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Humaworm Parasite Cleanse # 2 Review ~ Master Cleanse

For those of you with weak stomachs... or if you get grossed out easily...  Do Not Read This Post!!
I decided while I was doing the Humaworm Parasite Cleanse, I would try to do the Master Cleanse. My theory behind this is to starve the parasites so more of them die off.
Hopefully, I will drink the lemonade for 10 days.

I drank 6 To 12 Glasses per day of the Lemonade Mixture. Besides the Lemonade mixture, I did salt water and Seanna Tea to keep my bowels moving.

Day One Master Cleanse........ I ate only fruits and vegetables. I ate more vegetables than fruits because of the sugar content in the fruits. Eat 60% Vegetables and 40% Fruits

Day Two  Master Cleanse.......Juice The Fruits And Vegetables today

Day Three Master Cleanse....Day One Humaworm Cleanse.....I Juiced Oranges and mixed it with water. I also added 2 Tablespoons agave syrup to the mixture. I didn't add the agave every time but a couple of times I did so it would give me more energy. The recipe calls for maple suryup but I think I like the agave better.

Today, I also started the Humaworm Parasite Cleanse (This is my second Humaworm Parasite Cleanse)
Was pretty hungry today but did not break down and eat anything.

About 8:30PM I started getting a headache.  I think I might be getting die off symptoms already.
When I went to the bathroom I passed quite a lot of candida

Day Four Master Cleanse... Day Two Humaworm Cleanse...Today I started the Lemonade. The recipe is below and like I said, I drank 6 to 12 glasses of this a day... sometimes more if I was hungry feeling.

When I get up in the morning, I drink a glass of salt water....YUCK!!  This is suppose to help with going to the bathroom. 

I could not sleep last night because my head ached so bad... I hope it is Toxins.  It still hurts this morning, also,.. my ears rang all night long.

Seems like I am having pretty good bowel movements.  Getting out a lot of candida.

Day Five Master Cleanse.... Day 3 Humaworm Cleanse.... Instead of salt water, this morning I drank epsom salts.   Still have a slight headache but feeling much better, my ears still ring but not as bad.

Had to go to the bathroom a lot today. Getting a lot of something out.  Don't know what it is but there is a whole lot of it.  It is like thin skin or membrane.  They kind of look like liver flukes...

I can not do the Master Cleanse any longer.  I have no weight I can afford to lose, so 5 days are enough for me.

Day Four ...Humaworm Cleanse..Feeling really good this morning.. no headache at all.   I am not going to do the Master Cleanse any longer.  I think the Humaworm worked just as well the last time, eating a normal diet.  Although....  I didn't get all those skin things in the toilet the last time.

Felt really good all day.  Because I hadn't been eating, I really couldn't have a bowel movement so I gave myself a water enema.    When I let the water out, I passed 2 round worms.  They were brown colored, that is probably why a lot of people never see them... the look like the poop.

Day Five...Humaworm Cleanse....  Woke up feeling a little crampy in my stomach.  Hopefully it is more die off.  Feel like I need to have a BM and can't.

The ringing in my ears is back... Sounds like a bunch of crickets.

Feeling pretty good in the afternoon.  Hubs took my Daughter and I to a chinese buffet and believe it or not... I ate things I haven't eaten in years.... I do mean years.  Probably 3 at least.

I have been giving myself a warm water enema to keep me going to the bathroom.  Tonight I passed some more round worms.  These were really dark colored, almost blended right in.   If I wasn't looking really close, I would of missed them.

Day Six.... Another good day.  Still constipated though.  I give myself a warm water enema just so I don't get really stopped up.   I might have to start taking epsom salts again, that seems to be the only thing that makes me go when I do the Humaworm Parasite Cleanse.

Had just a slight pain in gallbladder area but it didn't last long.

Day Seven... Feeling so good and sleeping really well.  That makes everything seem so much better.  I did wake up with my ears ringing but other wise I feel great.

Day Eight... Went to eat at Olive Garden and believe it or not!!  I had Zuppa Toscana and did not get sick.

Day Nine ...  Feeling Very, Very well..  I do still have some ringing in my ears.

Day Fourteen...  Hasn't been much going on.  I woke up with a really upset stomach and a slight headache in the morning.    It all wen t away and in the evening I had a really good BM.  Don't know if there were  any parasites in it but I felt great after.

Day Sixteen...  Whats up with the stinky BM's.  I can't wait to get this over and get back on my Probiotic.  My BM's were not stinky on that.

Day Seventeen... I have been noticing that the moles or blood blister like things on my body are getting bigger, and I am getting more of them.  I think they are strongyloides coming out.

My head also itches like there is something crawling around on it.

Day Nineteen...  Woke up with terrible ringing in my ears that lasted for 2 days.

Day Twenty Two.... still have some slight ringing in my ears but it is bearable now.   My body is itching all over.  I scratch one spot and the itch moves to another spot.

