Are You Allergic To Gluten Or Is It Parasites Causing Your Gluten Problem

NOTE: This blog is for my own healing, if you read and try something I do... you will be trying it at your own risk.  I do some pretty crazy things to heal, some work, some don't.  So please, check with your doctor before you do anything I do.

I know,,  you think I am crazy.  I would think I was crazy also if I were you.  But.... I am here to tell you..   I did a Parasite Cleanse from Humaworm and now I can eat GLUTEN.   It has been over 3 years since I could eat gluten.

I could not eat a lot of things, I was allergic to almost all foods..  Raw Vegetables, Gluten, almost all carbs... Beef,  Chicken.   I was allergic to food.

Then I did the 4 Week Humaworm Parasite Cleanse.   Here is my Humaworm Parasite Cleanse Review, if you want to read it.

After I finished with the parasite cleanse, I felt great... but, when the parasites started breeding again I started getting the same problems back.... not as bad though, but didn't want them to get bad.   I am going to do another parasite cleanse, then a candida cleanse and end up taking a good probiotic probiotic.

I started taking a really good probiotic to help me keep the parasites and the candida away.  It worked so well that I continue to take it.    I know at some point I am going to have to find another probiotic so I can rotate them.  I have a fear that I might become immune to just one.  Not sure if this can happen or not.

Please Check with your Dr before doing anything you see on this blog.


  1. I've enjoyed watching your progress with this. I'm glad that you are able to enjoy more foods. I looked at the Humaworm website. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to Black Walnut. I see that it's in just about everything. Oh, well. I will stick with my diatomateous earth.

  2. that's incredible! i'd go insane if i couldnt eat beef! i am planning to try a humaworm cleanse in the near future as well. i dont have the food allergy probs like you did but still, i bet there are plenty of intestinal vermins living off my hard earned groceries!

  3. That's wonderful that you can eat gluten. I'm enjoying reading about your journey, it is good to see that someone getting better. It seems like as soon as I log into facebook or read my emails etc, that most are sick and on medication. Yet many don't want make the effort to become better...Have a great week!

  4. Anonymous12:03:00 PM

    PLEASE google Hulda Clark Zappers It will CURE this problem with a tiny electrical charge from a 9 volt battery It is completely harmless to humans but kills parasites with NO side effects! There are many websites selling the zappers$10- $60 or you can build your own . Check out ebay ect.

    1. I know of a few people that have ordered these and they tell me they are a waste of money.


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