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Humaworm Candida Cleanse Review From A Reader

I had been asking if anyone had done the Humaworm Candida Cleanse and if they would give me a review on it.  Here is the Review!!  Thank you so much

day 1- slight headache
day 2- tingley tongue and mouth/lots of candida/slime all through and around the poop.
day 3- itchy all over my body and more candida.
day 4- snotty nose.
day 5- tingley tongue and throat/stiff neck/candida in poop looked like white and gray mold.
day 6-pooping more candida.
day 7-sinus drainage and stomach cramps.
day 8-sinus drainage/itchy in ear canals/pooped lots of candida.
day 9-pooping worms/face breaking out with pimples.
day10-good today/digesting food better.
day11-pimples trying to heal/more candida in poop.
day12-dark red spot in middle of tongue/candida in poop.
day13-hot tongue when woke up but went away quickly/no white on tongue.
day14-hot tongue/small thin white worms in poop along with black things. 
day15-headache over eyes/itchy ear canals.
day16-white hot tongue gone/smallwhite worms in poop.
day17-20 white tongue comes and goes.
day21-white tongue better. day22- passed candida.
day23-28 white tongue every morning bad but no candida in poop. day29-snotty nose/phlem in sinus/white tongue/food being digested better.
day30 nothing happening/can't see any candida.


  1. thanks for posting this Terry! It's nice to compare notes! I'm so glad I'm done with the Humaworm, what an adventure!

  2. Terry.... I used the URL on top of your blog as the URL to get to your blog but it isn't working. Please tell me what I should use. I did the story about the aprons today.

  3. Here is the url... hope it works.

    Thank you Manzi for such a beautiful post on your blog.

  4. Wow girl! That is a lot of work to keep a journal like this! Glad you can't see any Candida right now!

  5. Oops jsut saw it was from a reader, still good job to the reader who journaled this! And glad they are Candida free!

  6. Oh, wow this is interesting, will be showing these reviews to someone who I think has this problem, thank you!


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