Day Twenty Five.... ringing in my ears comes and goes... mostly comes

Day Twenty Nine...  Doing pretty well, tongue is bothering just a little.  Passed more worms tonight.  I also found a couple of pimple like things on the back of my butt cheeks.  One was huge with puss like stuff in it and the other had  a hard thing in it.  I had a really hard time getting a picture but here is the best I could do.  It is really hard to get a picture of the back of yourself.
When I squeezed the puss out, 3 round pieces came out.  I couldn't get a picture of the other mark.
I put boil eze and bandaids on and hope the rest comes out by itself.

Day Thirty....  Last Day!!!  So glad it is over.  Now Tomorrow I start the Humaworm Candida Cleanse. As soon as I finish the Candida Cleanse, I will for sure get right back on my Probiotics and  to prevent the bad bacteria from growing faster than the good.

Master Cleanse Recipes etc (What I did)

When I got up in the morning, I drank Salt Water 1 Tablespoon unrefined sea salt in 8 ounces of water.  Almost Puked!!!

Before I went to bed, I drank a cup of Seanna Tea while on the Master Cleanse.

Lemonade Mixture Recipe

•2 Tablespoons Fresh Lemon Juice
•2 Tablespoons Rich Maple Syrup (I used Agave)
•1/10 Teaspoon Cayenne Pepper Powder (I used quite a lot of this, probably 1/2 teaspoon per glass)
•8 ounces Water

When doing the Master Cleanse,  I had to be sure to do everything in reverse when stopping so I didn't  get sick.

Master Cleanse in Reverse
Drink Juiced Oranges
Drink Vegetable and Fruit Juices 60-40%
Eat Vegetables 60% and Fruit 40%
Start eating normaly ...
Shop Humaworm

I was not paid, nor was I ask to do a review of this product. This product works and I will continue to use it and write about it. Sometimes I find a product that works and just need to write about it.


  1. i did the master cleanse once for 10 days and no doubt the toughest part was the salt water flush each morning! however the correct amount of water is NOT 8 but 32oz! no wonder you wanted to hurl it back up it was WAY too concentrated! also in many cases you need to drink it slowly over 10-20 minutes or so. imo the master cleanse and doing a parasite cleanse at the same time are putting your body through way too much stress at once. i'm thinking maybe you agree with that now :)

  2. Thanks Artman... next time I will know. I couldn't stick with it for long. I just don't have the weight I can afford to lose.

  3. if you ever do try it again keep in mind you can add as much syrup as you want. when i did it i doubled the syrup so i could get more calories. most of the weight you lose will come right back as soon as you start eating your normal diet again which is why fasting as a weight loss diet is not the best route to take.

  4. Thanks Artman. I don't know if I will ever do it again. The thought of it makes me sick. Even if I add more water to the salt.

  5. You know when you write, don't read this if you have a weak stomach, I am going to read it!

    You are probably the most ee healthy/cleansed person I know! I know I should do it but it scares me a bit, or a lot! I don't want to see what is actually in there!

  6. LOL Tawna!! You crack me up.

    I even posted this post way down on the list so people who don't want to look ... won't.

  7. I've done the Master Cleanse twice, and am going to do it again before I start the Iver/ABZ protocol, because I want my body to be good and clean for it. The first four days are the worst. After that, you aren't hungry anymore. You quit too soon! LOL The second Humaworm cleanse is worse than the first. That's when I got those horrid sores on my arms. The other day, I was laying in bed and suddenly it felt like my toe was being sliced into. I went to the bathroom to look, and there was a hole between my big toe and second toe that was bleeding. When I washed it out, there were two more holes, so I guess the worms are still there. I don't know what will happen with the drugs, and I am NOT looking forward to it. I have to wait awhile, because I need to work really hard for the next month to get some money in case the protocol makes me so sick I can't work. I'm sick of waiting! I want it over with.

  8. Deb.. Hi!!
    Long time no see!! I didn't like the Master Cleanse and don't think I will ever do it again. I am feeling very well although...

    Like you, I have a lot of marks on my skin. They have been coming for years so I can't blame them on Humaworm. I am working on them with different things to see how to get rid of them. No luck so far.
    I did dig one out of a mark on my stomach. .. it go so infected that I won't do that again. But it is healing now and looks pretty good.

    Good luck to you on the Master Cleanse and your parasite cleansing. I can't wait to be finished with this for awhile.

    Right now I am doing the Humaworm candida cleanse. Not seeing much candida so maybe I didn't need to do it.

  9. Anonymous8:42:00 AM

    am doing the cleanse now and am not sure what to look for... i am not seeing all those things people say they see. i saw some of that stringy brown things in the beginning, now all I see is a smelly brown sludge like substance and its day 7 for me.

  10. Sometimes in the sludge is body parts of parasites. Have you tried a warm water enema. Sometimes that will bring out a lot of things that are hanging on.

  11. Anonymous11:11:00 PM

    I am getting ready to start Humaworm for the first time and am hoping this might solve me and my daughter's issues. For the past 6 months, both of us have been itching non-stop and finding "mysterious" bites or whelts. My cats have also been getting eaten up and even though they get Flea drops, they started losing hair. My vet dewormed them and it helped the cats for about a month, then it came back.

