I Am Really Liking The Humaworm Company ~ How To Get Rid Of The White On Your Tongue And Heal It

Last week, I posted pictures of my "BURNING TONGUE".   Dr. Bailey happened to check my blog and had a look at the pictures.

She sent me an email and told me what to do to make it feel better.   I did not ask her to send me an email.... she just did this out of the goodness of her heart.   That is why it is so nice to deal with a FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS, like Humaworm.  You get much better care. 

To get back to the email... here is what she told me to do

""""Here is what I recommend for your tongue.  Get the old fashioned BROWN Listerine and use it several times per day full strength.  The main ingredient is thyme (the herb) which contains a chemical called "thymol".  The thymol will kill the surface yeast and bacteria and will neutralize toxins.  For now, do not brush or scrape your tongue. """"  Dr. Bailey

I have been using the Listerine for 2 Days.  There is quite a lot of improvement in the color of my tongue.

This is the picture, before using Listerine

Here is the picture after the Listerine.   Quite a difference!!

It still burns, but...  I am hoping that the Parasite Cleanse, I have coming from Humaworm, will start to help the burning feeling my tongue has.

I do want to ask you..   How many comapnies do you know that give you "Special Care"?

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  1. What a difference in the pictures. The listerine must be doing a great job.

    Good Job in finding a company that cares about it customers. Usually, once you pay them, you never hear from them again.

  2. Terry
    That is fantastic. I really need to get some Humaworm. My finances suck right now though.

    BTW I made some of the coconut oil fudge. OMG it is fantastic!! My husband also loves it.

  3. Lucy postpartumillness.com1:25:00 PM

    I dont have a burning tongue but if I ever do this info is good to know. Glad you are feeling a little better.

  4. I used to have my tongue get like that when I was stressed and when my IBS was acting up. The Listerine really does help. Now I take an extra B-complex every day, and no more cracked tongue.

  5. Thanks so much for this post I get white tongue on and off and drives me nuts. I will have to try this out. Thanks for sharing we appreciate your informative blogs. Great writing cheers hopefully u can get it fully healed.

  6. Anonymous5:37:00 PM

    Well ,

    I had taken a broad spectrum antibiotic for 5 days followed by some more antibiotics to cure bacterial infection .

    4 days after the course finished , by trouble started . My mouth was hot as hell and my salaiva was denser that usual . Gradually the tongue turned white and the skin started pealing from cheaks and other parts of the mouth .

    I went on the anti fungal treatment 1 tablet a week for a month . 0 % result . Betadine gives temporary relief but the blue listerine turns my tongue blue and does not do much .

    Almost 3 months now , now its time to try these remedies ...

  7. Holy Cow Anonymous,
    That would be scary to have the skin peel off. That didn't happen to me... not yet anyway.

    Doctors should tell us when we take antibiotics, that we should take a potent probiotic.

  8. Anonymous10:26:00 AM

    For those with this terrible issue, I suggest using Irish moss. It is a sea weed and a super food it has 92 minerals of the human body's 102 . It is high in minerals and helps to balance the body and increase it's oxygen levels. A body high in minerals is a healthy body. It contains zinc, iron, iodine and is great as a smootie all the best.

  9. Thanks Anonymous,
    I am going to do some checking on the Irish moss.