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Humaworm Parasite Cleanse In Review

Update..   Most of the symptoms below came back.  I know it is because I still need to work on the parasites.  Until I get rid of them, I am never going to be well.

Before the  start of the Humaworm Parasite Cleanse
. I had a burning sore, tingling tongue   
. I could not eat raw vegetables
. I could not eat carbs
. I could not eat ground meat (Hamburger)
. Chicken Became Iffy
. I wasn't sleeping well
. I had undigested food in my stool
. I had to work at it,  to not be constipated
. I was allergic to Gluten

It had gotten to a point where I could hardly eat anything.    I thought it might be the candida coming back, so I went on the anti candida diet again.   My tongue still continued to burn and I still could not eat raw vegetables.  I could eat cooked vegetables.  Chicken and hamburger were very hard for me to digest.  Sometimes I could eat steak, and sometimes I couldn't.   There was always undigested food in my stool... always!

I was at a very low point in my life....  I was starving all the time.  I couldn't sleep.. I had all but given up healing myself.  I did not know where to turn next.

I gave a last ditch effort and contacted Dr. Bailey at Humaworm.   

When she told me I needed  to do the parasite cleanse first... I can tell you, I was skeptical.   I had just done a parsite cleanse 6 months ago and saw no parasites.
I also had an herbalist test me for parasites.... no parasites.    I also had a stool sample taken at my doctors office.... no parasites.  

I thought... what the heck!! I will do a parasite cleanse.   The first two days of the parasite cleanse produced nothing.   On the Third Day of  Week One Of The Humaworm Parasite Cleanse, all heck broke loose.  I started seeing worms... worms that I would of sworn I didn't have.   I can tell you, I was really freaked out.  I had to have this one worm for a long time, because it was huge.   I guess my docotor and herbalist have no clue to what is going on.

Week Two Of The Humaworm Parasite Cleanse brought many different feelings.  One day my gallbladder would hurt.  Sometimes my liver would hurt.  Not bad, I didn't seem to have a lot of die off which kind of concerned me.  I know die off is a good thing.  It means all those nasty parasites are dying.  Don't get me wrong... I did have some die off... but I wanted really good die off. 

Week Three Of The Humaworm Parasite Cleanse,  I was not doing to bad... felt I was sailing right through this.  Yes, I was still having some die off... but I wanted more!!
My tongue was not burning much and many times, I had no undigested food in my stool.  I wasn't seeing much in the way of parasites.    My constipation problem seems much, much better.  I am not doing the Breakfast Shake most mornings to keep me un-constipated.  

Week Four Of The Humaworm Parasite Cleanse,  The week started out fairly easy..  Did I say I wanted more die off???  Be careful what you wish for. 

On the third night of week 4, I started getting a headache so went to bed early. The  next morning...  Wow!  I thought I had been run over with a truck.   My head was pounding, my stomach was sick feeling... I was sure I was coming down with something.   My right eye was twitching and both eyes felt like they were allergic to something.   I also had strange things in my BM.  All kind of strings and wood looking things.

The next day.... just a slight headache... thats it...

Because, I still have some Liver/Gallbladder problems, I still have to watch what I eat, but... I can now eat CARBS, RAW VEGETABLES, and chicken and hamburg are not causing me the problems they were.    Most of the time my tongue DOES NOT BURN.  In fact most times I forget I have a tongue.   And Wheat!! I CAN NOW EAT WHEAT

One thing I want to tell you.... I thought I had a Gluten Allergy.....  I did NOT have a gluten allergy.  It was those parasites making me allergic to everything I ate.  I am now eating wheat (Whole Wheat), but wheat none the less.   

I don't really have to watch how many carbs I eat, but I do try to eat more vegetables that carbs.   Oh Yes!!  I am eating raw vegetables again.

I am also having regular Bowel Movements with out having to make sure I drink my Breakfast Shake every morning.

I am not waking up at 3 oclock every night trying to figure out what woke me up.  I even fall asleep much easier.

I used to have dark circles under my eyes... I think the skin is now much lighter.

My hair is also much nicer looking... at least I think so.  I hope so anyway.

Also, I do not have undigested food in my stool  as much!!  This is a first in probably 3 years.  Most of the time I have no food in my stool... but once in awhile I do.

