Humaworm Candida Cleanse Review

I just finished the Humaworm Parasite Cleanse and still have ringing in my ears.  Hopefully it goes away.   Now I am moving on to the Candida Cleanse.   My sister said she got a whole lot of candida out,  hopefully I will too.

Day One... June 23, 2011  Took the two Candida Capsules and went back to bed.  While I was lying there.... I got itchy all over.     It went away and everything seemed good the rest of the day.

Oh... almost forgot.  My collar bones are really hurting bad today.  I hurt there right before I went on the candida diet a couple of years ago.  Now I am hurting again.  Wonder if it is die off....   And my ears are ringing BAD!!

I am not eating many carbs.. I am sort of doing the Anti Candida Diet.  I know Dr Bailey says you don't have to, but I am anyway.

Day Two ... June 24, 2011   Felt very annoyed today.... don't know at what or why, but I was annoyed.  Toninght in my bm, I had these rope like things.  Kind of looked like worms twined together only brown.  Passed lots of other worms too... plus just a little candida.

Day Three... June 25, 2011   Had  a slight upset stomach for most of the day.  When I had a BM, it smelled like someone smells who has really stinky sweat.  Strange..  The BM wasn't the runs but it was very loose.

Day Four... June 26, 2011  Felt really great today.   Thought if I gave myself an enema I would see lots of candida....  I hardly seen any.    I suppose that is good and means maybe the candida was under control and I didn't really need to do this cleanse.

Still eating the anti candida diet,  and kind of feel sick to my stomach tonight.

Day Five.... June 27, 2011  Still have ringing in my ears, boy... hope this goes away soon.  It started during the Humaworm Parasite cleanse.  Had some pains in my liver last night and passed  a little candida.

I ate Mexican tonight,  I guess that means I am no longer on the anti candida diet.   I really don't think I need to be on it.  If I have candida, it is not bad.

Day Six....June 28, 2011   I have been sleeping very well at night.  I try to wake up around 3 AM so I can take my Humaworm Candida Pill, but I have been sleeping through and wake up around 5:30 or so.   I usually take the pill and go back to bed.  That way it has a lot of time to work before I eat breakfast.

Passed a little canida.    Not much.

Put some coconut oil in my ears and eyes.. after that my nose started running and it is acting like I have a cold.  I hope it is die off.

Day Seven.... June 29, 2011   When I woke up, my nose and sinuses were clear.  Don't know what that runny nose was all about last night.... hopefully die off.

A little sick to my stomach tonight.

Day Eight.... June 30, 2011  Slept really well last night.  Got up around 3:30 to take my Humaworm Candida Pill.  Went back to bed and slept until 7:30... felt really good to sleep well.

Ears are ringing terribly.  Tonight I put more coconut oil in my ears and eyes.

Day Nine.... July 1, 2011   Not much going on, feeling very well, with just a slight headache this morning.  Had a great BM and everything was digested.     Used the coconut oil in my ears and eyes.

Day Ten.... July 2, 2011  Still doing well, ears are ringing less, in fact there are times I can't notice it.   I am still putting the coconut oil in my ears.  Hopefully it kills off something.

Day Eleven....  July 3, 2011

Day Twelve... July 4, 2011  Passed another roundworm (The Parasite Cleanse I did will continue to last for another month or so).  It was all falling a part so I am sure it dumped it's eggs somewhere in my body.  Darn it!!

Day Thirteen.... July 5, 2011  I am really thinking of quitting this candida cleanse because I don't know if it is doing anything.... I don't think my problem is candida any longer.  I think I now have to focus on parasites.

Day Fourteen.... July 6, 2011  Not much going on, Still have ringing in my ears off and on.  Ate homemade potato chips at a restaurant last night.   Didn't get sick but the oil layed in my digestive tract all night.
Day Fifteen.... July 7, 2011  Have a headache today and the ringing in my ears is pretty high pitched.   I can't wait for it to go away.  I have never had it for this long of a time.

Day Seventeen.... July 9, 2011  I didn't notice much ringing in my ears today.  I think it might be gone.  I did pass another worm that was falling a part

Day Eighteen.... July 10, 2011  Did I say the ringing in my ears was gone?  Well, I was wrong... it's back again.

Day Twenty.... July 12, 2011   Darn... my ears are still ringing.    10 days left... I can't wait for this to be over with.   If something was happening, I would not mind doing it... nothing is happening.  I don't think candida is my problem.  I think it is all parasites.

Day Twenty One... July 13, 2011  Well, I decided to double up on the candida cleanse and take more capsules.   I don't think anyone should do that,  this is just what I did.  

