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Humaworm Parasite Cleanse ~ Week Four

I can't believe I am in my 4th and final week of the Humaworm Parasite Cleanse.

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Day Twenty Two...   I am back to feeling really well.   The Guacamole I tried a few days ago did not sit well and I am not going to eat that again unless I make it myself, with out the Onions and whatever else was in it.   

My tongue is not burning any longer.... I know I have to eat liver friendly foods to keep it that way... at least until I can do the Humaworm Liver cleanse and get it straightened out.

Not seeing much in the way of worms or parasites any longer.  Hopefully they are all gone.  If not.... I will be doing this again later.

Day Twenty Three...  Well, this morning I seen some more string like things.  That is the first in awhile.  I read some where, that the last week of the Humaworm Parasite cleanse brings them out again.  That is a good thing.... I want them all out.

So, tonight... I had another BM.  I passed this thing that looke like a large wood chip, probably about an inch long and maybe 1/4 or so inches wide.   I thought it might be unprocessed food so I got a tissue and picked it up.  It was kind of hard, not hard like wood,... more like rotted wood.   Anyway, I broke it in half and it looked like a worm right down the middle... like my BM petrified around a worm.  Is this possible?      Has anyone else had anything like this?

I have a slight headache so I am going to bed.

Day Twenty Four....  I woke up with a splitting headache.  My stomach is not that great either and I just feel crappy.   My right eye is also twitching and both my eyes feel like they are full.  Like an allergy type thing.

Could I be having die off in my last week of the parasite cleanse?  I didn't have much die off early on.

Day Twenty Five...  Feeling much better today.  Still have a slight headache, but not as exausted feeling.

My Hubs told me I was snoring last night.  The only time I snore is when I am sick..

Had a lot of strings in my BM today.  I am so glad they are leaving my body... that is probably why I felt so bad yesterday. When parasites are dying, they produce toxins that make us sick.

Day Twenty Six...   Feel GREAT today.  Not as many strings ( hardly any) in my stool, plus...  I am digesting my food.  For the last couple of days, I see no undigested food in my stool.   That is the first in a very long time... like 3 years.  Since I got sick.

Day Twenty Seven...  Didn't sleep very well last night... I don't know why, I was just not tired.

Seen all kinds of things in my bm today and I don't think it was undigested food.  Too long to be that.   I am not sure what it was.  I am kind of thinking.... tapeworm It looked about 1/4 inch wide and 3 inches long.  But I am not saying for sure because I couldn't tell.

Well, the minute I say there is no undigested food in my stool..... there it is again. Not as much as there used to be... but it is still there.

Day Twenty Eight...  Last Day people!!   I am so glad I did this cleanse.  No, I am not completely healed... but I am doing so much better.   I have BM's on a regular basis and most of the food is digested.  My tongue does not burn as much.  I know for sure the burn is caused by my liver.

I am still having some twitching in my right eye...  but I am feeling well.    Especially since I can eat more of a variety of foods.  Wheat being one of them.

I know this cleanse got a lot of the parasites.. I don't know if it got all of them. If not, I will do it again.

Note .. I was not paid, nor was I ask to do a review of this product. This product works and I will continue to use it and write about it.  Sometimes I find a product that works and just need to write about it.


  1. You can have die-off up until 30 days after the cleanse. Remember, most parasites live in the small intestine, so they will still be dying and getting passed out of your body. Plus, the dead ones that don't pass out will be rotting in there, so that's more toxins. I had die-off for about 2 weeks after my last cleanse.

    That twitching in your eyes bothers me. Did you see my post on using the coconut oil in your eyes? I had the twitching too. Strongyloides can get into your eye and actually make you go blind. In fact, sometimes blindness in one eye is what makes them go to the doctor, and how strongyloides is discovered.

    1. wouldnt taking a colema really be helpful to remove the dead or living worms so you will not get sick from the toxins, look up Dr Bernerd Jensons colema from this book about better bowel care.

    2. Hi Joseph,
      I no longer have parasites.... at least I think they are completely gone. I did do enemas and that helped with the toxins and getting rid of the dead parasites. It is in some of my other posts.

  2. I'm curious how you're feeling since this post? It seems to have been about 2 months since your last parasite cleanse. Any changes?

    I just finished week 2 of ParaGone. I think I'm just kind of getting impatient as far as when relief will come! I seem to have a really good day now and then which gets me excited, and the next day I go back to square one with no energy and lots of muscle & joint aches. My plan is to cycle the ParaGone 3 times, taking a 5-day break inbetween each cycle.

    Also curious...did you have any weight issues with the parasites? I have had rapid weight gain recently which won't budge even though I am eating no sugar, no grains (no carbs, really) and exercising.

    I would love to hear an encouraging story and an estimated time I can look forward to feeling better!

  3. Hi Katie,
    I am feeling pretty well since I did the parasite cleanse.... not perfect mind you, but better.

    I am still eating wheat and some other things that I thought I had an allergy to.

    My burning tongue is still a little bit of a problem. Hopefully, the next parasite cleanse gets rid of that completely.