    An Urgent care doc gave me Permethrin 5% cream (saying it was Scabies - definitely not) and it brought up all these eggs and thousands of black threads from all over both of us - there were white threads too but they were very wispy so I can't be positive what they were; I was much worse than my daughter and it seemed to have infested my hands and feet and backside.

    My Family Doc gave us Ivermectin (2 doses) and it was like a Nuclear bomb. I hurt badly in all my joints, my head ached, my eyes hurt, vomiting (every morning) and my skin was crawling with them non-stop. I would shower and they were immediately back on the surface. I think it was these threadworms coming out as they are dying but I'm not sure.

    This is my second dose and I am finding all sorts of black specks on my skin that leave welts and pinch as they come up (mainly in my hair and face). My daughter has them mainly on her face and I am starting to wonder if it is from where I kiss her cheeks. Also still finding the black threads but a bit less than last dose.

    Has anyone had an experience like this? Any advise? I have tried many topical things (tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, sulfur soaps, changed my diet to exclude almost all sugar and processed foods and have kept my house very clean.

    I am starting to come to the conclusion that these things have to be destroyed internally. I have added Fenugreek seeds, lavender, garlic, and alfalfa supplements to the VRM2 and VRM3 cleanse I am on. The Fenugreek seed supplement and Alfalfa have had a noticeable reaction - after I take them, more threads die and come out within 25 minutes. I have started taking them with every meal.

    Wish me Luck

  12. Janein,
    I do wish you luck. I am not sure if you have strongyloides Or something they call morgellons. So far, I have not had any of your symptoms. Email me, my link is at the top of the page under contact.
    I have a site for you to check out that tells the symptoms of morgellons. It will help you either diagnose or rule it out.

  13. Anonymous6:20:00 PM

    Do you still see parasites after te cleanse? I finished the 30 day dose 3 weeks ago and still seeing stuff.

  14. Humaworm says their cleanse can work for a month after you finish. I usually only see stuff for a couple of weeks after.

    Thats good you are seeing things. That means it was working.

  15. Anonymous8:46:00 PM


    I want you thank you for all the awesome information you have on your blog. I have only recently started my journey on candida healing and it has been very rough. I also started my first parasite cleanse few after after in conjunction with the candida cleanse. I wanted to know how long you waited after your first parasite cleanse before you started on your second one? Also, I plan to do my candida cleanse for 8 weeks with rotating my anti-fungals - is that too much or too little? It has been more than 6 weeks but I am still getting a lot of anxiety and fatigue.

    Thank you


    1. Anne,
      I only did a parasite cleanse every 90 days. I didn't want the worms to get immune to the herbs.

      8 weeks for the candida cleanse may work for you. I had to keep doing them off and on.... but then I said the heck with candida and just worked on the worms and my liver. I did a liver flush every two weeks for awhile. Not sure how many I did but it helped get out a lot of toxins that had built up in my body.

      I wish you lots of luck with this. It can be a very long haul.

    2. Thank you for your response! I will do another one after 90 days. I too am starting to feel that getting rid of the parasites will rid me of candida so thats what I should focus on. A couple more follow- up questions:
      1.Should I do a liver flush right after finishing the parasite cleanse and continue to do them until the next parasite cleanse?
      2. What kind of diet did you follow for the parasite cleanse? I am just doing vegetables and a little bit of quinoa sometimes with some nuts and seeds. I want to expand to legumes and lentils since I am vegetarian but is that ok to with the parasite cleanse? What about fruit?

      Thank you


    3. Anonymous1:47:00 AM

      Thank you for the response and encouragement. I too have been feeling that if I get rid of the parasites I will get rid of the candida so I should focus on the parasite cleanse. I have a couple of follow-up questions for you:
      1. When should I do liver flushes? In between the parasite cleanse? I still have a few more days to go before I complete my first one, can I start right after and should I keep doing them till the next cleanse?
      2. What about your diet for the parasite cleanse? I am on a strict candida diet ( only veggies, some nuts and seeds and a little bit of quinoa). I know sugar is a no-no even for the parasite cleanse but what about other gluten grains and fruit?

      Thank you


    4. Since I only did a parasite cleanse every 90 days I did the liver flushes in between and I did them every 2 to 3 weeks. I am not sure how safe this is so you really need to check with your Dr or someone. I waited a couple of weeks after I did the parasite cleanse to start.

      When I did a parasite cleanse sometimes I would do a master cleansse with it. That is where I only drank lemon water. I could only do it for a couple of days and then I had to eat.

      Early on, I didn't eat fruit at all, then as I started feeling better, I added fruit in. Carbs.... they bothered me at the time so I didn't do gluten at all. I did grains like brown rice, buckwheat, millet, quinoa etc. Those still bothered me so I tried to eat as few as I could.

      Eventually I added a lot of things back in. I wish you much luck. Candida is a horrible thing to go through and no one can understand it...


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