Day Twenty Two.... July 14, 2011

Day Twenty Three.... July 15, 2011

Day Twenty Four.... July 16, 2011

Day Twenty Five.... July 17, 2011  Got quite a bit of candida out tonight.  I am glad.... that is really the first I have seen.

Day Twenty Six... July 18, 2011  Took the last of the candida capusles.... YAY!!

Day Twenty Seven... July 19, 2011  Because I rushed through the candida cleanse....  I am finished and really happy.   I do still have some ringing in my ears.... very annoying.

Do I think the candida cleanse helped me?   I do think it helped a little,  I don't think I had much candida left before I started so,  If you don't have it, the cleanse is not going to get much out.     I know the Humaworm Parasite Cleanse Was Kick Butt!!  It helped me a lot!
Well.... now that I am finished with the Humaworm Candida Cleanse, it is time to start probiotics.

Note .. I was not paid nor ask to do a review on this product.  Sometimes, I just have to write about a product and tell you how it works.


  1. monkeyonapogostick2:36:00 PM

    what does candida look like when it comes out? what about the parasites? I had to do a cleanse with diflucan but I dont know what to look for. thanks!

  2. Hi monkeyonapogostick,
    When candida comes out, it can look like cotton balls, or white slime mixed and mingled right in with your poop.

    For the parasites....You better have a strong stomach for this... but here you go.




    I am going to get these all on one post eventually.

  3. Oh... sometimes the candida can just be slime, it doesn't have to be white. And sometimes the slime or balls look like they have a lot of legs.

  4. monkeyonapogostick2:58:00 PM

    thanks! nothing that I have "produced" has been white, stringy or slimy. its all been dark black, like as if I passed a crayon.

    I was on diflucan for 30 days then on SF722 a month after that. my stoll tests showed candida and an unknown parasite. so did my kids. my daughter had a known parasite tht she got treated for, 3 pills one day then 3 pills 6 weeks later. she never mentioned anything either.

  5. Well, the first parasite cleanse I did... I didn't see anything either. Humaworm was the only thing that brought out the worms. I passed them for a month after finishing it.

    I am doing so much better now that I got rid of a lot of them. I know they are probably still there so in 3 - 6 months, I will do another parasite cleanse.

    When I passed really dark stool... It was when I was cleaning out my liver.

  6. that makes sense, Ive been taking stuff for the liver too.Im going to look into this stuff you are talking about... it looks like its working!

  7. It took me a long time to figure it out... but yes, it is working for me.

    Before I found out what my problem was, I was almost wearing diapers, my triglicerides were high and I think I would of ended up with cancer.

  8. thanks! Im going to get the family package. Im glad their prices are decent!

    I dont know why my nme shows up as "testing".. this is still monkeyonapogostick

  9. Did you order the parasite cleanse? It has herbs in it that will also help kill the candida.

    Did you happpen to talk to Dr Bailey? She is so nice... if you have any questions, just call or shoot her an email. Also you can go on curezone.com and a lot of us will answer the best we can. Dr Bailey runs it and will also answer if you ask her.


  10. I am sorry you seem a little disappointed with this cleanse. I am almost done with my first parasite cleanse and am glad for it. It has definitely done me good and I plan on doing it again in the future. I had huge amounts of die off and have only seen a little parasites but I know it is working because of all the other stuff my body is doing and telling me. Thanks for all your reviews, advice, and experiences. Also thanks for being willing to talk frankly about what is going on. People's eyes bug out when I try and talk about what is happening with me. I guess you just have to experience this to understand it and be willing to share the disgusting stuff in hopes of helping others and learning more for yourself. You have been a great help to me. THANKS!

  11. Hi Stacie,
    I am so glad the Humaworm Parasite Cleanse worked for you. It is amazing!

    I am a little disappointed in the candida cleanse, but I think it is because I must not have much candida.

    My sister got a ton of candida out and I guess I thought I would do the same thing.

    I should be happy because it probably means I don't have candida any longer. Now, I am just dealing with parasites. I too will be doing another cleanse, but I think I am going to wait 6 months.

  12. Hopping by to say hello from the hop!
    Already a follower!

    I'm exhausted just reading your Parasite cleanse log! I think you have to really want to do it to succeed!

  13. New follower...would love for you to follow back :)


  14. I follow via GFC, Twitter and Facebook. Hope you can stop by and check out my blog.

  15. Anonymous11:07:00 PM

    How often can you do the candida cleanse. I did it three months ago, and I think that I have another candida problem. I have been on antibiotics for the past week and now, I feel as if my candida is coming back. So, do I do another cleanse or should I take the humaworm cleanse?

    1. If it were me I would do the parasite cleanse because that will also help with the candida.
      If you did a candida cleanse and went back to your old ways... you might just keep getting it back.
      I had to cut way back on carbs


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