I realize, I still need to do the liver / gallbladder cleanse.  I am not quite out of the woods yet... but I can see the light through the trees.

I am also having some twitching in my right eye that wasn't there before.  I will be working on that also.   I will probably do another Parasite Cleanse in a few months.

I would like to thank Dr Bailey and all the Humaworm staff for helping me get to this point....  Thank You So Much!!!

Update...     It has been about 2 weeks since I finished the parasite cleanse.    Tonight I seen more worms.  I hope more of them die off. 

Update...  It has been 3 weeks since I finished the Humaworm Parasite Cleanse.  Parasites are still dying.  That is a good thing.   Take a look at the Liver Flukes.

I am also having a really dark black BM, very smelly.   

After you get finished with the parasite cleanse, be sure to get on a good Probiotic.  

I was not paid, nor was I ask to do a review of this product. This product works and I will continue to use it and write about it. Sometimes I find a product that works and just need to write about it.


  1. yay!! I also want to thank you for introducing me to humaworm. I ordered it on monday and ll be doing a weekly video update instead of writing.

    1. Yikes. Video update sounds both scary and comforting. I was wondering if it was just me but since I have been taking humaworm the right side of my ovaries have been hurting. do you think it's a possibility there are worms there? I had to surgically go to the gyno twice to remove 2 weird cysts before.....I am wondering if humaworm is helping me to expel whatever might be there. I haven't been investigating which worms have been coming out but there have been a lot of stringy stuff coming out and possibly yeast also......

    2. They say worms can go anywhere in your body Joan. Sometimes the stringy stuff can be Candida but it can also be like dead worms that your body is sore but most of them.
      What ever it is it's better out then in that's for sure

  2. I hope it goes as well for you as it did for me.

    I know I killed a lot of the parasites.. I hope I got all of them. If not, I am doing it again, and I will be doing it every 6 months just to make sure this never happens again. Really Gross!!

    1. I hope so too. But I have been doing it too and i think 6 months seems a bit too excessive and overloaded for me. I have been doing it about every 8-9 months....but I am also a strict vegetarian so probably that's why I don't have as much to remove since it's been pretty regular. But my friend was telling me a scary thing that if I do too much cleansing and then suddenly my body ingests something not so good, i can immediately die.......what do you think of that......? freaky right....

  3. Try the coconut oil drops for the eye twitching. It really helped me. So glad you are better. I'm getting better every day!

    1. Make sure you get the top quality organic coconut oil. i have (because it's for your eyes) and it's been relieving me of my dry eye symptoms also. FYI, i didn't get anything weird coming out of my eyes so that's a good sign.....but i can tell you I have been super flatulent and super hungry since the Humaworm pills.

  4. Anonymous8:12:00 PM

    To Deb, Yes. Coconut oil really works to kill the parasite that is behind the twitching eye. Amazingly fast too. Within minutes. I applied it directly on the eye and gently rubbed it in. I now take, in my mouth, 1 tablespoon of it twice a day for general candida and parasite clense. The stuff tastes ok. It's also great applied on the skin, for shaving, and for hands and face cream. I'm going to try it as a shampoo. All this after wasting years, decades, seeing doctors. I'm going to beat this thing.

  5. Anonymous8:22:00 PM

    I've recently read on the Internet, where else do we now get the very best information about cures, that a century ago and earlier, it was the norm to do a parasite clense, say every 6 months. How about that. Our grandparents knew some good stuff. Today big pharma has grabbed us by the $&/-s and convinced us to see their messengers, doctors, to be subscribed crazy potent drugs that do much harm, serious harm. I think I see a change a coming. And we're the change. Talk about a grass roots change.

  6. I have been using it for a long time. It doesn't seem to kill the parasites I have, but it does stun them. I also use it on my skin.

    I don't know about using it in the hair as shampoo, kind of greasy.

  7. Anonymous12:18:00 AM

    Most natural body oils do not absorb into the skin. Coconut oil does. I use about 1/2 a teaspoon on my hair and scalp. Many people do use coconut oil as a shampoo and after tonight, my first time doing so, I can see and feel why. My hair and in particular my scalp feel great. As for stunning the parasites by internally ingesting a few teaspoons a day of coconut oil, that'll do because I'm backing it up with a fair share if supplements. I'm telling you folks, this candida, these parasites are going to moderate, if not disintegrate.