    I am working on my liver/gallbladder but don't think I will heal it completly until the parasites are gone for good.

  4. Anonymous11:15:00 PM

    I thought you might want to know that the eye twitching can be a sign of low magnesium.

  5. Anonymous,
    Low magnesium is a possibility, But I pulled a worm out of my eye.

    1. YOU PULLED A WORM OUT OF YOUR EYE?????? i just ordered Humaworm but hearing something like that FREAKS ME OUT. When you pulled it out, how big was it? did the twitching stop? OMG.

    2. YOU PULLED A WORM OUT OF YOUR EYE?????? I just ordered Humaworm and that little tidbit freaks me the F&#$@ out!!! do you have a pic? how big was it? ugh.. how did you know to pull it out?

    3. Anissa,
      I had been having a twitch in my eye for over a week. It felt like something was alive there. I was in Las Vegas on vacation at the time so when I got home, I started putting organic coconut oil in my eye. The coconut oil must have stunned the worm enough that when I rubbed my eye there was a gob in the corner. I pulled it out and it was a worm. Freaked me out. I think the Humaworm had it sick.

      Here is the worm that I pulled out... DON'T LOOK AT THESE IF YOU GET GROSSED OUT EASILY. tHEY ARE DISGUSTING.!

      Here are pictures of other parasites I got out of myself.

  6. spiralwortz1:52:00 PM

    you pulled a worm out of your eye???!! details, please!!! also have you tried the apple/olive oil cleanse for the liver and gallbladder? i did it and it worked WONDERS. i passed a ton of stones. highly recommend.

  7. I did pull a worm out of my eye. I have always had eye twitching off and on. I just thought it was tired muscles. LITTLE DID I KNOW!!
    Here is the link to the post. I still do the coconut oil off and on but have never gotten out another worm.

    I need to try this apple olive oil. Do you have the link

    my email is terrylee5151 @

  8. Anonymous9:35:00 PM

    There is a gallbladder cleanse that has worked wonders for a few who did it in our church. It is ONE day long and a holistic clinic here in missouri uses it on their patients. It involves salt, apple juice, epsom salt, grapfruit juice. i will look for it online, i don't have it on my computer. they passed gallbladder stones that were in their liver. true story.

  9. Anonymous,
    I have done a gallbladder cleanse that I passed stones. I didn't use the apple juice but epsom salt, grapefruit juice and olive oil.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  10. Thanks so much for this blog! I have been fighting Candida for about 13 years, with varying degrees of success (probably got it about 40 years ago, as a child). I did a parasite cleanse a year and a half ago, and felt good for a short time, but it seems they're back with a vengeance. Now I am back to chronic fatigue, frequent bloating, constipation, memory loss, hair loss, yada yada yada. Your blog has opened my eyes and confirmed my suspicions -- have been passing stuff that looks identical to the critters and candida photos you posted here; it's good to know I'm not crazy and not alone. I had been most recently trying to go on the GAPS diet, but bloat up like a balloon when I drink broth (a major component of the GAPS diet). Just went to the GAPS website to see if there was a link between this bloating from broth and parasites, and guess what? Dr. C-McBride (the originator of the diet) says we'll NEVER be rid of parasites completely, because they seem to be helping our immune system in some way. She recommends only fighting them when they produce symptoms. The most interesting comment was regarding cancer, that GAPS is not recommended because it nourishes the body too much to get rid of the parasites that are causing the cancer.
    Anyway, so glad you're doing so well. You have given me hope! Gearing up for a new battle plan!

  11. Thanks PilgrimGirl,

    I do realize we need some of the critters that grow inside of us. I was just so overloaded with them that I was slowly dying.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  12. This totally freaks me out. Can I be sedated for 30 days while I do this? :(

  13. ZMom,
    You probably won't see anything unless you do an enema. That is the only way I see things.

  14. Anonymous4:05:00 PM

    Did you find that the enemas helped?

  15. Anonymous,
    Yes, the enemas did help when I needed them. If I would not have done them, I would have been at the emergency room with impacted colon.

    I got rid of a lot of candida that way.

    I especially liked the coffee enema and sometimes I would do a grapefruit seed extract enema.

    I don't do them anylonger unless I am doing a parasite cleanse and then it helps get out any worms that are in there.

  16. So do you think one cleanse would be enough just not to get fever blisters anymore?

  17. Denise,
    Not sure if one would be enough because I do one every 3-6 months. Once you get rid of the parasites.... you can get reinfected again.

  18. Anonymous1:21:00 PM

    would someone who doesn't show symptoms of having parasites benefit in any way that would be noticable to them? more like a preventative measure

    1. They say to do a parasite cleanse every 6 months to prevent them.

  19. When you did this 4 week humaworm. How many times did you do the enamas?

    1. I didn't want to wash out the medicine often so I only did it when I was constipated. Then I would do an enema. Maybe, once every week or two.

  20. The burning tongue could be caused by eating food too high in oxalates. Google low oxalate diet. It happens to me as well.

  21. I'm so glad I found this blog!I've been suffering with some bad symptoms that I'm just now thinking that it might be parasites.


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