than in the past that it doesnt make much sense to destroy what's left of it by radiating it.

  4. Hi ArtMan,
    I never liked the foods reheated in the microwave either. It was just so darned easy!! I guess I am lazy at heart.

  5. I like that you did the study! I don't really believe what the seminar guy said though, so I'm still going to be using mine. Thanks for the information though! :o)

  6. LOL.... Hi Kass,
    My Daughter would never give up her microwave either.

  7. No, not my super convenient, food in less than 2 minute, microwave :( It's fast but yet the food never tastes very good. Thanks for sharing the results of your study!

  8. Great post, Terry! I too try not to use the microwave, but I know my parents use it daily. I need to remind them to heat up their teas on the stove instead of the microwave!! I know the microwave is convenient, but I think it's worth the work and time to use the stove or oven to heat things up!!!

  9. I have seen this microwave test done on house plants. It only took a few days for them to die with the microwaved water. Pretty scary stuff.

  10. Hi Debbie,
    I always felt the same about the food in my microwave fast but tasteless.

    Hi... so glad you stopped by. Do your parents listen to you when you tell them not to use the microwave? My parents, if they were still alive.. might of told me to mind my own business. They did what they wanted right up until they died.

    Morning Star,
    So nice to see a new face. It is scary stuff. It is hard to kill weeds, but I was doing it with the microwaved water.

  11. Awww.. what a great test! What about those sterilizers for baby bottles? I mean, we don't microwave the milk itself, but I noticed a lot of companies sell the microwavable sterilizers instead of the electric. Do you have any thoughts on that?

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    Lexie Lane

  12. Lexie,
    I think using the microwave for a sterilizer should be fine. You are just sterilizing the bottle, there is no food involved.

  13. I'm glad that I dont use mine that often....Shoot!!! I dont cook that often anyway!!!! LOL

  14. i am sure there are some terrible things that impact on us through the microwave!

  15. I use my microwave but only to make popcorn in this cool pot we have. It's from Mexico and it's called a Pop Pot. We use coconut oil and popcorn. Comes out great. Otherwise the microwave just sits there taking up space over the stove. Personally I would find a way to live without it if it wasn't built into the wall.

  16. Keena,
    I don't cook like I used to either. Hubs does a lot of grilling and that is good by me. The less I have to cook the happier I am.

    For sure there are really bad things. But most of us continue to use the microwave because it is convenient. I kind of miss it because it is easy.

    Coconut oil and popcorn sound wonderful. I might have to make my Hubs that sometime... only in a pan.

  17. Hmmm... I've never thought about this. :(

    I use my microwave ALL. THE. TIME. For everything. Especially for the kids lunches - hotdogs and such. Now I'm going to have to do more research. I love your experiment, it's HARD to kill weeds and you were starting to with microwaved water! How crazy is that?!

  18. i don't use the microwave. i think i'm really lucky to have grown up in a household where my mum still screams at us as if we've just run in front of a car, when we stand in front of the microwave .. though, yes that means she does use the microwave but she's also aware of the dangers of radiation and such. now that i'm staying in london, i just choose not to use it anymore. my roommate thinks i'm weird and makes me feel bad for being so low-fi, but whatever!


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