  8. Anonymous12:36:00 AM

    What I mean about body oils are those such as those used as a facial clense or to smoothe the skin, i.e. olive oil and the like. This oil will pool up on the skin. Coconut oil won't. Btw check out Miranda Kerr and her use of coconut oil. I'm sure the doctors, big pharma messengers, are upset that she is a great endorsement for natural coconut oil, but I'll take Miranda over any doctor any day.

  9. Well last night I used coconut oil as a shampoo. Holy Cow, today I look like a grease ball.

    I won't be washing my hair in it again. I think it would work great for a guys hair that is short, but for longer hair... it doesn't rinse out that easy.

  10. I know you couldnt eat to many foods before you did the cleanse, but is there a certain diet recommended to do it?

    1. I followed the candida diet but there was a point where all I could eat was chicken and green beans and chicken was getting iffy.

  11. can you please tell us whats going on with you now iam new here and little confused .. did you get rid finally from candida and parasites or what ??

    1. Hi aamer2006,
      Yes, I can tell you how I am doing. I am doing very, very well. I have learned to control the candid instead of it controlling me. I test candida free... but, I do continue to eat smart.

      As for the parasites, I do a parasite cleanse of some sort at least every six months. That keeps the worms under control also. I think candida and worms are just a part of living. They are everywhere.

    2. thank you for the quick reply ,i am 27 years old male, i am suffering from white tingling tongue for 4 years i did acandida test and it was negative , i did another test for any parasite and the result was also negative , doctors keep saying its all in your head , i was so desperate , after seeing your website and reading your story with candida , i decide to start candida diet and to bye herbs you mentioned , its had been a month now , i feel sooooo tired and weak ( i guess its die off symptoms ) the most difficult is diarrhea almost 8 times daily , i have two questions for you : why not using a medication instead of herbs i mean sure there is a medication for treatment parasites or candida isnt easier than herbs ? my second one is : i had bruises and petechiae in my mouth (palate cheek and tongue ) and its Painful and sometimes bleed did you had something like that once ?

    3. I didn't use the medication because I couldn't get a Doctor to even talk to me about worms, candida or anything related. I would gladly have tried the medicine for worms. ... and candida. By the time I did find a doctor, I was well on my way to healing and he told me to just keep doing what I was doing.
      If you can find a doctor to help you... that is wonderful.

      As for the tingling tongue. I find when I eat too many carbs, my tongue will tingle. So I try to cut back on my carbs.

      I had constipation, not diarrhea and never bruises nor bleeding in my mouth. Not sure what would cause something like that. Have you talked to your Doctor about that?

    4. yeah he seen those bruises and he told me it must be a virus , specially i did candida test twice and it was negaive . i told him what about the tingling tongue that flare up when i eat sugar , and what about the white tongue in every morning . not to mention nausea fatigue and fog that i keep feeling all these years . one doctor told me that it might be candida and some kind of parasite , and usually these types of infections came with another episodes of viral or bacterial infections that may cause the bruises . the diarrhea usually starts after taking the herbs you think i am allergic to one of them ? . i did gastroscopy and colonoscopy due to the pain in my stomach every time i eat sugar and they find severs inflammation in the stomach wall and they take a biopsy for investigation i still waiting for the results . i will ask my doctor to take medication called Albendazole its for parasites , but before that i will wait to see what is the results from the biopsy , i hope they finally know what is it .. thank you so much

  12. Dr Bailey at Humaworm says candida and parasites go hand in hand. She told me I wouldn't get rid of the candida until I got the parasites under control. She was right, at least in my case.
    I bet if you can get your Dr to give you the Albendazole, it will help. Hopefully it kills all strains of parasites and not just a couple of them.

    One of the herbs could be giving you die off and causing the dirrhea. I know they work differently on different people.

    So have you stopped eating sugar? If it gives you pain.. I think I would stop using it. Have you tried stevia to sweeten?

  13. Terry,

    Did the Homeworm cleanse cause your ear ringing?
    Looking to order, but do not want to have a new issue- ear pain for months


    1. Hi Anne,
      I don't think the Humaworm caused the ear ringing.... but it did start while I was taking it. I think it is all a digestion problem. But, who knows. I know when I eat a lot of carbs, the ringing gets out of control.


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