Is Baking Soda The Miracle Cure For Candida ?

NOTE: This blog is for my own healing, if you read and try something I do... you will be trying it at your own risk.  I do some pretty crazy things to heal, some work, some don't.  So please, check with your doctor before you do anything I do.

I have been getting a couple of emails from people telling me they don't have the money to buy herbs to heal candida.   I had read baking soda is a candida miracle cure.  So, for you, I tried this.   I did it over a year ago, ....  I just never got around to posting it until now.

Let me tell you.... I did all the below and it didn't do a thing except give me cracked lips and make my face look like it was peeling.  My Tongue is still coated.

I must warn you. Do Not Do This Without First Checking With Your Doctor!! I do some crazy things trying to heal. I did not check with my Doctor, but I am telling you PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE YOU TRY ANYTHING I DO.

I am going to try the baking soda and blackstrap molasses for my white candida thrush coated tongue and see what happens. I use tea tree oil on it and it cleans it right up, but tea tree oil doesn't get to the root of the problem. If my tongue is coated, that means I have candida EVERYWHERE. In my sinuses, ears, eyes, probably my brain. It is in my stomach, digestive tract, colon. EVERYWHERE!!

So here goes, today is the day I might start getting better or mess up all the progress I have made so far.

This is going to take one month to get through.

To give you a little bit of how I am going to do this, here it is
*I will be using the netti pot once a day with baking soda in it to wash out my sinus cavity the best I can. I use distilled water in my netti pot

I will be rinsing my mouth with baking soda and water through out the day when I feel I need it.

**I will be washing my eyes out every morning using baking soda and distilled water

I always take supplements Liquid Magnesium Chloride (I do the magnesium 2 to 6 times a day), Zinc, Potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin D and Calcium. I have always tried to put the vitamins and minerals back into my system that candida has leached out.
Magnesium Chloride is very important in my diet

I will be eating an alkaline diet, at least I will try to stick to an alkaline diet. I will be eating NO CANE SUGAR. ( I do know molasses is a by product of cane sugar, but it is also full of minerals I need.)

When I am drinking the Aluminum Free Baking Soda, I can NOT DO IT 2 HOURS PRIOR TO EATING AND NOT UNTIL 2 HOURS AFTER EATING. Baking soda makes my digestive tract alkaline and I need some acid to digest my food.

**** Baking Soda Can Cause My Body To Become To Alkaline Causing More Problems

I will do Phase 1 through 4 for 5 Days each, Phase 5 is done for 10 Days

Phase 1 ~ 5 Days
For Phase one, I used unsulphered black molasses and aluminum free baking soda.

I will drink 1 teaspoon baking soda and 1 teaspoon unsulphured black strap molasses 3 times a day. I will shoot for 10 AM, 2 PM and 8PM. That way I won't be drinking this to close to meals. Baking soda alkalizes so if I drink it to close to a meal, it won't let the meal digest.

Phase 2 ~ 5 Days
For Phase two, I used unsulphered black molasses and aluminum free baking soda.

I will drink 1/2 teaspoon baking soda and 1 teaspoon unsulphured black strap molassses 3 times a day. 10 AM 2 PM and 8 PM

Phase 3 ~ 5 Days
For Phase three, I will need fresh lemons, unsulphered black molasses and aluminum free baking soda.

I will drink1/ 2 teaspoons aluminum free baking soda and 1 teaspoon black strap molasses twice a day. I will do this at 10 AM and 8 PM. Around 2 PM I will drink my ***drink lemon mixture.

Phase 4 ~ 5 Days
For Phase four, I will need fresh lemons, unsulphered black molasses and aluminum free baking soda.

I will drink 1/4 teaspoons aluminum free baking soda and 1 teaspoons black strap molasses 2 times a day. 10 AM and 8 PM. Around 2 PM I will drink my ***drink lemon mixture.

Phase 5 ~ 10 Days At 10 AM and 8 PM I will drink my ***lemon mixture, I will also drink `1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon black strap molasses once a day at 2 PM. This is where I will know if I need to raise or lower the amount of aluminum free baking soda I use.
* To make the liquid for my netti pot, I boil and cool 1 cup distilled water. When it is cool I add a packet of the powder you buy for the netti pot and 1/2 to one teaspoon of aluminum free baking soda.

** To make the eye rinse I boil 1/4 cup distilled water, cool and add 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon aluminum free baking soda.

*** To Make the Lemon Mixture, I used 1/2 a lemon. I took out the seeds, cut it into small pieces and put it into my blender with about 1/2 cup of water. I blended the water and lemon until it resembled applesauce. I then strainded the liquid out.

Pout the strained lemon water mix into a cup. Add 1 teaspoon black strap molasses and enough boiling water to make one cup. Drink and enjoy.

**** Warning, Baking Soda Can Deplete My Body Of Essential Vitamins And Minerals, Especially, B Vitamins, Chromium and Folic Acid. My problem is, Candida and Parasites also deplete my body of all these. I am between a rock and a hard place.

This Did Not Work For Me!!  FAIL !! No Way Would I call it a miracle cure.


  1. Well it may have failed as a cure but at least it didn't hurt you! I have been known to try things on myself so I wont say a word about that---sometimes people get desperate or curious--I am so definitely one of those people.

  2. Anonymous9:27:00 PM

    Please consider a trial with Raw apple cider vinegar ( with mother in it) . Much more beneficial than feeling the candida with sugar even if it is healthy sugar.

    1. I actually do use Raw apple cider vinegar. For many things.

  3. Aluminum-free baking soda? Sounds like you were taking baking powder, not baking soda. No baking soda has aluminum in it. It is simply sodium bicarbonate. No wonder it didn't work. I have been taking baking soda in the morning (half teaspoon in 4 ounces of water) for about two months, making sure it is on an empty stomach so I do not neutralize any acid need for the digestive process. The bloating and water-weight gain I suffered from for decades has been better for about one month. My stomach used to swell within minutes of eating, and no more.

    1. You can buy aluminum free baking soda from Bob's Red Mill Products


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